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MADtv versus SNL


What Saturday Night Sketch show do you watch?  

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  1. 1. What Saturday Night Sketch show do you watch?

    • MADtv
    • SNL (Saturday Night Live)
    • Like Both
    • Hate Both/I'm already in bed by 11 :p

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The question seems simple, what would you rather watch, MADtv or SNL?


I myself prefer MADtv these days, SNL is becoming unfunnier by the episode and not as "classic" as the early 90's episodes. Even though MADtv is a bit cheesy, I still like it.

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SNL, but I loved it back when they had Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Kevin Nealon, Chris Rock, etc. The early 90's cast was THEE shizzle!



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MADTV is more fun and over the top, I like the show for the fact it runs its "face characters" in more sketches (Stuart,Bae Sung,Marvin Tikvah, Bible Dude,Abercrombie Guys, ect..) great parody(any of the "educational film" sketches) and has a decent rotating cast(adv. stay is 3-4 years). SNL has lost its direction as its current casts shows. Save Seth Myers, Horatio Sans and Fred Armisted, the shows unwatchible.

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SNL is marginally better, but Mr. Show (RIP) was far and away the best sketch show of all time.


Mr. Show was the Tits!!! I also liked Kids in the Hall ... although they did annoy me sometimes.


Mr. Show was hilarious, though I have only seen the bleeped out versions on Comedy Central. Kids in the Hall was funny too...


"I'M CRUSHING YOUR HEAD!" (crushes guys head with fingers)

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