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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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While not from Facebook, I did find a pretty humorous error on an ebay listing.





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What I saw on Save the Log Jammer page

nothing good can fit there
Sh*t! it looks like we are out of space guys!


i want to go to sixx flags spo bad yesterday i was dreaming with ix flags!! i want to go i never beee on six flags


If i hav a 2011 season pass and wana get da 2012 season pass do i hab to pay the 62$?

Or wat?

We'll pay for college if that is what you want!


Yet you made a page to Save DeJa Vu..


...no comment...

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Cedar Point posted this photo:

Accompanying is the following caption:

This week, Memorable Monday takes us back to the Jumbo Jet! Did you ever ride it?

One seemingly illiterate fan posted:

Is this a new roller coaster because when I went in July, 2011 I didnt see it!


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^ Some more from that photo:


Isnt that the same track from Wild Cat or something like that?

about an hour ago · Like


looks like the WILDCAT we used to always ride!!! FUN

about an hour ago · Like · 1


funny it looks like the old Wildcat I rode when I was a little girl...back in the 70s and 80s

about an hour ago · Like


Looks like the Wildcat...

about an hour ago · Like


Finally a little more smarts:


Was there 1972 - 78.


It should look like the Wildcat... it's designed by the same person who designed the Wildcat, Anton Schwarzkopf.

about an hour ago · Like · 2


Umm.. it does not look like Wildcat. At all.

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^It was bigger than both of those. The original Jet Stars had a standard lift hill (Tig'rr @Indiana Beach) and a Jet Star II had the spiral lift, but it couldn't have anything more than single cars (the former Black Hole was modified so it could fit a 2 car train). It also had much less track.

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X Flight Construction:


I wonder how this new ride compares to the new cheetah hunt ride at busch gardens Tampa? I will have to wait and see...


yes boi time to go ham dis summer
Wtf are you saying??


SFMM Page:


hey did you know there is a song called deja vu?
Oh my god..


They're better still be concrete footings that Deja Vu sat on and a walkway if not they're better be new concrete footings in the same spots and a new walkway so that you just order a 2nd giant inverted boomerang with new supports, new track, and new train for 2013 because I really like Deja Vu better than all the other rides because Gold Rusher, Ninja and Viper really suck.
God I hate living in Santa Clarita..
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Goliath is nearly 200 ft tall.



can't wait to ride it .... reminds me of kingafreakingka at Jersey!!!!!
How is the any where similar to Kingda Ka? There colors are kind of similar I guess.


i already went on the king da ca so thats gonna be kinda bioring
Why is everybody mentioning Kingda Ka!?!
yeah,,if i can do this then i will tackle the king da ka in NJ which is over 400+feet...
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I don't know what's more annoying:

the stupid comments the GP makes on Facebook or the horrendous spelling and misuse of words!


Cedar Point

Happy Birthday Wicked Twister! She turns 10 this year - Don't they just grow up so fast?


And some classic responses:


Definitely a that gets ur adrenalin going,was our first ride this summer!My sons first ride ever at cedar point,was his first time there he's 9 we had a blast!

Um...I'd like to buy a comma. And a period please!



How about putting us in a new COASTER!! Save your money on that stupi dino..sours Crap!! I dont wanna pay an extra $5 to walk..i said walk tru and look at plastic!!! UGGHHH!! Comon give us a NEW CEO whos more worried about the satisfaction of the customers and not the stupid bottom line..Put in a new Coaster or ride and just charge me $5 more at the door..comon!!!!


Comon? Does this brain dead person mean Come On or the rapper Common? Either way...classic!


Awesome! I have a scar on my thumb from that ride, trying to jump up into the seat, that will always be a reminder to me, the rest of my life,,lol

A reminder that you are, in fact, an idiot.


Topspeed dragster all the way.

No words.


the dinosaur attraction will be a waste of cedar points money! i saw this joke of an attraction at kings island in mason,ohio and it is not worth $5 to just walk around and look at robotic dino's! i only did it because it was 100 degrees that day and that had shade!

BUT you did pay $5 to see KI's....so the joke is on you!!


immleaving my home like6:00 bc we get mcdonalds thats our first ride

Um, what??

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