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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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^Do you expect any more from the local Thorpe Park GP!?!?

The british GP is especially bad. The teenage girls seem adamant on spelling every word wrong, and putting random capitals and numbers throughout a sentence.

Also, I noticed a lot of complaints on Thorpe Park's page that the Swarm looks lame. I mean really? I can't see the lame in any B&M wingrider.

This is an exceptionally hilarious one:

so slow and to shord but i am still going and its good for pussys but slill my favret ride in the world is kinda ka

1. Learn to spell.

2. *Kingda ka

3. So the swarm is short and Kingda ka isnt?

4. Are you retarded?

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Two posts from KI's Facebook:


one of your workers not mention names promised me something big can i believe him I dont want to book a hotel for may get there and it's not true can you just confirm he works there as a manager


I didn't get to go last year because my ex-boyfriend didn't care to take me and it really hurt that I didn't get to go I have no body now and my gold pass is no good now so I don't have anyone to go with and I love kings island so much I miss going there
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On a photo of the Leviathan train posted on CW's facebook-


I can't believe it's going to have the same seats as behemoth.. WHICH FAIL ALL THE TIME..

like not even a belt as a backup? It's going to be really unnerving :\



These seats r just stupid almost a 90 degree drop n all that holds u is a bar. Wow


I'd love to know which of these have been "FAILING ALL THE TIME". And silly gp, the "backup" belt is only there to prove an accident was your fault because you tampered with the restraint.

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SFDK "Pandemonium deconstruction site" photo:


Will this be like the superman one where the ride is like the letter L?Or is this the superman one,that you are hooked into like you're flying?

I love how the GP describes rides And how they assume that because it has the Superman name, it's going to either be the B&M Flyer (or hooked in like you're flying) or Intamin Launched Freefall ("L-Shaped" coaster).

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Found this on Dorney's photos of Stinger..


Okay I LOVE Dorney Park and pretty much every rollercoaster they have built since as long as I can remember has been sweet. But come on, this is the same exact rollercoaster in SEVERAL OTHER theme parks. THE EXACT SAME THING HAS BEEN AT HERSHEY PARK FOR DECADES. Except the Side Winder is a sit down train instead of suspended. Yeah, that's a little different but COME ON DORNEY. YOU COULD HAVE DONE MUCH BETTER. I'm very disappointed in you.



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^^I'm actually impressed that he knew that there are tons of these around the world. Most GP think the boomerang at their local park is this OMG LYK YOU GO FORWARDS AND BACKWARDS AND UPSIDE DOWNZZZ IVE NEVER SEEN THAT B44444!!!!!! Very few realize that it's one of the most cloned coaster types in the world. So that guy gets bonus points.

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This is a personal Pet Peeve of mine. I find that It's just like calling an inversion a "loop-de-loop."


I will be coming from Columbus Ohio US, to ride Leviathan. Can't Wait to pull down the lap bar, fasten my safety belt, hang on tight and enjoy a coaster ride at Canada's Wonderland!
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From the HHNH FB page:


4 HHN 2012 this year they shuold build a zombie AIRSOFT maze that would be so cool! & 4 terror tram they should have a zombie airsoft through the horror backlot that would be so cool cause we get 2 bring our bb guns!


Boy those poor scareactors get attacked enough throughout the event's run

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