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[RCT2] TPR Group Park!

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Well due to posts in the preview thread about starting a group-park, I have decided to make a thread about it! Anyone can join and we will have 2 parks, one custom scenery and one with no custom scenery. You can join one or even both! For the NCS park, we will be using the "Make Your Own Six Flags" bench. For the CS park, we will be using Louis's 2011 workbench. We will start the parks when we have 5 people each park. Link to the 2011 Bench: link



-sfgamguy [starts with park]

-AJClarke0912 [Next in line]



-Ace Of Spades


NCS Park 2:

-GaryGB [starts with park]

-Mochtroid [Next in line]





NCS Park 3:







CS Park:

-tdub96 [Next in line]





-Psi [starts with park] [Has park]


CS Park 2:

-Kraken & Manta







Hope you all join!

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I'm working on Rainbow Valley right now (and fall semester is starting in a week), so I can't be a huge contributor to those projects.


What I will gladly do is this - if one of the parks ends up with an awkward open space, I'll gladly fill it. I've made some very unique track layouts in very unique spaces.

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So...we're just building stuff? I don't quite get it...it seems like we should at least try to organize this a tad. I dunno. Maybe it will work fine with us working off of each other.


EDIT: Actually, the more I think about it, this could be really cool. There'd be a lot of different styles merged into one park! I'll probably be doing ridework, some terrainwork, and maybe some path stuff, but leave it all up for theming by our NE-[quality] members here. Like, I make some paths with little gaps in the middle and you guys can finish with beautiful fountains and shrubs!


This sounds really exciting!

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