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Any TPR romances yet?!


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Just noticed Allison asking in the Ask Alvey forum whether Dan was single or not, made me wonder if any love has begun on TPR yet? I know of a few couples where both parties post here but did anyone actually meet through the site?

Just being nosy!

There are some very attractive young men on here actually... I'd be interested to know if Mark (QuakerOaties) is coming over to England on the trip next year...


I wish my boyfriend wasn't scared of coasters.

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Well, speaking for most of the guys here, there are mostly guys on this site... So, unless we are mostly gay, it makes it hard to meet new chickas... But dont feel bad, I dont even have a girlfriend to worry about hating coasters... Of course, I travel so often i doubt a girlfriend would last very long....



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As Allison Y2K Stated, Photo Trips Reports are a must!


If you find someone on this site whom you like, feel free to show it! As in Photos, of course!


I've been involved with Theme Park Review for a while, and I always enjoy all that this site has to offer, so don't be shy!

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