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Texas Adventures! [RCT3]

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Texas Adventures' Holiday Wonderland is here! Guests came to celebrate season cheer with coasters and family fun!










Unfortunately, my RCT3 crashed so i don't have that many pictures to showcase the event in detail. I'll try to save the park and revive my game to bring Texas Adventures updates back as soon as possible!


The garland is up! The lights are twinkling and our newest coaster is slowing rising!



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Okay guys, my RCT3 has failed. I've skimmed through forums and sites for any helpful info but they're all incredibly confusing.

The problem:

When i try to start up the game it loads up to 90% and then it crashes right before getting to the main menu. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I've even borrowed a friend's RCT3 and installed theirs and the same problem.




If anyone has any helpful advice or information please PM me or just post below, the future of Texas Adventure is at stake!

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Is there a no svd for sid error when it crashes? If so then its a problem with your custom scenery. Is there another type of error report? If not, I don't know what the problem may be, so I would check this link: http://forums.atari.com/showthread.php?t=3741

If you still can't find the source of the problem maybe you could contact Atari directly. I hope this helps.

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I had this same exact problem. You have to either find and restore, or re-download the qedit file. (From a reliable site!) OR you can do system restore to a point when you still had qedit running. Either will do the job. Restoring is safer, but takes longer, but by downloading a file, you always have the chance of a virus, so be extra careful! Especially since you would be downloading a core system file.

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Thank you guys for your help! I was able to restore my RCT and the park in all it's glory! Time for some updates!






The season has ended here in Austin, Texas as Texas Adventures begins to refresh itself for the upcoming season. The park's newest coaster Storm is taking shape and on it's way to completion very soon! As for the rest of the park, we can see major changes throughout the park to improve it's appearance and attendance. Later on we'll take you on a sneak preview of Texas Adventure's newest park located in Spring, Texas!


Snake Mountain Falls all drained out


Franklin Express safe and sound inside it's station.


Roadrunner Racers ready for rehab and their fresh coat of paint!


a look into Storm's wicked spirals



The park's newest addition


Storm seen from the western end of the park


Texas Thunder and Diablo


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Texas Adventures has more exciting news for our Texans and theme park guests! We are proud to announce the acquisition of our newest property; Texas Adventures Spring! Located in Spring, TX (north of Houston) the 200 acre theme park offers an exciting line up of flat rides, thrilling roller coasters, and entertainment for the entire family! More updates on both theme parks to follow this week!


One of the park's most intense coaster, the Sonoran Canyon Blaster, greets park guests as they enter the parking lot.


paired up with stunning architecture, natural landscapes and breathtaking rides, Texas Adventures Spring gives new meaning to the term 'theme park'


One of the park's wildest coasters Wild Wolf will take you on a rattling chase through intense wooded hills, dives and drops.


Shade throughout the park offers a natural escape from the hot Texas heat.


Texas Adventures is sure to please each one of it's guests!

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Texas Adventures Austin has released an update:



January 2012, work continues in the off season as workers continue to improve the park for it's upcoming 2012 season. Among the improvements, theme-park goers can look forward a newly redone area; Hill Country Village. The village (which opened with the theme park in 1978) has been expanded to feature two new attractions and Texas eateries that offer plenty of hospitality. A renovated queue house and brand new retro-style trains now adorn the popular Texas Thunder rollercoaster which will soon celebrate it's 35 anniversary this year. But one of the parks major additions is the brand new spinning coaster designed by Gerstlauer, Storm! Standing 75 feet tall, this coaster bares down on the residents of Beaumont Harbor. With only weeks before the parks springtime opening, workers hustle to 'beautify' the park and complete the park's newest additions. Texas Adventures looks forward to seeing YOU at both our locations in Spring and Austin, Texas!


Texas Adventures' newest attraction Storm lurking in the thick winter fog.


One of the newest attractions at Texas Adventures Austin


Texas Adventures Austin expansion


Texas Thunder celebrates it's upcoming 35th Anniversary with new retro-style trains!


the fog slowly dying off over what was once Beaumont Beach revealing the new Beaumont Harbor!

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