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I was without internet for the past few weeks due to being busy with moving. I started a park in that time as I don't have much to do with a computer w/ internet. I always wanted to build a park that was NCSO. Looking at mastersax(fizzix's) work I knew I wanted to attempt a six flags scenario like him.


When I opened up the scenarios they were cluttered with pathways and scenery that I just didn't want to bother getting rid of so I started a Build your own Six Flags scenario that's displayed in the tutorial. The point I'm trying to reach with this park is that NCSO screens that I see these days are very cluttered. They are skilled and do satisfy most people including myself yes, but I've always preferred simple building with ncso. So with this park I am using zero clearance only where it's absolutely necessary. I am not as satisfied as with my CSO work but I'm having fun and with internet back I still want to continue on the park.


Please comment and advise as usual. Park is only in initial stages right now.






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Dot- your park looks very nice so far; spread out, which is good for future expansion.


As far as the Schwarzkopf looper goes, I'd rethink most of it- it's OK, but lacks the flowing qualities a good Schwarzkopf coaster has in it- the transitions are a bit too rough, and the arrangement of hills/drops/curves is a bit out of whack. Lower it down a bit (2 units above ground for platform start, for example) and refine the layout a bit- smooth it out a bit. My best guess is it's based upon ShockWave at SFOT, so I'd go with that theme idea- and perhaps mix in a little Revolution/Mindbender (SFOG) into the mix to refine it a bit.

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Insanity. I will soon I was just experimenting different type textures to see what went best. Had no idea I left it at that combo.


RD: you are correct it is based off of Shockwave at SFOT. I wasn't sure about the layout so I posted a close-up. As the only Schwarzkopf i've rode was the shockwave. I will try and mix in some of Mindbender elements and refine it as it is a bit rough and kind of cluttered. The pacing is also a mess so I had to add a little chain lift before the MCBR as a temporary fix. The whole layout is a big problem right now.


Thanks for the advice/comments can't promise when the next update will be but I'll try and get it up as soon as I've made some more progress to the park.

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I've got several Schwarzkopf clone coasters you might want to take a look at; they're loosely based up on Revolution/Mindbender/ShockWave, etc. in the Exchange- I've tried to 'mold' them to Schwarzkopf's design theories, but I find them to be pretty close to how He would have designed them- at least in RCT II.


The other thing I can advise: Always try to think from the end of the ride towards the lift hill with a Schwarzkopf coaster, as it allows you to 'see' the right speeds for the layout to work with- it really works better with the Schwarzkopf design systems.

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Dot, the wooden suport structures you used on the boomerang......well let's just say the auto-supports would look much better, especially on the cobra roll. The Gio looks pretty good from here though, and your archy is not bad at all.

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