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[RCT2] Coupon's Work Thread

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That just looks..... sooooo gooodddd!!!!


Sweeeeeeeet! This park is seriosly a step up from your last park. I think if you keep building up to what I've seen of this park so far it could win a high silver or low gold at NE. How big is this park?

The park is like 200x200, I am not sure though. Ask Dj if you want to know for sure. Thanks!

That big field looks a bit empty! But Goliath looks really nice, well done!

It wont be empty pretty soon. Thanks!

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It's really cute, and I never thought I would say that about a B&M hyper (although technically it isn't a hyper).


I do hope you plan on putting trees around the coaster in addition to just the bushes. I also think making the rails silver like at SFOG will look more aesthetically pleasing. But overall this is BY FAR the best park you've shown.

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Looks Great, but are you sure you want to go with such a "giant" name for such a small hyper?

It looks bigger in game, thats why.

A perfect additon, coup- loving the size, colors and location of the ride- It's a great fit, and suits the park well for what you're offering in it- more pics would be nice, though!



Thanks R.D., your words inspire me so much!

I would say maybe try adding and airtime hill to that straight section coming out of the turn around.

It hits the straight at 50 mph... Not a good idea.

At the speed it is probably going, an airtime hill would likely be too intense. But I do agree, that straight section is kind of strange.

its only 1 little straight piece....

I love it, with the tiny size pacing should be nice. Fix the foliage a tad, then you gotta winner.

Already fixed/ Thanks!

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