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[RCT II] Golden Farms

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Greetings from Golden farms-


I decided to take a break from the RLP chain to start work on a new park- one based partially by my imagination as well as a place I used to live many years ago.


Enter Golden Farms!


The basis of this park is to expand my skills with how i Do scenery, to adapt a park to fit my needs, wants and interests, and to see how I work out new rides. In general, this is not a high-thrill park- not yet at least- so you won't (For now!) see a inversion heavy B&M or a Gigalite from Intamin.


Let's start out with the pre-construction phases (Some of these pics were in the Preivew thread- but I'm consolodating them here.



The entry plaza area- with restrooms, Guest Services, Various Rental shacks and park offices.



The Farm section is started- I wasn't quite sure how much to grow...



So I kept adding things to it!


Once preconstruction was done, we moved into phase one of the park. Seeing this as a family park meant that for the most part, rides and attractions in phase one would be based around less-intensity, and more for the families. Smaller rides were the key to begin with, and although they didn't prove profit-makers, they did bring the people into the gates.



The first three rides; Schwarzkopf Enterprise, Eli Bridge co. Scrambler and Circus are added- a good balanced mix.



The Farm area is fenced in, and a 'Farm Tour Train' is added- a great ride for rainy days.



A Zierer Jr. Coaster, Lucy The Ladybug, fills in the space well here.


With the park now making more consistent money, I decided to take a page from Qasssy park's Wooden Warrior coaster, and build a junior woodie. After sixteen attempts, I revised the design, and ended up with something more akin to the Sky Princess at Dutch Wonderland. The new coaster, The Merry Derry Dip (Three points if one can guess where that name originated from!) resulted- and with it's two trains, nearly 1800 people per hour can enjoy this mid-sized coaster.



The Merry Derry Dip begins- this is the only part of the coaster that remained from the previous 'attempts' to build a ride!



The Merry Derry Dip after completion- and now opened for people to enjoy.


A year was taken off from further expansion, and with crowds beginning to mount, it was time to expand the first midway area out to handle more people, and add further attractions to the mix. During that year, debts were repaid, and attractions received queue line coverings, additional scenery elements, and other fine-tuning of the rides themselves. This allowed for more guest comfort, as well as some much needed 'downtime' from expansion. The first phase of the construction would feature four new rides: The Golden Farm SkyTower, the Higher Flyer (Swinging platform ride), The relocated Circus (A carousel was built on it's old plot) as well as the Country Drive vintage cars ride. These attractions proved QUITE popular, with even the Vintage Car ride attaining a full queue!



An overview of the expansion: SkyTower and Higher Flyer towards the foreground, Country Drive behind the SkyTower, and the relocated Circus towards the original midway area.



A look at the Country Drive attraction: An artificial lake as well as covered bridge, drive through tunnel, and various scenic buildings fill in the space around the ride.



The Relocated Circus, with a different style of gardening that I've used before- I really did want this area to have some more color- and I'm not sure this will even stay as it appears.


As many people know, I'm a heavy-duty Schwarzkopf enthusiast- and for the park's first full-sized coaster, I went after a combination of classic Schwarzkopfian design. The result was Solar Flare, a design based upon the Revolution at SFMM, as well as the Mindbender at SFOG. I'm quite pleased with the results, as this particular coaster is not only impressive, but has some great capacity. Four seven car trains really do pull the people through the lines quickly, and as the park becomes more popular, it will be a saving grace for capacity rides.



Solar Flare, after delivery, but before platform elements as well as landscaping have been added.



Hmmmm... Now THAT is some capacity there!



After Solar Flare is landscaped- The platform building is finished, trees (More fruit trees- to keep with the basics of the park) as well as queue coverings are completed.



An overview of the park as the first two midways are finished- the next phase will build a loop-circuit of two more Midways- as well as preparations for further expansion of the park.


As the park continues, the next step in expansion is the creation of two additional midway areas, more flat attractions, and in the idea pile is a Log Flume. I'm still not certain where these will fit into the next phase- but I'm pretty sure that we'll be using the space and terrain well- there is a LOT of land in this park, and there is some great terrain areas that are yet to be developed!


If you have any ideas for scenery- and have pictures of them, let me know. I won't say I'll use them all- but I'm trying to make some basic changes to the scenery design in this park. Rest assured, it will not become totally focused on the scenery, but rather, I'm using this park as an experimental proving ground for ideas.



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Phase two:


The Solar Flare continues to grow in popularity, thanks to it's thrilling layout and family-oriented design. As the park continues to gain attendance, further improvements are necessary to keep the people happy, and to allow for further attendance jumps in the future.


As part of this, the completion of the loop of the park was the most critical element. Linking the original midways together has allowed for seven new attractions to be added to the existing park collection, as well as preparation for the phase III attraction builds.


Let's take a look into the park's recent expansion plans:



The addition of the central space here will allow for further additions of tracked rides, but don't get excited: Coasters don't go in the middle!



An overview of the seven new attractions:


The seven new attractions actually resulted in an 'oh DUH' moment from me- for one reason. Two of the same attractions are now side by side- this will be changed; it's going to be part of the phase III expansion of the park. The new attractions, clockwise from the top: Go Kart Challenge, Crashendo (Bumper Cars), Espressso a Go-GO (Spinning Coffee Cups), Silly Slide (Carpet Slide for the kids), Dondraft (Huss Topspin I), Bus Driver School (Swinging Platform ride; to be removed/relocated) and the Regurgitator (Chance Chaos). Additional space has been allowed for additional attractions, as well as planned additions to the Golden Farms Tour Train.



Landscaping begins to appear, and opening day is getting closer.



Silly Slide, Espresso-a-GO GO and Downdraft, with their respective queues.



Go Kart challenge from the rear...



And from the front. GKC is one of my better attempts to date for a go-cart ride- with a 6.17 rating.


Now for a few overview shots...



Four midways now overlay the park, and with a bright future now ensured, you can find that we have plenty of space to grow into.



Wait... what's that in the corner? Could it be... Nah. A park like this would NEVER invest in one of those...


Further updates to come...



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