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TPR 2012 Trip Questionnaire!

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I voted for Hotness and Northwest trip. After finally getting back on track on the TPR tours (going to Australia this year) I really want to try and make this a yearly thing like in 2006 and 2007. I hope I can get up to the Northwest Trip because that time of the year in that area of the US is awesome!


Jimmy "I need to start hitting up parks in the US now" Bo

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Well, I've already been saving for China, and the big trip I have been thinking of doing afterwards.


I just wish China was earlier in the year (even by a few weeks). My vacation pay resets at the beginning of September. And as of now, I don't have any other plans for next year. And I was hoping for an around the world trip early the following year that was gonna be 5-6 weeks. Now, I might have to push that back a year so that I can don't lose out on 3 weeks of vacation pay! Now I gotta figure out what to do with the three weeks of vacation that will expire in September, a few weeks before the Cina trip! I could tro to see of they'd consider letting me have them late for China, but I doubt that they will.


Other than that, I've recently done most of the major coastering I plan to do in the US for the next few years, to allow for some overseas trips. I'd still consider the Pacific Northwest trip. Silverwood and PLayland are two great parks with amazing woodies! It might be fun to get up a carpool to go up to West Edmonton to hit Mindbender too.


If I hadn't done Italy twice recently, I'd consider that too, although I'd want much more time for sightseeing. For those who do go, hop a train down to Naples before or after Rome (depending on how the trip is laid out) and be sure to see Pompeii. Naples is a dirty city, but Pompeii is amazing! And do either Venice or Milan or both before (or after) Gardaland. I LOVE Venice, and Milan isn't my favorite city, but it's worth going for their amazing Duomo and to see The Last Supper.

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I was looking forward for another Europe Trip since I couldn't take part in the last one, but once again it takes places in a time span that's completely off-limits because of finals and thesis/internship.


I guess I'll have to wait a little bit more...

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Right now I'm using my Jedi powers to make everyone want to do the NW trip. It will be awesome. That is all.


Your Jedi powers are working. I'm rethinking trips here. It only makes sense to do the NW trip since I already did NE. But Italy and Europe look amazing as well. Maybe I could do Europe and NW?

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Northwest, LeviaTHON and Italy are my top choices! I am going to have a hard time deciding though because all 3 sound great.


The New Hotness which sounds like the best trip in the US has many parks that I visit every year. (I know it would be different with TPR though)

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JoJo, you wanna go to China.


You're right, I do! BUT the timing doesn't work out for me. I keep telling myself that if I find a sugar daddy soon, then I'll be able to go.


If you find one....make sure he has a gay brother

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