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[RCT2] TPR Group Park!

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If you're still looking for an NCS team member, I'll be happy to join!

There's room in NCS park 3. I think someone other than me would be better for the entrance area but after that's done I can dip in anytime. Or if by some chance no one wants to make an entrance area I could make something modest, both are fine.

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So...who's next? I finished my area pretty much (I don't know what else to add without taking over everything). I may want the park later (because I want to add a few other attractions), but right now I'll pass it on.


Basically, I have taken over a good portion of the first mountain in an area of the park called "Blue Sky Basin". It features a dueling pair of vertical drop coasters (they kinda sprawl out unfortunately...it was a nightmare getting them to sync well), a recolored Sky Tower from SFMM, a heli ride, a slide, and a connecting chairlift. If someone wants to redo some scenery up there that would be cool...just be sure to overuse the light-blue/white color scheme...I want it to be kind-of over-the-top like that. Unless you can think of something even better (which I'm sure you can).


Anyway, I haven't named the park yet because I don't know what the other areas will include. One of you guys down the line can name it. I'd recommend keeping themed sections like mine. You can use the other parts of the mountain if you want, but unfortunately you'll probably clash with my dive coaster pair.


Just look at the park and decide. Coupon, who's next so I can send the file?

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