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Parc du Tarbes - Get Your RevenGe in 2015! [RCT3]

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Want a little Christmas gift? Jump in bed, and cover up your head, because RevenGe is coming on Christmas...


The Story of -- ----------


Before Jesus was marked for death, the Devil created a creature in the form of a dragon serpent, coming up from the Dead Sea to fulfill a task he had given himself. Disguising his true intentions in the colors of teal, blue, and purple, no one would recognize that the dragon was actually the Devil’s creature, having been accustomed to seeing the colors of red and black. With a plan to visit Judas, one of the fifteen apostles of Jesus Christ, the Devil set out to perform the ultimate deed through the dragon – to eliminate all good in the world.


Arriving to Judas after flying over the lands, the Devil, speaking through the body of the creature, tried to persuade Judas to not mark Jesus for death with a kiss. Instead, the Devil wanted Judas to allow for Him to live longer, hoping that one day he, Satan, would be able to eliminate Jesus himself. Unknowing of the Devil’s true intentions, Judas denied the offer and dismissed the dragon creature from him, for he wasn’t one to give in easily. Judas already had his plan set in stone, and the creature wasn’t one to convince him. So, the Devil, desiring to get rid of Jesus through this mythical form, accepted his answer and allowed Judas to perform his kiss. This led to the arrest, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ.


Only days after Jesus was crucified, the Devil discovered the he had created a child. This secret had been kept hidden by only one, one that was one of His fifteen apostles – Mary Magdalene. With her holding the one true descendant of Jesus Christ, the Devil planned to send the dragon serpent to attack her, hoping to destroy the ancestry of Jesus now.


However, Mary Magdalene had already been exiled and sent to Gaul, and was now living on a mountaintop near a river. The Devil knew of her whereabouts, and sent the serpent to attack and exterminate the child that Mary Magdalene was carrying. For if the child was destroyed, then there would be no descendants of the Beloved in the world – the ultimate goal.


Arriving to the mountain through the river, the dragon erupted out of the water, flying directly at the observing Mary Magdalene. Knowing that she would be the one that the creature was after, she immediately prayed to God, hoping that He may be able to fight off this horrible monster. Through her prayer, the dragon was stopped in mid-air, pausing only feet from the Holy Grail of Mary Magdalene. Then, the creature was somehow thrown towards the river below and condemned to a cavern along the bank, being chained to the walls and sides.


When the Devil discovered what had happened, he was furious. How could God allow for Jesus to have a descendant on Earth? Was it supposed to happen? The Devil didn’t understand the true meaning of what God had planned for the world, but it was not what he had originally intended. Hoping that one day the descendants of Jesus Christ would perish, the Devil lost all hope of trying to eliminate the child that Mary Magdalene was carrying. While constantly watching her through the condemned dragon, the Devil no longer desired to destroy her or her child.


In the following year, Mary Magdalene gave birth to a daughter, naming her Sarah in honor of her royal descent from God. Raising her daughter unaware of her true father, Mary Magdalene spent the rest of her days on the mountaintop, dying alone after Sarah had married a man named Joseph and moved away.


The family line continued on to a boy named Gideon Aram Romanus in the 7th century. Discovering the dragon that resided in the cave beside the river when he was a man, Romanus was determined to eliminate the creature that had been attacking ships and men for centuries. He wanted to become the hero of the area, and one day, set out to complete his desired task.


Ripping the dragon’s chains off of the cavern walls, Romanus dragged the beast to the base of the mountain, having all of the villagers and townspeople watch what was to happen. The dragon had already died of old age months before, but Romanus pretended that it was still alive to keep the excitement among the crowd. Burning the body of the creature, Romanus hoped to gain success and power in the surrounding area, desiring to become one of the most influential men around.


However, the head of the dragon’s body would not burn. No matter how hard Romanus tried to destroy it, the head of the dragon would not dissolve. Ultimately, Romanus decided to place the head of the dragon on the outside of the Church, reminding himself and the townspeople of the torture they had endured from the creature in the past. Because of this, Romanus was later named a saint in the area, becoming known as Saint Romain in history.


This head, named after the creature itself – -- ----------, was eventually added onto many churches, becoming a part of everyday architecture in churches across the globe. Over time, the heads were utilized as drainage for water from the church roofs, being called “---------". Today, the legend of -- ----------, the mysterious dragon found in a cave by a river, is told to all Frenchmen. Some believe that the river was actually the River Seine, and the mountaintop that Mary Magdalene resided on is now the location of Sacré Couer in Paris. Others also believe that Mary Magdalene is buried in Paris somewhere, being the holder of the “Holy Grail”, or the holy line of Jesus’ descendants.


But, the biggest belief is that the Devil has reincarnated the dragon and that it is hiding somewhere in the south of France, waiting for the time to finally perform its revenge...





Just a reminder that this is entirely fictional! Sorry about all of the religious references again, but this is the main focus of what I'm doing here, so pay close attention to it!


Want me to release the attraction a day early? If so, comment on this thread 50 times by 15:00 tomorrow afternoon, and the legend may just come to life!



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Here's your record-breaking Christmas present!




Se Venger



Awoken from its silenced slumber, a mythical, gargantuan creature has been resurrected again, coming to take vengeance on all that come near.


Grabbing fifty prisoners in its claws, the immortal being flies up 235 feet before plummeting down to the ground, soaring over 230 feet back to the earth at 90°. Rising up and down over the landscape of Parc du Tarbes, the creature menacingly throws riders out of their seats, giving them a once-in-a-lifetime experience while riding on the wing. Inverting three times, featuring two Zero-G rolls, the dragon then twists and turns over the trees, finally plunging into the waters below that it once called home.



Having many first-ever elements, La GARGOUILLE, constructed by famed Swiss-coaster engineers Bolliger & Mabillard, will challenge mortals to fly on the wings of the creature and experience many firsts on an innovative new attraction. Featuring fifteen sections of airtime in one experience, the enormous dragon gives an exciting and breath-taking ride, offering weightlessness and zero gravity to all its riders. Two moments of airtime consist of Zero-G rolls, each one a new venture for a Hyper Coaster, as well as a Dive Machine. Another new feature of La GARGOUILLE is the dragon itself; holding ten passengers across through five rows, the creature has the ability to hold fifty passengers at maximum capacity, the largest number of riders per train in the world. Finally, the monstrous journey and flight of La GARGOUILLE is the first-ever Dive Machine/Hyper Coaster Hybrid in the world, giving a never-before-seen adventure to the visitors at Parc du Tarbes.



Breaking not ten, but fifteen records, La GARGOUILLE will be the ultimate attraction for the 2015 Season. Holding records for the Longest, Tallest, and Fastest roller coaster in Parc du Tarbes and France, and featuring first-ever elements, La GARGOUILLE will stand as one of the biggest record-holding roller coasters in the world. And you thought VauTour was ravenous…



“This attraction, in my book, is the best attraction in the world,” says park manager Mr. Verand Première. “I cannot believe the magnitude of the ride, having it span from one end of the park to another, as well as stretch to almost 240 feet in the air. The immensity of the lift, the monstrosity of the hills, the grace in the inversions, and even the surprising water finale all combine to make one unforgettable experience, and I cannot wait for the attraction to come to life.”


“I got the idea for this ride while looking at the drop on VauTour back when it was constructed in 2011/2012. I remember standing and looking over the precipice thinking ‘What if I made this drop just a little bit bigger? What if I pushed the limits and took an attraction such as this to the next level?’ Voila! There was the starting point for this mammoth!”


“Remember how VauTour was originally going to have Dive Machine trains instead of the Wing Coaster ones it currently has? I took that idea with me to the designers, Bolliger & Mabillard, who immediately declined my suggestion. After much prodding, they finally agreed to produce such an attraction, dubbed a Dive Machine/Hyper Coaster Hybrid, and here we are today.”


“I cannot believe that this attraction is coming to Parc du Tarbes. The people of France, and the world for that matter, don’t know what they’re in for when they walk through those park gates on opening day for Season 2015. I don’t even know what I’m in for! Nonetheless, I hope Se Venge will be extremely worth the terrifying experience!”





Name: La Gargouille (La GARGOUILLE Se Venger)


Length: 4,925 ft.


Height: 235 ft.


Drop: 230 ft.


Inversions: 3


Speed: 82 mph


Maximum Positive G’s: 4.9


Maximum Negative G’s: -2


Ride Time: 2:15+ minutes


Trains: 2 trains – 5 cars per train, 10 seats per car; maximum 50 passengers


Riders per Hour: Approximately 2,600 people


Cost: 27,000,000€ - $36,000,000





• Low-to-the-Ground Zero-G Roll

• 235 ft. Lift at 15 mph

• 230 ft. Drop at 90°

• 182 ft. Camel Back Hill

• 169 ft. Camel Back Hill

• 143 ft. Camel Back Hill

• 139 ft. Inverted Turn-Around

• 90° Banked Turn

• 92 ft. Zero-G Roll

• 87 ft. Overbank

• 67 ft. Overbank

• 26 ft. Airtime Hill

• Water Splash

• 51 ft. Camel Back Hill

• 39 ft. Airtime Hill

• 31 ft. Airtime Hill into Brakes





1. Longest Roller Coaster - Parc du Tarbes - 4,925 ft.; 2:15+ minutes

2. Tallest Roller Coaster - Parc du Tarbes - 235 ft.

3. Fastest Roller Coaster - Parc du Tarbes - 82 mph

4. Longest Roller Coaster - France - 4,925 ft.; 2:15+ minutes

5. Tallest Roller Coaster - France - 235 ft.

6. Fastest Roller Coaster - France - 82 mph

7. Longest Dive Machine in the World - 4,925 ft.

8. Tallest Dive Machine in the World - 235 ft.

9. Fastest Dive Machine in the World - 82 mph

10. Largest Dive Machine Trains in the World - 5 rows, 10 across; 50 passengers

11. Most Inversions on a Dive Machine - 3

12. First-Ever - 15 Sections of Airtime on one Roller Coaster in the World

13. First-Ever - Dive Machine/Hyper Coaster featuring Inversions - Zero-G Rolls

14. First-Ever - 50 Passengers per Train - 2,600 riders per hour

15. First-Ever - Dive Machine/Hyper Coaster Hybrid in the World



Experience the first ever Dive Machine/Hyper Coaster Hybrid in the world in Spring 2015


Se Venger


Exclusively at Parc du Tarbes


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The whole zero g roll really bummed me out, I was looking forward to a B & M hyper not another ride.


I laughed so hard the first time I read this...I just thought to myself 'They have no clue!'


If anyone has any questions about La GARGOUILLE, the park, or anything involving Project RevenGe, post them here, as Griffin and I will be doing a Q&A session on New Year's Eve!



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Well, you got me this time, Griffin. I didn't think it would be a dive machine at all.


I have a few criticisms, though. One, Griffon (BGW) is over 200 feet tall, and I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure Sheikra is to, so this isn't the first Dive Machine/Hyper ever. My second criticism is more of an opinion, but I never thought that Dive Machine cars were all that Dragon-like. Other wise, everything looks beautiful!

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^ Griffon's 205 and Sheikra is 200, but you're close enough.


As for the hyper element, I think he's going for a DM that has Hyper-style hills and not a regular DM that's 200 feet.


This is a fantastic project. I couldn't follow the hints that were thrown around (bit too much reading for me ) but your viral campaigns are awesome as always leading up to a sweet looking coaster.


And they said zero-G rolls couldn't be done on a DM, looks like you fixed that problem up!

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