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Six Flags Magic Mountain Recreation Recreation (RCT2)

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Disclaimer -- I don't really have a true talent with RCT (and I don't know how to hack this game), but I'm trying to improve by updating this old recreation of SFMM. I enjoy looking at what other people create (especially the custom scenery) but mostly play for fun!


It's not complete, I still need flames on X2, finish Apocalypse, and a couple other things. Road Runner Express' layout is a brilliant ground-breaking design by me! (Meaning, I don't know what the real layout is...)


This original scenario is not mine. I updated a 2003 recreation of SFMM by Oblivion.


This scenario is ripe for hackers. Someone needs to come through here and do everything from the double station on Tatsu, backwards cars on Superman, custom scenery, etc.


Hope you enjoy!





X2 on the drive in. Slow dispatches = no train in picture.



Rare sight from parking lot - Colossus racing!



Welcome to Six Flags Magic Mountain!



Revolution is pretty popular. Probably because it's operated like it was meant to. No trims, no OTSR, and efficiently!



Depressing shot of Flashback's old location and Metro, never to be open again.



Kiddie coaster porn



Superman: Escape from Krypton, Goliath, and Colossus!



Scream wants some love, because parking lot coasters deserve better. Actually, the crew was doing quite well! (Take a look!)



Can't go wrong with a ride on Batman, and with no line!



Don't really know what to do with Green Lantern's construction site, and I've never seen a ZacSpin in RCT2 before.



Tidal Wave really draws a crowd on hot days. Lots of boats in operation, a good sign!



Fun Fact: It's impossible to get a shot of Riddler's Revenge with one train in the second dive loop as the other is on the lift hill in real life.



That last corkscrew delivers quite a kick on Riddler's!



New Superman = WIN!



I'm pretty happy with my Apocalypse recreation. It's unfinished, as I still need to tunnel in the turnaround under the lift, add supports, and tuck the track after the deadman's curve closer to the other track.



Closer look at the queue and the second half of the track.



This might not be here in a year.



Johnny Rockets and stuff...



Yep, it's Tatsu!



Tatsu's station



Ninja's station and Tatsu's horseshoe turn.



And finally, Viper: the only ride that can run one train and still never generate any wait time.

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^Thanks! I did this just to be fun, and I hadn't seen a recreation of SFMM updated to what's there today. Glad you enjoyed it, I'll try to post a couple changes when I get a chance to do them.


I forgot to mention I installed a system of underground paths (guests sometimes "clump" in RCT2 when they are lost). There is one that goes from Cyclone Bay to Ninja, Superman plaza to Log Jammer, and Goliath's entrance to Colossus' exit path). I tried to camoflauge the tunnels, but you can see the tunnel by Ninja's station and Goliath's entrance. I did this to boost my park rating so people weren't "lost."


If there's one thing I can actually do on RCT, its please guests. Every time my park rating drops below 999, I tend to get violent panic attacks and chuck things across the room (including, but not limited to my computer's wireless mouse).

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Would this recreation happen to be a mod of the game release recreation?


I agree with everyone else, it was nice to browse through the pictures. I haven't been to the park in a really long time (March ) so it reminded me of all I've been missing out on.


The Terminocalypse recreation looks pretty damn good!

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Time for an update!


Just a couple tweaks and shots from around the park...







X2 has fire now!!



I tried connecting this to a quote from a Batman movie, but I couldn't.



Viper says "I didn't suck when I was first built!"



Revolution doesn't like it that its neighbor is so much better.



There's a better shot of Tatsu's first drop and roll.



Ninja's water dives are actually pretty cool!



And now for Apocalypse -- It's really popular!



I tunneled in the first tunnel (?)



...and tucked in the track a little more accurately.



Full backside shot (Dirty!)



Finally, a picture of DC Universe. I don't really know where to go with it from here, since there's not enough space for the facades.

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^Haha yeah, I was too lazy to close it and make it three boats like how it really is, meanwhile dumping the 100+ people back on the midway. I didn't want to slow down the line either since its apparantly so popular.


Would this recreation happen to be a mod of the game release recreation?


I agree with everyone else, it was nice to browse through the pictures. I haven't been to the park in a really long time (March ) so it reminded me of all I've been missing out on.


The Terminocalypse recreation looks pretty damn good!

Thanks, and visits to SFMM these days are always awesome (except on Saturdays that aren't WCB of course!)


This original scenario was started from scrath by someone else, but not updated since 2003.


I think CoasterCreator did a great job with the ZacSpin in his design, maybe you should hit him up: Maelstrom

I'll take a look at that, but since the empty lot in this game is a lot smaller then the one on there, I might have space issues.


I Like it! Your doing pretty good with all the coasters. Check out my recreation I did back when I still had a computer, i never got to finish it because i didnt have enough room on the map. I started completely from scratch though.



That is amazing!


I actually took a look at it before I started this topic, to see if others had done the same as me. Great work! Too bad about the map size though.

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Hey, I made a couple Zacspins, hit me up if you need help!

I will try to expand empty the GL lot as big as possible. That whole area of the park needs some help, so I'll be working on it soon. If you could build the actual ride, I can put the facades and station/queue after if that's ok!


I knew I had seen this before. I hope you got permission from the original creator to do this...

Other people have updated some of his recreations on a site he is still active on. I wasn't originally going to post this, but I was looking for some scenarios on RCT grotto, saw the others, and decided it would be cool to post what I have done to this. I made sure to give him credit for the original scenario!

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