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Lifetime Passes

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I would do it in a minute, but it must be chain wide. I've been buying Cedar Fair and 6 Flags season passes for years now. Because of my job and travel that I do I spend 50 - 60 days per year at these parks. I'll be at 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom this Saturday and Sunday. I think I'd get 6 Flags before Cedar Fair. Just my preference.

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^ I can't afford a resident daily pass to Disney. You'd need to get a mortgage for a lifetime pass. Besides for me, there's nothing I need to ride at that price. I've been there once since I moved to Florida in 1989.



Estimating an Annual pass at $1,000 and multiplying it x 25= $25,000. So you would need to visit between 264 and 278 times to make it worth it.

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Lifetime passes would be amazing for chain parks like SF and CF. Busch and Disney lifetime passes would be perfect too. The only thing holding me back is the potential cost.


As long as said lifetime passes come with the season pass/AP perks, they should be worth the money you pay in the long run.

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The closest park to me that I?have a pass for is 5 hours. I don't think moving should make a difference. Planes and trains operate daily. I already have the pass and park admission soley takes up a huge chunk of a typical vacation. I don't hesitate and think of distance when it comes to the west coast parks...

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I wouldn't mind one at all so long as there was a payment plan option. I've had a Disney annual pass for the last 10 years now already, so I would almost prefer a "lifetime" option with higher monthly payments where I never had to worry about renewing again.

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I don't think I would go for a lifetime pass either. As others have stated, too many what if's on both mine and the park/companies parts.


Getting them yearly allows you to always look for best deals and maybe switch the annual passes around every year or so to keep the variety different.

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