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NEWS: Wet n' Wild Las Vegas Announced!

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I've been unsure of whether this would ever get off the ground, but at this point I'd say there's a pretty good chance it will. From the animation, the new Wet n' Wild looks a bit better than the old one even if it isn't quite as large. If I've got time next summer and both new waterparks are ready, I might just have to make another trip to Vegas (although I'm also waiting for Speed to reopen...we'll see if that happens).

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Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas water park has named Takuya Ohki as general manager and Rick Belhumeur as director of operations and maintenance.


Both are managers for Village Roadshow Theme Parks, the Australian company that will manage the water park at 7055 S. Fort Apache Road. The project was originally scheduled to open in May 2012, but was pushed back to 2013.


Ohki was general manager of Wet 'n Wild Hawaii following its 2008 acquisition by Village Roadshow Theme Parks.


He managed the $8 million transformation and rebranding of the park to its current name.


Belhumeur will oversee aquatics, loss prevention, facilities and park services departments for Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas. He joined Village Roadshow Theme Parks in 2009 during construction of its second U.S. water park in Phoenix.


The 41-acre Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas will have more than 25 slides and attractions. Project investors include Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf; Steven and Karen Thomas; Roger and Scott Bulloch of SPB Partners; and Village Roadshow Limited.

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If anyone in the Las Vegas area is looking for work, Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas has posted positions.





Title Department Job Type Minimum Age

Admissions Associate Admissions Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Admissions Supervisor Admissions Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Cabana Host Food & Retail Seasonal (Hourly) 21

Cash Control Associate Cash Control Seasonal (Hourly) 18

Cash Control Supervisor Cash Control Seasonal (Hourly) 18

Catering & Events Associate Food & Retail Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Cook Food & Retail Seasonal (Hourly) 16

EMT Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 18

Food & Retail Cashier Food & Retail Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Food & Retail Supervisor Food & Retail Seasonal (Hourly) 21

Lifeguard Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Lifeguard Supervisor Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Loss Prevention Supervisor Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 18

Maintenance Associate Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 18

Maintenance Supervisor Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 18

Park Services Associate Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Park Services Supervisor Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 16

Security Operations Seasonal (Hourly) 18

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I'm not sure if they are planning to serve alcohol, but I know that in most states you have to be at least 18 to serve alcohol. That way, if you take a sip, you're legally responsible. There may be different rules in other states. Particularly for a supervisor position, where you're responsible for all food and alcohol safety. (You can't taste beer or wine to check it hasn't gone bad if you can't drink it!)


I remember WAY back when I was 17, I worked in a Howard Johnson's restaurant that also had a bar attached. On those rare occasions when someone ordered a drink from those of us who were under 18, we'd have to get a manager or server who was over 18 to bring it to the table.

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Does it concern anyone else that you have to be older to be a Food Supervisor than Cash Control or Loss Prevention!?!??


Not from a consumer standpoint for me. I would rather have someone that is perceived to be more mature (simply based upon age) if I buy something to eat.

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The new Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas is open for business, but it was so popular on its first day that people were turned away at the gate.


People were lined up before sunrise on Saturday to get through the gates.


Saturday's grand opening was strictly for gold pass members only, but it was so successful that the park quickly reached full-capacity, leading to an unexpected backlash from customers.


Management told Action News they had already reached capacity before our camera crew arrived. But they were able to let people into the park, as people came out.


Understandably, this bothered a lot of people who were denied immediate entry, even though they bought gold passes ahead of time.


Management said they are sorry to the people who were turned away, but there was never a guarantee of entry. It works on a first-come first-serve basis.


They said they're doing this so the park stays as safe as possible. Regardless though, there were still a lot of smiles out at the water park.


The $50 million project took roughly five-months to build.


Doors didn't open until 8 a.m. on Saturday, but many people started lining up at 5 a.m.


"I think the community's been lacking a family-friendly experience," said Trevor Wilson with Wet 'n' Wild.


Management is encouraging park-goers to visit the website prior to driving out, so they can get admission updates and hours of operation.


The park is located on Fort Apache near the 215.

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I was just there today and thought it was a nice little water park with a lot of potential and some good but not great slides. I would like to see a big high capacity water coaster like mammoth if they are planning on expanding which judging by the crowds I saw today, they would have to be.

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This is the day before and the day of the opening at Wet n' Wild Las Vegas. It was an absolute mad house. The park is pretty neat and has a nice layout. They have much more land they plan on building on. We spoke with one of the managers and they are already planning on expanding as quick as they can. They seriously underestimated this park. It has great potential! Can't wait to see where it goes! (just don't try a vertical looping slide, doesn't work...ask Action Park. : )

We made a spiffy video for everyone to see.

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