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West Veiw Theme Park [RCT3]

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Coming soon to Bismark,ND! A brand new theme park experience! And NEAR BY! I will get you all the the info or die trying...(poor uncle bob...) Press Release:

We are all (all the RIDE WARRIOR staff)exited to own our first theme park! It will feature 2 coasters,5 thirll rides, a kidde area, and more! Have fun and see you again soon!
-Joyce Forest










PS: sorry about my mistake

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From the etiquette thread that you MUST READ BEFORE YOU POST -


Do NOT start a thread for a park if you only have one screenshot, or just a Photoshoped logo. We want quality posts and threads. Get your park, or track, started and moving along before you need to make an announcement. A video of your park will suffice, as those take time to put together and edit.
SPELL CHECK YOUR POSTS!!!! There is a completely FREE spell checker available with the Google toolbar. A typo here and there is completely acceptable. We all are guilty of this. But when someone can't READ your post due to bad spelling, grammar, lack of capitalization, etc, that's a problem. If you aren't a good speller (and I totally admit I would be lost without my spellchecker) download it now: http://toolbar.google.com/


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I'm not being mean, you're just not following the rules.

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Year 0

Ground has already started on coaster#01. And it will be HUGE! Talk about ! And one of the rides is already ready to go! VORTEX!


Vortex in it's new glory!


the new coaster...(fill in the blanks)

A--T-M- W-O- C---S--- P.S. More to follow on Sept. 1

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Year 0

Ok, the park seems to be coming along great! I am a little worried if the rides won't be ready by the time the park opens. Vortex still looks good by the way!

I also have a great annoucement! The new ride is called AIRtime. The new Adventure Greens mini golf has also been constructed. More to follow soon.

AIRtime logo.bmp



Adventure Greens


Forgot to mention the unnamed drop tower!0;


Can you BELIVE how fast this went up!Peace out yo!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry, the park has been busy but so have i so i have not been able to give updates

The new area Western Roundup has been added to commemorate the wild history of state, NORTH DAKOTA(Yeah! im talken to you!!!) as well as some other minor announcments. The drop tower has been named ReV. I got in for a sneak preveiw and rode airtime,swingin mine, and rev. THEY WERE FRICKEN AWESOME!!! Talk about for all! So here are some pics!


Swingin Mine


REV sign




Swingin Mine sign with the Golden Mess Hall


Woodland Cafe'


Forgot to mention the new airTIME sign

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