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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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There is some COMEDY GOLD out there posted by random "General Public" people on parks Facebook pages. When you see some really good comments...post them here!


Please post the URL of the park Facebook page they were written on or the post you are referring, and copy/paste comedy gold under it.




From the Six Flags Magic Mountain Facebook page:

"Hey Déjà Vu fans! The countdown begins so come ride this weekend before it’s going…going…gone!"


Are you f*n kidding me? Thats one of my favorite rides! Who the heck made this decission????????


Plzzzzz don't take it away! (((

you can take away the crappy water ride instead of deja vu


BITCHES. Déjà Vu better not leave, or i will sue you!


Why would you take de ja vue , biggest mistake, take revalution instead. Or the gold rusher


you guys suck for taking it away!!! Im never going back to six flags because of this. I'm upset right now lol but I was just kidding about never going back.


This status can suck my cack
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The reason they are taking it down is because of the wire that holds the train vertical is costing them to much money to keep replacing it. Its cheaper to have them rebuild it at another park instead of replacing it all the time.


Oh and one for the file


But why ? That was an awesome ride ! They should take down some s**tty ride like Ninja or GoldRusher down.



Oh, and the page dedicated to saving Deja Vu:




NEW IN 2012: LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom! The tallest and fastest drop coaster opening in Spring 2012! Check out Six Flags Magic Mountain's page for more information!
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I almost fell out of it too. It's made for taller ppl and i was skinny and short. I'll never get on that again, I was scared for my life. Not saying it wasn't fun..if I didn't feel like i was gonna die i woulda loved it


Well it should stay in Cali!! O_o/)!! XD... This sucks 6 flags.... Desctroy Colossus i almost fell out of that ride..... No joke.... ._.


It's a GP fest on facebook!!!!!!

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What better way to spend a friday night reading all of these silly things. Still have a lot to read!


On SFDK's page, a few I spotted.


SFDK Posted:

Introducing ... SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight for Spring 2012! A one-of-a-kind super launch coaster with the tallest inversion west of the Mississippi! It features two upside-down twists and two vertical rolls over 863 feet of track and is our first DC-themed ride!


GP Responds:


Honestly I think this will be a unsuccessful investment. First theyre will only be one train so means long wait times, Second 60 mph? youll drive faster on the freeway getting there. 3rd. the design is just hidious the ride wont even last long and it would not be worth it from waiting in line. For future reference look at your sister's park Six Flags Magic Mountatin, they seem successful on thrill rides. join theyre club. I rather drive all the way to LA to have a thrill then go to a park that more focused on children try spreading the love. Have a nice day!

SFDK will never be a SFMM...and you may as well never visit a theme park then since many rides have speeds about as fast or less than a freeway's speed.


this looks similar to the green lantern at six flags magic mountain (that was awesome and a lot scarier than you would think) but I can't wait for this ride, it's going to be awesome!

Not even remotely close. If you had said "Skyloop" I would have given you more credit.

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On Six Flags America. It's pretty comical seeing these people who recognize it's the Iron Wolf. Then there was this:


kinda reminds me of the batwing


So close...so close...


I guess the only thing is how you stand to get into the trains for Batwing, but it then lays down for the entire ride.

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On the Thorpe Park Facebook page.


i went thorpe park and der man was swollering stuff dat was amazing


Regrding Swarms name.

Wtf? Gay name..... Id rather have LC12.....


Stealth is going to be knocked down I was told


Im sure I could find more if I looked but my eyes tend to start hurting if I try and read some of the stuff on there.

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From the SFMM Facebook page of course.


I'd rather you guys take away green lanter-garbage ride- than dejavu


WHAT?!?!?! Deja Vu is easily one of the best there, and my personal favorite. not cool, bros. I reeeeeally hope this is a joke

It's not April Fool's yet. Sorry.


DAMMIT ENGLAND! Why did you have to buy it from us?

I didn't know there was a SF park in England?


Whhhhaaaatttt???that ride gaved me the chills by standing in line but sure loved riding it..and what N E can't afford its one ride? I say we SUE LMFAO


Uh what?


Done posting, these are just some of my favorites. But there is just way to much.

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Yet another:


(Become a 'fan' of this page by the way so you can interact with GP at first hand)


Member posts:

This page is pretty pointless for your information. Deja Vu is going to New England and there isn't anything that you guys can do. And SFMM will NEVER get another GIB!!! so just go get your last rides on it and accept it or move to new england if you love it so much.

What he said...


Save Deja Vu posts:

Just watch. SFNE won't be able to maintain it and it will be back here in another 3-4 years. Just watch.

Wouldn't count on it.


Another Save Deja Vu, right from the horse's mouth:

I think someone might have hacked SFMM's page, because it says the Deja Vu announcement was sent via mobile. I don't think a park like that would make an announcement from a phone!!

Oh noes! Someone used a mobile phone to post a status because they probably were not at a computer at the time...Panic everyone! SFMM's been hacked!11!shiftone!

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As the president of ACE worldwide, I'd like to announce that we are proud to name Deja Vu an ace landmark coaster. We are fully committed to saving deja vu and will soon be creating a website to raise funds to save this piece of roller coaster history.



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