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I need advice on buying a notebook!


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I'm looking for a notebook for college! I want to be able to connect to the internet through hotspots/wifi, burn cd's, make back up cd's of my photos, and I don't want the computer to be slow if I have a couple of programs running at one time.


Is this a good laptop that would last a couple of years?


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I'm posting in this thread to push the power of the Mac. Get an iBook! I've had mine for 15 months and I love it. It never freezes, it's nice looking, it's programs are great (And you can buy Microsoft office), user friendly, and most college campuses are mac friendly.


A $1,299 iBook has...

-14inch screen

-1.42 Ghz G4 processor

-512 Mb memory (Upgraded to 1gb for $150)

-60Gb hard drive


Of course, if you like video games go with the PC.


Mark "You can't go wrong with either computer. The vaio is great" Luskus

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Sixteen hundred dollars? Man, you could get a powermac g4 for that price, and it would troucne it power wise - Mac's are FAST, friendly and if you're after editing: Look no further.


IBM G4 power processor:


G4 Mobile Processor's are great, it may only have a 1.4 ghz clock speed, but the support a higher L2 cahce and better Front Side Bus (FSB), along with better "pipelines" which the (for a lack of a better term) data runs along, the shorter and more the better, so it crunches the numbers faster than a P4 or AMD Athlon with TWICE the equivalent clock speed, for example:


A G4 processor with a 1ghz (1000 mhz) clock speed will out run a 1.8 ghz pentium 4 or 1800+ Athlon XP processor in all basic and editing applications.





EDIT: I just realised that the laptop you mentioned has 128mb integrated graphics, compared to the 64 mb DEDICATED graphics in an ibook / powerbook, integrated graphics rapes the amount from system memory, for example, if it has 512mb memory, it will use 128 mb of it for graphics, thus the PC will effectivly only have 384 mb of memory, which will slow down applications if you hvae a few running, this wont happen in the G4 as it has a dedicated graphics card.


EDIT 2: Also, a G4 comes with a bluetooth chip built in, which I absoloutly LOVE in my ibook, great for getting things to other Mac desktops / laptops or even you're mobile phones / PDA's.

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Attack of the Mac users, but to tell the truth, I am thinking bout buying a Powerbook. The only drawback is price of course. Having my 15in widescreen notebook for three years has made me uncomfortable using those little square screens. The only thing I really want to say, as mentioned above, get a computer with any type of video card. With even the internet taking a greater turn to better graphics you will almost need this to run half of the programs in the next 5 years. But it all matters what you are looking for in it's use, super games... the mac is not the best choice. Editing and music, take a trip to your nearest apple store.

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The Mac is a great computer, But far more people use an Intel based PC/Laptop for a reason.


There is a lot more software available for Intel based PC's than Mac.


The Majority of companies out there run on Intel PC's.


Go check out Dell.com, they are known for making high quality Laptops, and you can customize it anyway you like.


Now watch all the Mac users Trash Me! They can be very sensitive about there Macs.


Go Intel!!!

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IDK much about notebooks, but the specs seem good. 4200rpm for a hard drive is slow, but maybe thats good for a notebook hard dreive.


I'm not sure if the price is worth it, but it looks like your at Sam's Club so I'm sure it's fine.


It's a Sony, so it should last you untill you drop it from a roller coaster or something.


*edit* I just looked up the precessor and it's 1.7Ghz. Thats fine, but me being a gamer, I would get something faster.

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Do not get sucked into the out and out lie that Macs are "better" for video/music/animation. They currently still hold the edge in graphics for print, but in all other categories, the PC meets or exceeds, especially when comparing costs. Yes, the Macs used to be better in these categories, but no longer. And I've been doing computer based animation and music for over 10 years, and have seen/used pretty much every software/hardware setup known, so I do have a pretty solid background on this topic.


Now, a few questions. First, do you already own a computer? If so, but the laptop version of the same OS (PC laptop if you have a PC, Mac laptop if you have a Mac). You'll do this because you should already have a lot of software you're familiar with and will want to use on the laptop. Second, is there a particular application that you must have? If so, buy the machine/OS that runs that application.


For desktop PCs, I prefer Dells. For laptops, Dell or Toshiba. I just bought a new Toshiba laptop that I'm quite happy with. Mary has a Sony laptop that she does all her photo editing and stuff for those jobs, and she's quite happy with the performance.


Oh, finally, don't get a celeron processor machine. They're too slow. And shop around, as that price you posted above seemed high to me...



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*edit* I just looked up the precessor and it's 1.7Ghz. Thats fine, but me being a gamer, I would get something faster.


The baseline Powermac would be plenty powerful enough for casual gaming )read my fist post) , nothing immense like Doom 3 on top res, but I use my ibook for a bit of Warcraft 3, Unreal Tournament and Age of Mythology from time to time and it plays them all top notch - remember, a laptop is NOT a PC replacment machine, they may end up being marketed as that, but maaaaany factors would prove different, overheating being one of the main issues.

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I am on a Powermac G5 atm, had it for just over 12 months, loving it. Parents just got a Powerbook G4, they are loving it, and are getting another one soon for mum, cause she likes dads too much and wont stop using it, lol! My only problem with a mac is the higher price than a PC, but it makes up for that in the time that I save while doing work, cause I dont have to worry about crashes and viruses (you dont need any anti-virus software for mac, cause viruses MUST be manually installed on mac, no program can autorun unless the user tells it to, unlike PC).


If your in for alot of work, and a little bit of play, go for mac. If you just wanna play games, and only do a little bit of work, go PC.


This is just my oppinion, so dont be afraid to deviate from it, or challenge me!


Have fun laptop hunting!

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