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Photo TR: Successful Land, Humen Park, Huangjiang Park

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I went explwhoring once again this past weekend and found two parks and three coasters that weren't on the Roller Coaster Database. For those of you who do not know what explwhoring is, it means you are credit whoring and exploring at the same time. I think it is a good example of multitasking.


My first park this past weekend was Successful Land. I learned about this park from a Chinese friend. Successful Land is located in Fenggang in Dongguan and has a collection of basic rides, including a mouse coaster. There are weddiing facilities, lakes and an animal show where birds fly out into the audience and collect money that people hold up. If a person refuses to let go of the money, the bird will bite.


My second park of the weekend was Humen Park, also in Dongguan. This park is a nice city park that has a coaster called Spinning Coaster. Sadly this coaster was built a few years ago and doesn't run due to a lack of business. Several other rides in the amusement area also do not run, but some small family rides are still open.


After Humen Park, the plan was to go to Wanjiang to the New South China Mall to ride the new spinning coaster that just opened at Amazing World. Due to an error in communication, I found myself in the town of Huangiang which is located in Dongguan. As luck would have it, there is a city park here called Huangjiang Park and it features about six or seven rides, along with a reptile zoo, swimming pool and other facilities. Two of the rides are coasters. One is a mouse like the one I rode at Successful Land. The other is called a wave shuttle. It is like a coaster that used to be at Amazing World. I rode both coasters. Huangjiang Park is an excellent park and was a welcome surprise for me. I can go to Amazing World later.


I started my weekend at Successful Land. The park has this castle being built at the entrance.


Here is a lake inside of Successful Land.


Here is one of the many odd trash cans in Successful Land.


Here is the mouse coaster at Successful Land.


Here is another photo of the Successful Land Mouse.


Successful Land's Carousel


I love bumper cars.


Here is Humen Park. There is a pagoda on the hill here.


This would be Humen Park's star attraction if it was open.


Humen Park Pirate Ship Ride


Here is the swing ride at Humen Park. This ride was open.


I do not think this dark ride was open. Too bad.


Here is another one of Humen Park's rides.


Humen Park's Merry Go Round was open when I visited, but nobody was riding it.


I have arrived at Huangjiang Park.


Here is one of the rides at Huangjiang Park.


Huangjiang Park has this small coaster. I enjoyed it.


The mouse at Huangjiang Park dodged a lot of trees.


Here is one more view of Huangjiang Park's mouse coaster.


I ate lunch before going to Successful Land. The restaurant had this sign up to show me where I had to go to use the restroom.

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Cool report. There are probably lots of little parks like these through out China that we don't know anything about.


I also edited the title to include "Photo" because we all know we like pictures

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With the three coasters I discovered this past weekend, I have now discovered 51 coasters that were not listed on Roller Coaster Database (or any other coaster census for that matter). This is one of the neat things about living in another country. God only knows how many more coasters I will discover.

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You are on a mission from god, my friend. Might as well be transmitting from Mars, this is such exotic stuff. And - I'm really begging here - please do what you can to find out more about that "Devils Joy Ride" dark ride. Phenomenally curious about that. (Is that a hedge maze in front of it?)


Please continue!

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