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TR: Knight Valley August 22, 2011

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I went to Knight Valley today. I got a late start leaving Hong Kong but made it to Knight Valley at about 1:30pm. The new wooden coaster just opened last month after being delayed a long time. It was supposed to open in 2010 but I think the accident that claimed the lives of six people last summer on the space-themed ride may have caused a delay in opening new attractions. I say this based on a phone call a friend of mine made to the park a few months back. If anyone remembers, a ride malfunctioned and six people were killed. This happened in 2010 at Knight Valley, which is part of OCT East. There is also a Rockin' Tug ride from Zamperla that was under construction in February of this year when I first visited and it still hasn't opened.


The wooden coaster which was originally going to be called Mountain Flyer has opened. It is simply called Wood Coaster. Although the name is not spectacular, the ride is very intense. I consider it to be a wooden version of Everland's Eagle Fortress. Although Wood Coaster isn't suspended or made of steel, it hugs the ground while providing a very intense ride experience. Wood Coaster even turns to the right and goes under the lift like Eagle's Fortress did. There are many twists and turns and some airtime during the ride. Wood Coaster also flies through the station twice and features a tunnel before the end of the ride. It is a shame that such a great ride has such a generic name but the ride experience makes up for the lack of vision the park had when naming this awesome ride.


I have arrived at Knight Valley.


Upon entering the park I came to Seafield Town. This place has a Starbucks and a Pizza Hut.


Knight Valley has this carousel.


This Rockin' Tug was under construction when I visited in February and it still hasn't opened.


The Space Shuttle Colombia was donated to Knight Valley when the shuttle program ended. I could have sworn we lost this.


This is the dark ride. It is called 4000 Miles To Earth Center.


Cedar Fair must have named this ride or Knight Valley hired some of Cedar Fair's former employees.


Wood Coaster goes up the lift...


...Wood Coaster goes down a drop.


Wood Coaster flying through the station.


Here is a shot of Wood Coaster in action.


Here is the photo of my first ride on Wood Coaster. I got the back seat for my very first ride.


I will close out this trip report with a photo of the building that houses the ride that killed six people during the summer of 2010. The ride was called Space Journey.

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Knight Valley is a huge park and I love 400 Miles To Earth Center. It is a cool dark ride. They have a flume ride there that reportedly (according to the park), is the tallest flume/shoot the chutes in the world. It certainly is a long ride too and it has one section where riders travel backwards down a drop. The flume ride does get you quite wet. One thing to note about the flume ride is that riders board in the middle of the park and leave the ride near the front of the park. The boats travel empty back up to the loading station. This may be the longest flume ride in the world as well as the tallest. It even goes through the side of one of the resort's hotels.

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Yes. Park maps still call the coaster Mountain Flyer but the sign on the station says Wood Coaster. I saw a sign in February of 2011 that said the coaster would open in July of 2010 so the delay in opening was one year. Pictures in the park also show the coaster with 4 set PTC trains and over the shoulder restraints.

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