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Parc du Tarbes - Get Your RevenGe in 2015! [RCT3]

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March 10th, 2012



Well, as you can guess, only two more weeks until the opening of VauTour here at Parc du Tarbes! We still have a few more finishing touches to make here and there, such as planting shrubs and trees, installing lighting around the area, and making our final adjustments to everything, but we are right on track for March 24th!



Above we have VauTour's entrance and exit, having guests walk right under the raptor as it throws its prey 90° on it's side! This should be an exciting moment for riders and onlookers, giving the attraction quite the hype factor that the park needs.



I forgot to mention that the train tracks travel right underneath VauTour as it flies through the sky on it's rapacious flight! The train also travels alongside the attraction, giving guests up close encounters with the flying predator in less than two weeks!



This was a surprise! They have been testing the water effects around the attraction, this one being right in the entrance section of the park. As VauTour dives down to the water only to swoop and curve to the right, a burst of water flies out towards guests, making it seem like the vulture has splashed into the water! I can't wait to see what this looks like with all 32 prey in VauTour's talons!



Members of the manufacturer, B&M, have been allowing construction members, as well as park employees, to come out and 'test' the attraction for them. Don't worry, they have used the water dummies for over two months, and the results were just as expected! But, from what I've heard, VauTour is one of the most intense roller coasters the workers have been on, especially the vertical plunge down 165 feet! Talk about airtime!



The Raptor Roll has gotten rave reviews as well. One worker stated "It feels like you're soaring through the sky, spinning in one direction only to drop back down to the ground again! I thought we were going to do the same thing that the raptor did after the 165 drop, but was I mistaken! It was one of the most surprising and fun elements on any coaster I have ever ridden!"



This shot gives you a great view of how big the trains are on VauTour. No other wing coaster on the planet has trains this big (except for X-Flight, but we're not telling!), and it will be quite the rush riding along the wings of this massive flying predator. I can't wait to strap in for a ride myself!



Here I am at one of the many viewing places for VauTour, getting an up-close and personal look at the raptor as it throws riders through a 30 foot corkscrew! The entire 3,795 feet of track that makes up this gargantuan attraction are all intense, thrilling, and fun, and this part doesn't disappoint!



Still in the same spot, you get a far-away view of the in-line twist finale, inverting riders for a fifth time! After this, the bird returns it's prey back to the ground, only having them run back in line to get caught in it's talons again!



Only two more weeks left until the opening of VauTour, and all of us here at Parc du Tarbes are extremely anxious and excited for the public to come and ride this record-breaking wing coaster! With a preview day for season passholders early morning on March 24th, we should get immediate reviews and then open the ride to the public! Hope to see you all there! Oh, and don't forget to be ready to "Tear the Sky!"


-Mr. Verand Première II

V1(II) - CEO of Parc du Tarbes

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Parc du Tarbes prepares for opening of record-breaking attraction

VauTour is park's largest investment yet

March 17, 2012


They say that the vulture is the largest bird of prey amongst its relatives, having the largest wingspan, body, and prey. The faculty at Parc du Tarbes took that into mind, albeit heavily, when planning for their latest attraction to date - VauTour.


Scheduled for opening on Saturday, March 24, 2012, VauTour is a new breed of roller coaster, holding riders on the outside of the track instead of on it. Giving a unique, flying sensation to it's riders, the roller coaster also performs a vertical dive, 90° turns, five inversions, and a two new elements never seen on any other attraction before. Because of this, the ride has already received acclaim and hype, having fans and park-goers call it "the best attraction in 2012" before even riding it.


Yesterday, select members of the media we're allowed to enter into the park and interview the park's CEO, Mr. Verand Première II, as well as photograph and ride the new attraction. Below are the questions and photographs taken, as well as a few revealing facts about the park and what's in store for the future.



Mr. Première, we cannot thank you enough for letting us preview and interview you exclusively a week before your new attraction, VauTour, opens to the public!

Oh, it's my pleasure! The entire faculty here at the park knew that we would have to have some sort of soft opening, and allowing only select members of the media into the park was the perfect option to promote the ride.


Now, can you tell us a little bit about the designing process for a roller coaster of this magnitude?

I'd be happy to! The designing process began back in 2007, having us contact the manufacturer of the attraction, B&M, as well as selecting options for where the attraction would call home. Originally, the ride was going to have trains much like ones found on the Dive Machine style of ride, for example Griffon at Busch Gardens Europe in the United States. The ride was also going to be placed in the back right corner of the park, being rotated 180° so the drop was facing toward the east. However, I knew that that section of the park wasn't the right one for the attraction, and decided that it should be near the entrance, allowing easier access to it for the public. The park also needed a gateway area to the back of the park, and the newly constructed pathway was the answer. Overall, I wouldn't change anything about this attraction, especially the 'Wing-Walker' style trains.


Did the price tag on the attraction scare you before you agreed to it?

Of course it did! 25,000,000€ isn't pocket change, but you have to remember that that is the total cost of the entire construction that has taken place. The roller coaster itself cost around 20,500,000€.


Were you planning on doing another viral game like you did with LynX in 2005?

Absolutely! What fun would I have during the summer if I didn't do that? This campaign was actually very easy to do, and everything that was formed for it was automatic in my brain. I did have a lot of help from the faculty on the entire project, but everyone can agree with me when they say it was worth it in the end.


Have you ridden VauTour yet?

To be honest, I'm a bit skeptical about getting on to this one. LynX I had no problems with, but this time I'm scared! Tell you what, when it's your turn to ride, I'll ride with you!


Sounds like a deal! While the ride was under construction, some of it being while the park was still open for the 2011 season, did you ever get to help in the process?

Yes, but only once. I came down to the site in January after the track and support work had been completed and helped the workers 'unveil' the trains and begin running tests on the attraction. I remember taking off and putting in water dummies into the seats all day long in my winter coat and hat!



How long did it take, overall, until the ride was finished?

Since August 10, let's say, it's taken about 7 months from start to finish. To be honest, the ride still isn't done in my opinion! I feel like there needs to be plants everywhere so that the attraction feels like it's been here for years. The raptor has to fly over trees and bushes, scaring it's prey too!


Aside from VauTour, what else have you put in for the 2012 season?

We have put in an S&S "Screamin' Swing" for the 2012 season, along with an eatery, viewing areas for VauTour, a new pathway connecting the upper ends of the park together, as well as many new trees and foliage! Just last week we picked a name for the "Screamin' Swing" attraction, and it felt very fitting to me that if you can't challenge a vulture, why not challenge a raptor instead!


So, what is the official name of the attraction then?

We picked the name RAPACE, which is French for the word raptor.



Mr. Première, what can you tell us about the future of Parc du Tarbes?

The future? It's very, very, very bright. Right now, we are asking the public what they would like to see for season 2013 before we have even opened for season 2012, as well as planning future attractions and concepts that will one day become a reality. I already have the next idea for another roller coaster, and will be following up with the manufacturer soon! But, regardless, the future is yet another thing to look forward to, and I cannot wait to see what comes.


Another roller coaster? You haven't even opened this one!

I know, I know, but you have to always be on your toes in this industry. But, I will tell you this: keep the number 15 in mind!


Again, thank you Mr. Première for inviting us to the park and allowing us to view, ride, and experience VauTour before anyone else can!

It is my pleasure. I hope it's all that it lives up to be! Now let's go get in line!



VauTour is Parc du Tarbes second roller coaster, breaking ten world records on Saturday, March 24, 2012. Get ready to "Tear the Sky!"


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Great pictures, and thanks for the inspiration.


You are so very welcome. This is my favorite attraction I have ever done, and I'm glad that someone else can benefit from anything that I've done on it.


The only problem is is that you stole one of VauTour's records!

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Since we've hit page #9, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone that's been keeping up with this thread since it's very creation more than a month and a half ago! It's truely surprising and gratifying to see over 3,000 views on this topic, and I cannot wait to see that number grow over time.


Since this is page 9! (my lucky number!), I thought I'd take the time to sit down and let anyone ask me any question they want to. It can be about VauTour, Parc du Tarbes, LynX, or any past attraction I have created. I also am open to questions about what's coming next for Parc du Tarbes, as well as questions about my up-and-coming projects! Believe me, some of them are quite the ideas, and I would be glad to be asked about them, or any future endeavor for that matter!


Again, I would sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, like to THANK YOU for the support and following! Let's hit 5,000 views before we start Season 2013!

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VauTour tears the sky

The longest, tallest, fastest, and steepest wing coaster in the world opens

An editorial by Griffin Jauneboute



Walking into Parc du Tarbes on a cool, misty spring morning, there is a sense of adventure and anticipation in the air. The staff is surprisingly attentive and courteous, the season pass-holders are anxious and preparing to run, and the entire mood in the park screams "new!"


Today is the day that Parc du Tarbes unleashes their newest attraction to date.



Today is the day that a record-breaking roller coaster is opened to the highly-anticipating public.



Today is the day that the world's longest, tallest, fastest, and steepest 'Wing-Walker' roars to life.



Meet VauTour, the newest record-breaking roller coaster opening at Parc du Tarbes.


Walking through the main entrance of the park, past the Grand Carrousel and the SkyTower, a strange new pathway suddenly branches off of the familiar walkway. Looking up to see stark blue steel rails bending through the sky with the piercing sun behind them, the mood suddenly shifts from anticipation to reality - this is what we've been waiting for. Turning to the sky once again, the blue track rises up, this time to a staggering 140 feet above Parc du Tarbes, only to menacingly curve down below.



All of us season pass-holders getting an exclusive pre-season view of the attraction are quaking in our shoes, seeing the raptor begin it's climb up to the sky now, slowly making it's way up, up, up....Reaching the apex at 140 feet, the vulture peers over the edge ever so slightly, only to suddenly drop down 165 feet straight down into the rocky abyss.


Running to the bridge, we have time to catch the raptor rushing out from below into a 123 foot corkscrew, twisting through the sky to yet again dive down below. Hearing the infamiliar 'roar' around us, we look up to see the track curving an bending in an unfamiliar maneuver, then witnessing the vulture itself fly through it. This element, known as the Raptor Roll, is one of the most fascinating and beautiful movements ever seen on a roller coaster before - ever.


We then see the bird dive down once again, only to swoop up to the right and drop below the treeline. Now we're used to the 'roar', hearing it pulse through the air for a good minute before we see the wings of the vulture peek through the skyline while perfoming a zero-g roll. The raptor then takes to the ground again, only to swing by a nearby building and kick the pathway below. Diving down to the water this time, the monster flips through a 30 foot corkscrew and flies over a hill, disappearing from our sight. The 'roar' from the raptor continues for another 30 seconds or so, then disappears from the air.


What a sight.



After this, everyone immediately runs into line, rushing underneath the cold steel rails above the entrance. We proceed into one of the original buildings of Parc du Tarbes, making our way into an outdoor covered walkway. After turning to our right and walking a little further, the walkway ends, opening up to a maze of concrete and stone walls with fountains shooting to the sky. We meander our way through this as well, only to arrive at the resting place of the vulture - the station.



Indescribable was the first word that came to my mind, seeing a huge, gargantuan, monstrous creature sitting in front of me that I was about to strap into, and I was up for the challenge. Passing through the entrance gates while others walked over to the other side of the train, I picked my spot in the fourth row and strapped myself in quickly. I wasn't wasting any time, having waited almost eight months for this, and prepared for takeoff.




Stepping off of the vulture, I was greeted by Mr. Verand Première II, having him ask me if I would like to take a private tour of the attraction. Without thinking about it, he took me back into the maze of queue lines only to arrive at a gate, opening it for us to pass through. We walked right up to the lift of the massive attraction, with him stating "Are you ready to take the climb?"



On the way up, I couldn't help but be apprehensive about the whole situation. I mean, we were going up 140 feet into the air! But, in no time we had reached the top, only to be staring down to the ground below with nothing around us but steel, steel, and more steel.



Making our way to the edge was even more difficult than the climb, and it was extremely frightening looking over the edge...yikes! However, the view of the park was spectacular, and I couldn't wait to hop back on the attraction and dive down 165 feet again.



Climbing back down to the ground again, Mr. Première escorted me over to RAPACE, allowing me to ride the attraction before anyone else was able to. The reason why I'm not sure, but the effect given swinging on the attraction was so much like VauTour, I can see why they put them right next to each other - the attractions of 2012.



The park then prepared for Opening Day, having thousands of guests arrive to the park to challenge VauTour and get caught in it's talons. The first train of the day was greeted by sparklers, fireworks, and explosions, giving a final 'hurrah!' before the attraction official opened.



Soaring and swooping through the air, the raptor flew menacingly and intensely, giving riders the experience of a lifetime.









Overall, the attractions put in for the 2012 season at Parc du Tarbes are winners. Whether you choose to challenge a vulture or a raptor, the choice results in an experience unlike any other - the gift of flight.



Tearing the sky never seemed so easy.



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^Does Parc Du Tarbes have a flying coaster already? If not, I would have voted for that.


No, the park doesn't have a flying coaster. VauTour was the park's second roller coaster, and LynX was the park's "first."


Voting above applies for what everyone would like to see from me next. My next project is already underway, but voting above applies for what comes after. This is my third project, and I have planned six more projects to come! But, the next roller coaster for Parc du Tarbes is one of the six, and that ride is set in stone as well (pardon my pun )


If you would like to see a flying coaster design from me, I will gladly take that into account for project #10



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I love this park, and I would like to see a B&M Dive Machine, B&M Hyper, a Mack Blue Fire type roller coaster, or an Intamin Ball Coaster, or a GCI Woodie, and for flats ride an Intamin Drop Tower, but thats just me.


Me too man, me too....


The only problem in the list is the GCI Woodie. I would love to suggest the idea to Mr. Première, but he says that the construction workers at the park are not good at putting up wooden coaster supports and track. The contractors they hire only specialize in steel coaster construction, not wooden (Get what I'm trying to say here? *cough* I suck at wooden supports *cough*). So, for now, I hear the next coaster will be a steel one...


Already thinking, aren't you?



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Here is an unofficial POV for VauTour, giving you a little sneak peek on what's to come for the real video in the future.


I apologize a ton for the lack of foliage and completeness. My biggest challenge is sitting down and putting in trees and bushes along the ride track and throughout the park. If anyone is up for the challenge, be my guest! Regardless of that, I hope you have some suggestions for me based on the video of what to do with the land and putting in scenery.


Merci beaucoup Hope you enjoy the ride so far!



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Hey everyone...


Since school has been well underway for almost three weeks now, it's quite hard, as some of you know, to make the time to get to Parc du Tarbes and make improvements. It's also hard to even think about the park sometimes, but don't worry, there are big plans for the future!


Anyways, I'm just posting this to say that the park is placed on hold for a little bit. If I am ready for an update on VauTour or the park, then I will upload one; other than that, I don't know when I will be back to show you what's been happening at the park.


Since the majority of votes on Season 2013 were for a water-based attraction, I am happy to announce that that is what will be coming for 2013! However, I'm not revealing anything yet... Season 2014 has not been adressed yet in my brain, but Season 2015 has. Beyond that, I am planning other things for the park, I just don't know when they will be put in or in what location. Regardless, I hope you stick around for the ride!


Voting has been going on above for Project #5, which is tied at a B&M Inverted roller coaster and a Maurer Sohne X-Car. To be honest, all of the attraction types will be coming from me in the future, but you don't know when. But, if you plan on picking one of the options for a coming attraction from myself, please pick either the Invert or the X-Car. I have a ride name, theme, and color scheme picked out, as well as a design for each type of coaster, but I just need the type to be selected for me. I do have a preference on which one, but that's not my decision to make


Overall, I thank you for all the support and constant following. Without you all out there reading my posts, topics, viewing my pictures, videos, and rides, I wouldn't be where I am today. I owe it all to you guys...so thank you, thank you, thank you!



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I'm wondering, what was with the Intamin track?


Awesome, especially with the whole viral marketing thing going on.


There is only one thing, this doesn't explain the random intamin track.


Ahh, the mysterious Intamin track. I didn't know the answer to this one, and had to ask park officials when they announced VauTour what that track really was doing there. They said that it is actually LynX's track painted blue! When LynX was manufactured, they had extra track made "just-in-case" they wanted to make it a different layout (I have NO idea why, but it's still weird). So, this time around, they painted the track blue and put it in with the track for VauTour, creating quite the buzz! It was all for hype, and it truely worked.

There's your answer!


If its not going to be at Parc Du Tarbes then you should experiment with the floorless coaster but for the park you should do a Dive Machine.

On my list, the floorless design is Project #7, codename - Project Zodiac i believe...


Keep voting! (Pick the invert... )



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I have to say that for some reason, this park is extremely appealing to me... It's not necessarily packed with tons of custom scenery, insanely curvy paths or anything like that, but you've got it all organized and put together so well, that it doesn't really matter! VauTour is one of the best coasters I've yet seen in RCT3. It's like you've taken us along a journey from start to finish, where the finished product appears to be something like an actual park would create. Keep it up!

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I have to say that for some reason, this park is extremely appealing to me... It's not necessarily packed with tons of custom scenery, insanely curvy paths or anything like that, but you've got it all organized and put together so well, that it doesn't really matter! VauTour is one of the best coasters I've yet seen in RCT3. It's like you've taken us along a journey from start to finish, where the finished product appears to be something like an actual park would create. Keep it up!


I really have to be honest and say I laughed the whole beginning of the paragraph because you were complimenting Parc du Tarbes! I


Initially, VauTour was going to be one standing attraction in the middle of a Sandbox in RCT3. Then, I got this crazy idea to build a faux park around it and create a viral campaign for the ride that seemed as if it could happen in real life. Voila! I had my plan.


Literally, the park was put together in under 3 days. ALL OF IT. I laid it out in such a haphazardous manner that it actually turned out quite decent in my opinion. However, I had never intended to build it! I only intended on creating

VauTour, but the park spawned from the Wing Coaster itself. Most of the park doesn't even have trees, due to the fact that I hate putting in foliage, and most of the shots done for promotion and such were staged. The park itself sits in the middle of a Sandbox Scenario with a staged entrance area. Who would've thought, right?


Thank you so much on the compliment about the coaster though. This design is really one of the best and strongest I have ever done, and I am insanely proud of how well the ride and surrounding area turned out. Little did I know back in the end of July how this attraction came from watching a construction video in Driver's Ed!



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Today, griffonj2022 is pleased to announce the return of Parc du Tarbes on Saturday, November 26, 2011!


Plans for the 2013 season are well underway, and you better expect to get wet! With the introduction of a new and skin-soaking attraction in the Spring of 2013, Parc du Tarbes will take thrills to the wettest level the park has ever seen! Climbing high into the sky, plunging into a lagoon, and creating one of the largest waves seen in the country of France, this new attraction will have everyone caught in a deluge!


Get ready to get wet, for only a few weeks until Parc du Tarbes returns!


Oh, and the next project set in stone for 2015 is in the final stages of design...wonder what Mr. Première has in the works now!


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  • 3 weeks later...




Face the Flood in Spring of 2013!



Underneath Parc du Tarbes...we're holding the biggest secret...

Get ready to get wet on the newest addition to Parc du Tarbes in the Spring of 2013 - DELUGE! Climb up 112ft., plunge down a 100+ft. drop at 60 degrees, and Face the Flood on the wettest attraction in the park. If you thought VauTour wasn't scary enough, maybe DELUGE will 'wet' your appetite for thrills! So get ready to make a wave and be a part of one on the skin-soaking DELUGE!



The flood is the first sign...

Coming to Parc du Tarbes, the premiere theme park in the south of France, in Spring of 2013.



Anything hiding below us?


Only a saint knows the answer.

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