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Photo TR: Freizeitpark Plohn

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Currently, we have Summer Holidays in Germany, so I decided to make a quick trip to Freizeitpark Plohn on my motorcycle yesterday. Plohn was one of the last German parks I hadn't visited yet, so I was looking forward to riding El Toro, my first GCI-Woodie very much, especially as it is "TPR-approved".


The park itself is really nice- mostly a kids' park, but a lot of fun nonetheless. And alone for the awesome woodie, the trip was worth the three and a half hour ride. You really can't describe how great the out-of-control feeling on Toro is, especially as I had only ridden three woodies before, and none of them was "great" (Colossos was, but it feels more like a steel coaster and hasn't got the crazy turns and twisties).


I hope you enjoy the TR!


Nice western themed area


This way to El Toro!


Here it is!


El Toro looks like "Raging Bull had a few too many litres of beer at Oktoberfest" to quote Robb ;)


Leaving the station


And coming back


This ride seriously has one of the best on-ride photo spots ever!


And on top of that, it is extremely photogenic!


Every inch of the track is visible from somewhere!


In all seriousness, the ride is great!


You get small pops of airtime where no one expects it, for example in this twisty section


And on top of that, the coaster is really smooth!


Great headchopper here.


Recently, the park opened a new kids area called "Plohni Dorf" what would translate into "Plohni Village" (Plohni is the mascot of the park)


Once again, very nicely themed.


They also have a small Zierer family coaster called Plohseidon there


Actually quite decent for a kiddie coaster.


Plohni is happy because he always rides front row ;)


This is the site where the new-for-2012 Intamin Giga Aquatrax with 12 inversions will be built! ;)


On the other side of the park, there is a nice primeval themed area...


...with a kiddie free fall tower.


Fake dinosaur skulls or the ancestors of Jeff Johnson? You decide! :)


I guess the park's next coaster will be named Raptor? ;)


Raptor is going to eat you.


Well, back to Great Coasters. :)


Well, actually the best part comes after the ride because there are some very interesting items near the photo booth!


No Plohn TR without this photo! ;)


TPR on display!


Beautiful sunset

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Nice TR! I really enjoyed Plohn when we visited last September. El Toro took me by surprise - I'd heard good things, but had no idea just how much fun it was going to be. Such a GREAT ride!! Love it.


Didn't know I was in a German newspaper... awesome!

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^^This was exactly how I felt. A few days before I rode Mammut at Tripsdrill, a woodie that is comparable in size and length, however it was totaly tame so my expectations to El Toro were not that high. Also, the only "true" woodie (not a pre-fab) I had ridden before was Anaconda in Walygator Parc which nearly broke my back (the Mitch Hawker Award for worst wooden coaster was totally justified) and so I was a bit frightened that all classic woodies would be that painful - but luckily they are not

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