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Photo TR-North East Whores...I mean Tour 2011!

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Ok, Bizarro/SFNE TR. It's pretty thin, I coulda swore I took more pictures, but I guess not. Ok, got to the park, Elissa did some kinda minute to win it cone moving thing so the bus could fit (had to be there), a lot of stairs, ERT yay, mouse credit outta the way, Bizarro a little sluggish, Batman, no I'm not doing waterpark ERT, Elissa gives out Qbots, I ride things, food, beer, TPR quest, Chris Con, backstage Bizarro, hey look it's getting dark, rode the frisbee, Koth hurt his food, guess you gotta limp cause I'm going to ERT, water challenge fail, Bizarro more awesome at night, Elissa texts Robb, her bus is leaving in 5 minutes, hey that's my bus, run old man run, damn there are a lot of stairs, back on the bus, that was a long friggin' day.


I think that was how it went, I could be wrong. Ok, pictures, really bad and the captions are wearing thin too, how does Jen know what uncircumsized looks like?



A machine to make pancakes, I though that's what women were for.


I could really use a Denny's at this point.


Let's see one, two, three, four, five, six flags...yeah this is the place.


Robb handles the "Bash" portion of this day, which is awesome, but trip particpants also got gold Qbots, awesomer!


Not my #1, but it was so exciting it almost made me do a #2.


Ok Fonzie, you can put your thumbs down now.


Piers is frightened, because he's never been this close to a woman before, true story.


This was awesome, highly recommend.


The greatest escape of all may have been Jake escaping from Piers.


I read those peoples minds, they say "OUCH!".


Ok Kevin, show us who hurt you.


Ok, hang on, still uploading.

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Ok, refocused, and pictures.



So I guess this chick is a furry, who's into S & M and has her own roller coaster, basically my dream girl.


Aww man, she's just a statue, well at least I know she won't say no.


Q and A.


TPR quest, dignity was sacraficed, lives were risked, beer was chugged, clothing was removed.


Uh, at least one of these four appears to have some shame.




I heard they stopped letting adults ride at some point, apparently these are giant children.


Look, I'm an artist, or maybe I accdentally hit the button, one of those two.


It's a white roller coaster. (I think I'm outta captons.)


Tried to ride this, it broke like three times while waiting, then we got on, I breathed out and the restraint system clamped down and tried to suffocate me, then of course they booted us off, cause it broke again.


Um, from the walkback I think, It's a roller coaster.


We support roller coasters, and so do these steel beams.


I have no idea what the hell is going on in the lower left corner, but whomever that is in the red shirt should be arrested.


One track goes this way, one track goes that way.


I just like seeing myself on the internet.


The track is grape flavored, I know, cause I licked it.


Coaster porn.


Hope you got your names written in your underpants, so you can remember who you are after that coaster give you a concussion.


A bat man and a fat man.


This sucked, but it was nice to look at, moving on.


At some point during the skyride, I accdentally spilled my soda and I'm pretty sure soaked all those people down there, sorry.


Wish I had gotten pictures from night ERT, but my phone died and I left both the spare batter and charger on the bus. So hope the rest of you got all the shots I missed, thanks for looking.

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Ok, so Old Orchard Beach, Jimmy the Greek's, Palace Playland, Funtown. I really failed on this one, I took like almost no pictures and the ones I did take were crap, so there is also a fail on captions, because there was just no direction to go. So, here is the worst entry of my trip report, you've been warned, turn back now, do not enter, severe tire damage.


Ok, we did Jimmy the Greek's first, 100+ beers, brick oven, great menu, great waitresses, a mop, good stuff. I got steak and beer, stole some pizza from Jake, which was awesome, thanks Jake. At some point I drank something with Piers, actually two somethings, this Jager stuff might just catch on. I know, lets go to Palace Playland, that's a great idea. Ok, two credits and some flats, arcade, beach, beer, fried kool-aid, ignore that cop and just keep walking. Funtown/Splashtown, get the mouse credit, Excalibur is fun, OMG it hurts, slowest loading go-carts ever, yes I will have the cheeseburger, not bad, giant sea gulls attack, F' this Sh** I'm leaving! Huge Ice cream cone, candyland, various takeover's of stuff, Excalibur ERT, yay I figured out where to brace, this is kinda awesome in the dark, and then it was over.



Hey, I think i recognize that yellow blur.


Basketball Hall of Fame.


Old Orchard Beach.


Jimmy the Greek's, over 100 kinds of beer and the food was awesome.


We all sat down and the awesome waitresses had our food a drink orders handled in no time.


Shy Piers hiding in the corner, will he ever come out of his shell?


Oh! They DO have beer, I wasn't sure.


Darn right "Who needs hooters!", really she was awesome.


This is what Piers calls a light lunch.


Thanks for a great time.

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Your TR pretty much craps all over the one I was going to do, so I won't waste my time - I will do one for the Cedar Point trip, though.


Some awesome pictures you got there.. Since I was too busy eating like a healthy person at all the breakfasts, I didn't even see a pancake machine.. holy crap.. Did anyone try them?

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^Do a report, I wanna see what pictures you got! It's weird, like I see some pictures that other people have posted, and I know I was like 10 feet away from them, but it's like "how did I miss that" or "why am I zipping up Piers".


Ok, so I tired to upload the second part of this day, but good old Windows Vista crashed on me right as I got to the end, true story. So, here goes again, yes the last part sucked, but wait...there's more!



Look, it's Shawn, who did not have pink eye by the way, in a festive beach hat. (I have run out of captions, so I decided to pick on Shawn instead.)


The shame is so thick you could cut it with a knife.


This may be the longest line this coaster has ever seen.


So that's the ocean or some kinda water, or something, I ain't going near it.


Follow me down a magical trail of wonderment, or not, there's an arcade too.


By the time I found the beer, I didn't think I had time to drink any, and since we almost got cut off by a parade, I'm glad I abstained.


I did find this sign and I gotta admit it got me curious, no Piers not that kind of curious.


Oh, its a donut with kool-aid in the batter, what a rip, and surprise, it tastes just like any other donut.


This is where we were, would not have minded spending more time here, but we got more coasters to ride.


These followed us to Funtown and attacked us repeatedly, trying to steal our french fries.


Oh wow, are you like a geography professor or something? That whole pointing at things on a map skill must have taken years to develope.


Funtown, it goes up.


It comes down.


Just a self portrait, I think it captures my true self. There's actually a huge mushroom behinde me, but as hard as I tried I could only get the tip in.


Awesome theming, or at least I liked it.


Yes, these things really happened, true story! Go on a TPR trip, you'll find out. Ok, so that's it for Funtown, I didn't take any pictures of night ERT, I could have swore I did. Anyways, next up will be Canobie, did anyone else eat the clams?

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but as hard as I tried I could only get the tip in.


A bit too much information, thanks.



In the picture, I could only get the tip in the picture. I know steve has a good camera and could get the whole thing in every time, but I'm just using my cell camera.

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Thanks for the opting to pick on my beach wear Ceasar, I'll wear an odder beach hat next time.


Wear whatever you like shawn, just as long as it's not that wig.


I linked up your front page to make it easier to navigate (and deleted the blatant lies about what pages things were on!)


Awesome! Yeah, I attempted to bring some kind of order to this report and apparently failed, thanks.


Thanks for all the "encouragement", never had to do a trip report that involved this many days, hats off to those of you who have done this before, it's a pain in the a$$, but in a good way, no Piers, not that way. Ok, working on Canobie, should be up tomorrow.

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Ok, so Canobie, a great small park. We had morning ERT on Yankee Cannonball and Untamed, I was surprised that Untamed was rough for being such a new coaster, and spent more time on Yankee Cannonball, which was pretty smooth and had some good airtime. The only complaint I had about this park, was that they were out of souvenir cups, it was hot/humid and I could have really used some cheap refills, and the only alternative were tiny cups that were way over priced. We settle on bottled water from the vending machine and refills from the water fountain, and the water was actually good. Corkscrew was, well a corkscrew, not terrible, but one and done. Another kiddie credit, a spin on the rotor, the train, etc.. Hotdog for lunch, a little exploring, some shopping, fried clams, arcade, games, and back to the bus. Really liked this park, I would love to visit it again if I'm ever out that way.


Ok, pictures, now keep in mind that this is turning into a very long report and as bad as the captions have been, they will probably get worse, and since the pictures aren't great either, well quality is not my strong point.



Wristbands, meal ticket, ERT schedule, all that good stuff.


We are here, just for fun, cause that's what it says on the window, and we do whatever we read.


Let's all stare at Robb!


Really a nice park all the way around.


This was fun, a little rough, but overall a great fit for a small park.


Nerd shot.


Car goes up, car comes down, fun for everyone, my favorite part of the ride anyway.


Some sexy curves on this one.


Even the supports are themed.


Antique car ride.


It's always nice when the previous riders start warning you about portions of the ride while they exit.


Yay Chad, you made it! Chad?! Um, moving on. I'm sure maintenance will clean that up.


Corkscrew, it mostly screws your back and neck up.


Mine of lost souls, and confusing story lines. Wait I'm in Egypt now?


"Really mate, a Fosters and some Outback Steakhouse would make me feel right at home." He totally said that, true story.


It felt like I started out at Knott's Berry Farm on the Calico Mine Ride...


...and ended up on Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios.


You know how in the old westerns, the cowboy goes into the brothel and all the whores line up, yeah that.


I know this is a hearse, but it's like a modern hearse and it kinda looks like an old ladies station wagon...FAIL! (Please ignore the giant mutant clown.)


The train went through the park and by the lake, kinda nice.


Corkscrew, yay?


The lake, there was a boat ride too.


Now if I could just figure out where I can buy a hotdog. The hotdogs were actually really good, a bit small, with those wierd buns, but good.


Am I the only one who thinks this is a little obscene?


Even more Obscene! Really, if this was outside the park, I would have ran back to the bus.


Obligatory popcorn shot.


I found Rowdy Rooster, but with no cocks.


...i did however find beaver, true story.


Fried clams, awesome, but expensive.


French fries and Ice cream, if you like creamy and salty in your mouth at the same time.


I know that's cotton candy, but they kinda look like giant colorful tampons, just an observation.


Fried dough everywhere, but the hot weather kinda killed my appetite for park food.


Not sure where we are going, but I think KT knows the way.


Everybody knows I don't drink, but with the alcohol exchange coming up, I wouldn't want anybody to be thirsty.


This may have been the last time I will be excited about Canada.


We put all the "questionable" people on that bus. The plan was if they didn't get admitted into Canada, we would drive away and pretend we couldn't recieve their calls, because of the international roaming.


Yup, they must be desperate for tourists, cause they let everyone in.


Ok, that's it for Canobie, off to Canada and the epic alcohol exhange, where TPDave got to sample both National Bohemian and Beer 30 Ice, premium American brew, true story.

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