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Indian Point Ballpark [RCT2]

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No word yet (as expected) on how voting is going at NE. I don't really care what the score is. I am just proud this park is my debut park over at NE. Regardless of scoring, I enjoyed the park and show it to you proudly.


As promised, here is my official tour of the stadium and surronding area. I usually hate people who make story lines and timelines but I couldn't resist going all out for this one.


Roller Coasters

Mako-a colossal wooden coaster with twists and turns

Tidal Wave-launches riders from the station at 40 mph into a half-pipe for 5 laps


Other Attractions

Riptide Slides-a massive slide complex featuring 3 unforgetable plummets sitting next to the beach

Thunder Speedway-a go-kart race with fellow competitors

Skyline-get a bird's eye view of the whole boardwalk area

Touch-Em'-All-a classic carasoual themed to baseball

Renegade's Sky Club-watch the game from an enormous ferris wheel in left field

Sawmill Scrambler-a twister ride constructed under a waterfall

Playground-take a break from the beach and come relax at the playground and waterworks

Pitching Cages-see how hard you can throw. Located at Gate 5B and Gate 3A

Mount Vesuvius-drop at speeds of 70 mph from 150+ feet

Hotel California-a courtyard maze surronded by an abandoned hotel


New York/Baseball References

Being a Yankee fan, baseball player, and proud New Yorker, I reference the city and surronding area quite a lot. Spot these references when you download (will be up after NE releases it) or in the pics.

Names-check the names of the workers, mechancis, and even security. Workers are named after the MLB greats with some positioned in their spots (Mariano Rivera in the bullpen, Nolan Ryan on the mound, etc.). Mechanics are named after managers and the 1 security guard is named after Jim Joyce, the infamous ump who blew the perfect game call (but I can't blame him).

Retired Jerseys in RF-in right-field are the retired numbers of players. Of course, 42 is Jackie Robinson, with #9 as Will Joel (Billy Joel?) and #2 as Springsteen (Bruce), both of whom are essential to New York music.

Subway-the underground subway is named after the B,D, and 4 lines, all of which are stops at Yankee Stadium

Bus Stop-the number bus at the stop is the same number for Yankee Stadium

Ads-at Thunder Speedway, 2 ads are on the walls: 1 for Shake Shack, the best burger in NY and the world, and the NY Times. In LF, a W.B. Mason hangs, just like RF at Yankee Stadium.

Hard Rock Cafe-there is a Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium

Indian Point-the park is named after the closest nuclear power plant company, just like First Energy.


If you've read all this, congrats. But for most people, here are the pics:

overview 1.BMP



Stadium overview



Rightfield with retired jerseys

left field.BMP

Leftfield with bullpen


Gate 1


Gate 2

wiffle ball.BMP

Wiffle ball field


The Trout House

riptide slides.BMP

Riptide Slide Complex

boardwalk overview 2.BMP

Boardwalk overview

club renegade.BMP

Club Renegade out in centerfield

tidal wave.BMP

Tidal Wave


Sawmill Scrambler, what I think is my best flat ride creation yet

gate 5.BMP

Gate 5




Touch-Em'-All and Mako

mount vesuvius.BMP

Mount Vesuvius and the Pitching Cages

hard rock.BMP

Hard Rock Cafe


Mako's station and Hotel California

thunder 2.BMP

Thunder Speedway

boardwalk overview.BMP

Boardwalk overview


Savannah Metro Subway building, a personal favorite building


Gate 3


Pedestrian walkover


Different pedestrian walkover that goes into the stadium from parking lot


Basic design of the highway


Bus stop with the names of players

overview 2.BMP

Overview, thanks everyone for your support with the park.

Edited by A.J.
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Well, after 3 months of "voting" and "preparation" (why so long?), the results are in. As you guys predicted, though I confess myself somewhat surprised, Indian Point Ballpark has earned me my first Bronze Accolade with a score of 54.62. I thank you all for the support and praise over the past year of work and proudly debut the park thanks to much of your help. I found myself uninspired at times and the park tedious but comments (like the one above) really do make a difference. Thanks everyone, and I hope to continue showing my parks here with such a great RCT2 community.


Come in, download, and leave a comment at NE:



And, of course as R.D. would request, this link is for the upload here at the TPR exchange.



Next up, Kidron park and I'm shooting for a Silver Accolade.

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I already said something on NE, but I will say something here: I thought this project was awesome and was one of my favorites to follow. I cannot wait to what you have in store for your next project. I expect to see big things from you.

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