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Most Exciting 2012 Coaster...

Which coaster(s) are you excited by?  

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  1. 1. Which coaster(s) are you excited by?

    • Verbolten - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
    • Verbolten - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
    • X-Flight - Six Flags Great America
    • Superman Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
    • Shambhala - PortAventura Park
    • OzIris - Parc Astérix
    • Divertical - Mirabilandia
    • Polar X-plorer - Legoland Billund
    • Skyrush - Hersheypark
    • Wodan - Europa Park
    • Stinger - Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
    • Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland
    • Wild Eagle - Dollywood
    • Manta - SeaWorld San Diego
    • Apocalypse - Six Flags America
    • Swarm - Thorpe Park
    • Goliath - Six Flags New England
    • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

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Seeing more of how the new coasters are progressing, I'm getting a better idea of what interests me.


Wodan: I'm sincerely hoping this lives up to the expectations I've developed based on all the tantalizing construction pictures I've seen. The layout looks like it could deliver some fantastic speed, airtime and overall excitement. Plus I love the interactions with other rides, the impressive structure, and the thoughtful attention to theming.


Skyrush: I'm not the biggest fan of Intamin, but I'm drawn to their rides based on their reputation. Looking at photos, I see signs of a thrilling ride in the midst of the picturesque Hersheypark scenery.


Leviathan: This is another one of my favorite projects to follow, albeit largely because the design and color scheme are so beautiful. But really, for me all it needs to do is ride like a good hyper and/or Millennium Force, and I'll like it.

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I think verbolten is going to be the best overall new attraction and Skyrush will probably be the best pure coaster of the new coasters. I also think Manta at SeaWorld San Diego will be a huge surprise, and a lot of fun.


Wild Eagle looks like it might not be the most intense coaster in the world but will certainly be a great addition to that park. That's probably the new coaster I have the best chance of actually riding this year so it's my most anticipated.

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For me, the most exciting coaster of 2012 is easily Skyrush at Hersheypark. I'm sure part of that excitement is heightened by the fact that I will actually be able to ride that one this summer! In all honesty though, Skyrush really looks like it will deliver the best ride out of any of the 2012 coasters (and many of them do look great!).


I really feel like Skyrush might end up being the closest thing in the US to a mega-lite/Expedition GeForce. And if it is (the more seasoned coaster riders will have to make that judgement call), then it will likely vault towards the top of my list!


After that, there are a couple other ones that are one way or another exciting, just on a slightly lesser scale. Those would be Leviathan (probably my 2nd most anticipated 2012 coaster), Wild Eagle, Europa's woodie, the B&M invert at Parc Asterix (and its associated theming that looks nooothing like Montu ), and Verbolten.

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My list of five is (in no particular order) . . .





Wild Eagle

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Yeah, I admit that I'm kind of intrigued by this one.)

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My list contains:


1. Skyrush - Hershey Park, just intamin love...

2. Wodan - Europa Park, even a better GCI than Troy?

3. OzIriz - Parc Asterix, Euro version of Montu? Or just another sickly looking and themed invert?

4. Shambhala - Port Aventura, best turnaroung for a B&M?

5. The Swarm - Thorpe Park, can't wait for my first B&M wingrider!


I'm not a big fan B&M but it shure does it good in my to watch and do list this year!

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