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Theme Park Music/Ride Soundtracks and Legal Issues

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Recently in chat I was discussing how I had been looking for the soundtrack for California Screamin' and Space Mountain, and hadn't been able to locate them.


Eventually I managed to track down some downloads for each one....however....


I believe the Space Mountain and California Screamin' soundtracks, at one point, were for sale somewhere in Disneyland. On YouTube you see hundreds of videos using theme park music without any parks having legal issues with it.


What exactly are the legal issues surrounding soundtracks such as those and say the Paradise Pier Soundtrack. Is having the download for each one illegal since at one point they were for sale?


Also I know some people go through the parks with recorders and record the music in each area and the post it on sites.


Is this too considered illegal, and if so, do parks just not care whether or not the soundtracks are on the internet?



I hope I worded this correctly, I was just interested in hearing exactly what people had to say on the issue...

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Might be in the wrong forum, but that's sort of...out of...my jurisdiction.


There's a fair use policy floating around somewhere in our governmental documents that says most material under copyright is free to use as long as it's not being used for personal gain (such as someone ripping audio tracks from the parks and selling a CD - that's illegal).


A lot of videographers (that I've seen) that take walk-throughs/POVs of dark rides coordinated to music (such as Space Mountain) often play the ripped track over the actual footage of the ride, so that you can hear it and it isn't drowned out by wind noise.


So, I would say - no, I don't think it's illegal unless you try and sell it as your own.

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