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Indian Point Ballpark [RCT2]

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I'm giving myself a break from Beatlemania as a result of designer's block. To me, summer is about burgers, the beach, and baseball; so why not put that latter into RCT2?


Presenting Indian Point Ballpark, a NCSO design and home to the Buffalo Renegades (I might change Buffalo to another city). The purpose: to design a stadium in a city atmosphere. Next update, I'll maybe show how work on the stadium is coming. This post was just to get the park online first.


Without further delay, presenting Indian Point Ballpark


Questions, comment, etc. are accepted and encouraged.

entrance sign.BMP

The sign welcoming guests

parking lot.BMP

The standard parking lot

parking lot 2.BMP

Pakring lot building connecting stadium and parking lot


This highway runs alongside the stadium


Pedestrian walk over the highway in this bridge


Subway, may be changed

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^no joke, i had to re-read your comment a couple times to take it in. I've considered it and want to make the decision when the final product is out. I know this might be early but the actual stadium, i think, looks fantastic


^^coming from you, that means a lot. Thanks


Thanks everyone, i think an update can be expected within 2 days. Trying to work fast before school is pretty hard, gotta say.

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^thanks, insanity.


Heres some work I've been doing on the outside of the stadium. Apparently, there is a limit on the amount of signs in the game (which I've reached at 50% done) so that might be a problem, unless anyone knows a way to fix that without hacks. I'll get an overview of the work the next chance i get.

gate 1.BMP

The main entrance

nature resturant.BMP

A place to eat outside the stadium, unnamed for now, and the pedestrian bridge


Tommy's bar and grill

gate 2.BMP

Gate 2 and Season Tickets Entry Gate 2B

wiffle ball.BMP

A Wiffle Ball field outside the stadium (yes, I play wiffle ball)

gate 4.BMP

Gate 4 in Left Field

club renegade.BMP

Club Renegade in center field

club renegade field.BMP

The field side of Club Renegade

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To make better foul lines, lower the land -5ft, then add a brick fence (the tall one, like the one used in your last screen). Then zero clearance, raise the land back up. This park is turning out to be pretty nice. I notice you could save one sign, the 4th screen could have one centered "Tickets" sign.

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^Foul lines are a problem with the in-game materials but zero-clearancing like that would look pretty good. But isn't zero clearance a hack or from 8 cars? If so, cant do that.


I just have one pic of a current overview for you. I can imagine it is frustrating to see the past pics and not be able to visualize where they are in relation to the stadium.


NOTE: the color of the stands is NOT OFFICIAL yet. I need some advice on color choices for the stands and the current is a possibility. I'll need that advice when I show some close-ups of the interior of the stadium.


Overview, the left side of the stadium is much more complete and was in the last update on the street side.

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Alright, here are the current color choices for the stands of the stadium. Included is a pic of the whole stadium and a close-up. Vote for your favorite, your input affects the park dramatically and this is the most important color choice of all. Just reply with your opinion of which one, all comments are welcomed and encouraged.


  • Purple
    Brick Red

purple 1.BMP


purple 2.BMP

gray 1.BMP


gray 2.BMP

blue 1.BMP


blue 2.BMP

maroon 1.BMP


maroon 2.BMP

red 1.BMP

Brick Red

red 2.BMP

green 1.BMP


green 2.BMP

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