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[RCT2] Coupon's Work Thread

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I have two 85ft. Intamin Woodies for you. First is T-Bolt or whatever you want to call it, It's a late 90's Intamin, based on White Cyclone. Pictures:SCR150.BMPSCR151.BMPSCR152.BMPStatsT-Bolt Stats.bmp


Next is Mini-Toro, which is basically what I could with 85ft. and a plug-n-play. Pictures:SCR154.BMPSCR157.BMP Stats:Mini Toro Stats.bmp


Both are filled with airtime and if you want to see them in game just PM me.

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To building and game in the first picture are amazing! It's great to see more use of terrain in this park, and the same can be said about the next picture. However it seems as though a color may be off in the second screen. Possibly change the color of the log flume itself from black to an aqua shade? Besides this, two excellent screens! Can't wait to see more!

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