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Photo TR-North East Whores...I mean Tour 2011!

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I love your TR Can't wait to see more.


I just have a couple of questions for you, how does Wonder Wheel compare to the one at DCA (in the swinging seats) and comparing 1920's beach-side classic woodies which do you like better, Cyclone at Coney Island, or Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz?


I thought in the aspect of swinging that the Fun Wheel and the Wonder Wheel were pretty close, but the Wonder Wheel looks like it might fall apart at any moment, which add's to the terror, I hate ferris wheels.


I would take Giant Dipper over Cyclone, but Cyclone is definatly more forceful and wild, and painful. One and done on the Cyclone, marathon the Giant Dipper.


Ok, since people are looking at this, I guess I should post the next update. The Quassy, Compounce day is edited and just needs to be resized. I'll get on it.

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Ok, Quassy, not sure how we got there, I think there was breakfast at the hotel. I know the bar was open the night before, this I can verify. Ok, pictures.



Oh yeah, Natty Boh, that's good stuff. Oh, you wanna share? No, no that's ok, you keep all that premium brew for yourself.


"Yes, the rumors are true, Robb's fanny pack is full a nacho cheese." Pretty sure that's what she said, true story.


The bus...OF DEATH!!! MUAHAHAHA, true story.


Beercoaster Steve prays to whatever pagan gods he worships for the ability to drink beer really fast.


I'm pretty sure they are driving us out into the woods to havest our organs. (and if you've ever had your organ havested...)


What's a Quassy? Nevermind, I'll try anything once...No Piers I'm not trying that, not eve once! Moving on.


Anythying with an indian on it has to be awesome.


Looking forward to riding your little woody, damn I get tire of hearing that.




Robb approves of little woodies, I mean Wooden Warrior!


That's right, it goes up the lift hill and into the lake, it's a water coaster, not a kiddie credit, I swear.


No sir, that snazzy shirt can't hide your shame.


My car is painted the exact same way, you'd be surprised at how fast people get out of your way when you got shark teeth painted on your grill.


The seats double as grills, they actually cooked our hamburgers for lunch right on this coaster, true story.


Ha ha, look at them nerds back there, I'm only riding so I can get a picture of their sorry butts, I would never ride a kiddie coaster to get a credit..really.


OK, break, more later.

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Ok, more Quassy.



Time to eat lunch, and get wood.


Take the tunnel! Oh, and a train too. Take the train!


Nice train, I rode it, cause I'm old and like things I can sit down on and rest.


I've found the problem, this carousel is suffering from camel toe.


Tried to get off, got my foot stuck inbetween the wings, damn near killed myself.


Tickets for a boat ride and ice cream. Why does mine have Piers phone number on the back? Moving on.


There was food.


This is the look I got when I tried to snag the last hotdog, needless to say, I backed away slowy, not making any sudden moves, and avoiding eye contact.


Burgers were good, I had one, or three.


These girls thought I was so hot, they kept giving me free beer, true story.


Happieness comes in a cup? Hell yeah it does!!!


Um, there may be some ACEr's in this group, they ate everything but the tray.


Vegan's got their own trough and practically licked it clean.


I sat over here, close to the beer...soda, close to the soda, I only drank soda...it was beer.


I include this picture only because this Bambi shirt lost it's innocense later that day, true story.


Amazing little coaster, better than a lot of full size woodies.


And it's just so sexy.


From the train.


There's a lake, and a boat ride, and we got free tickets.


What are you lookin' at!


Wanna go in with me on a 30 pack of National Bohemian?


Can't decide who was more awesome, Brian the bus driver, or Captain Bill. Bill sang some awesoem drinking songs for us.


Completely sober people on a boat with balloons on their heads.


Was not impressed with this, but it's still an oldie but a goodie.


Ramdom drop "tower" .


Not sure what's going on here, but that bus driver has my underpants, true story.


Ok, so that was Quassy, I had fried dough, which us native people call frybread, my grandma used to make stacks of that at least once a week. We got a coupon, which I used for an awesome ice cream cone, and yeah, all that stuff. Next stop, Lake Compounce, I think? Yeah.

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Ok, thanks to all the "positive" reviews, I will keep this going. I didn't take a lot of pictures at Lake Compounce, I don't know why. This a really nice park, free Pepsi, which I drink, and the awesomeness of Boulderdash. There was food, and maybe beer, and maybe I had just a sip. Food was awesome by the way, too many things to list, and all of them good. Ok, here some pictures, very few, and some I don't remember taking.



Leaving Quassy, arriving at Lake Compounce? One of those two, or as I call it "in between kegs".


Take the tunnel!!! No, really, you gotta go through a tunnel to get in.


Welcome to Lake Compounce, free mosquito bites for everyone, yay!


All I remember is airtime, pain, and then my elbow was bleeding.


Not the worst woodie I've ever been on, but on this trip definatly a one and done.


Nice looking park, with a good selections of rides.


Took a picture of the parks hunt, it was right out in the open and I couldn't resist.


Had not ridden one of these in years.


I believe right about here it punched me in the head.


I did get a snap, others were not so lucky.


U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.!!! (I appoligize to all the foreign TPR members, except Canada, you appologize for LaRonde first.)


Arrow, the sign of quality.


This log ride like kinda went up the mountian and through some trees, very cool.


This frightened the hell outta me, I held on like a little girl, may have screamed like a little girl too.


Wanted to ride this, didn't get to, but here's a picture anyway.


Best part of the ride for me.


Ok, not sure what is occuring in the next pictures, I know I was there, but I went back to get my backpack and when I returned clothes were being exchanged, I dunno?



Um, yeah not sure why this happened, but it did.


Piers has stretched poor Bambi out, never to be tight again.


I call this one: "Totally sober, totally straight man, in a womans bambi tank top, baptism by rapids" Or something, I dunno, I wasn't there.


Jake looking nervous in what appears to be a full body condom.


What the hell just happened?!! At least there is no photographic or video evidence.


Wipeout! (That's right, I'm gonna pretend none of that just happened, moving on.)


Good thing this was lit up or else I would have never found my way back to the bus.


Ok, there was night ERT on Bolderdash, but I was beat, did it in the dark and done, and I didn't get any pictures. Ok, working on the next installment.

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U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.!!! (I appoligize to all the foreign TPR members, except Canada, you appologize for LaRonde first.)




Yeah, Compounce was a neat park; until experiencing the awesomeness that is Knoebels, it was my favority 'family' park on the trip. And yeah, Wildcat... I managed to get through two rides.

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U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.!!! (I appoligize to all the foreign TPR members, except Canada, you appologize for LaRonde first.)




Yeah, Compounce was a neat park; until experiencing the awesomeness that is Knoebels, it was my favority 'family' park on the trip. And yeah, Wildcat... I managed to get through two rides.


Did you end up doing the Bumper Cars?

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Did you end up doing the Bumper Cars?





Yep, they were quite fun! The flyers were more entertaining, though - the operator didn't 'yell' when I tried snapping them, but he simply said 'hey'..


Place was awesome! So much randomness and old school rides!

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I'm really enjoying this trip report. It's like a train wreck. But a good one. Please post more.




I'm just going to call this the best. trip. report. evar.. Then again.. look who it's coming from





Chris "seriously awesome trip report man" Con....n..o..l l.... something.

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So I waited around for more food to be brought out and ended up with an uncircumcised hot dog.


I didn't get to see that!


Only you would be excited about seeing an uncircumcised hot dog.


Actually thats a no...I thought it was just funny lol.

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