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Evanaj15's SFMM TR

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Part 6...


This is by far, in my opinion, the coolest kiddie flat ride ever.


I would seriously pay extra just to ride this ride.


On my way over to Lunch, I captured some X2 Lift Hill Porn.


I also walked by Revolution's fountains.


I was trying to get a picture of Revolution in mid-loop. But, I got Tatsu about to go into it's gut-wrenching Pretzel Loop instead.


Tatsu going into the final inversion.


This was the best shot i could get.


I got in closer to Revolution, and got this shot.


Hello, Mr. Creepy-looking bear.

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^Like a sweater you 'd get from grandma at Christmas........


Evanaj15 you may want to watermark your photos. Someone may want to claim them as their own.........

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Whoever said we'll be done by October was right.

I wonder who painted that sign of The Flash's villains. I noticed nobody mentioned it but the group is called The Rogues. They probably won't even fix it because I doubt anyone even knows.

Too bad you didn't take a picture of the Plastic Man trashcan that would've made this TR so much better because people would ask why you took a picture of a trashcan.

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Ok this is getting a bit ridiculous. This "post a handful of photos every few days" thing is not how TPR operates.


Evanaj, when you have all your photos ready to go and can do the rest of your report in one post, please PM myself or one of the other moderators and we will be happy to unlock the thread to let you finish.

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