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[RCT2] Rainbow Valley

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"The local authority prohibits construction above tree height."


Okay, fine. I'll agree to your terms.



Creating Rainbow Valley is a very unique undertaking for me. It's going to be based on two scenarios from the RCT franchise - Rainbow Valley from the original RCT, and Rainbow Summit from RCT2.


The overarching principle behind Rainbow Valley is simple - it's an amusement park that focuses as much on entertainment as it does nature.


The east side of the valley has a main set of accessible pathways down the center of the property, with various nature trails flanking the main drags on either side. A chairlift also provides access from the top down to the base of the valley. Along the nature trails, guests can get close-up views of cliffsides, waterfalls, and more.


The west side of the valley is dominated by three major attractions - Herrier, the park's signature wooden roller coaster; Crawler, the smaller but just as thrilling wooden roller coaster; and the Cavern Log Flume, one of the longest and most scenic flume rides in existence.


Keep in mind that all screenshots presented in this post and subsequent updates are works in progress unless I say otherwise.


Let's get started.


This is the park's entrance plaza. The chairlift's station foundation has been placed.


Here's one of the nature trails. The spires with flags indicate checkpoints, so the trails are easier to navigate.


Herrier has an out-and-back layout. At this point, it navigates an intense downward spiral, shoots into the underground, and re-emerges in an upward spiral.


Crawler's small lift hill provides a unique head-chopper for Herrier riders - the airtime ends right as the cars go under the structure - the forces do the ducking for the riders.

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I would suggest painting one of the rides a different color (my favorite woodie color is the rustic gray brown), but this looks fantastic! I love both the Rainbow Valley/Summit scenarios and I like how you're incorporating the challenge with a new template!


I may request that you send this scenario to me so I can play it too!

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I'll consider changing the color of Crawler - Herrier will stay the same tan. I kept the colors the same between the two rides to signify that they were produced by the same people (the park's engineering team). I'll also fence around the entrance pond when I'm finished with the area.


While I combined the two scenario concepts, the end result will be a full-fledged park and not a playable scenario. I plan on filling up most of the space. Sorry if it bursts your bubble.

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Small progress update. Still on the Herrier side of the river. Brown rectangles made of dirt indicate plots for buildings.


Here you can see most of Crawler's layout.


Here's Herrier's station, albeit more complete than when I showcased it in the preview thread.


This is probably Herrier's most distinguishing feature, a teardrop-shaped dip. You can see Cavern Log Flume peeking out right in front of the waterfall.

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