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Six Flags Great America Tomorrow- Advice Needed

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My first time at Six Flags tomorrow. I have a season pass to SFSTL and am stopping at this SF for maybe 6 hours from 2pm to maybe 8.


I want to ride Vertical Velocity, Superman, Raging Bull and some other stuff. The waterpark seems fun but I assume it will be crowded. What do you suggest? Is it crowded/has it been recently? I am willing to buy a Platinum Pass, but would a Gold Pass be good enough? Also, do any rides have single rider lines which could help ease the lines. Honestly though, from the pics and stat, SFGAM looks a bit lackluster, what hidden gems should I not miss out on. Superman, Raging Bull are musts for me, but I don't know much else I should definitely dedicate time to.


I would appreciate any responses- thanks.

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Apparently the park has been packed lately with Read to Succeed ending next weekend. Great America, while usually having great operations, can be really unpleasant when crowded, so I'd recommend a Gold Flashpass. With a regular pass, you'll just be spending that time out of line with little else to ride as(not counting S:UF), when one ride has a full queue, they all do. While it doesn't seem to be it's best this year, the park is not lackluster. The coasters are all solid, and American Eagle, Whizzer, and Viper are must rides. The flat ride selection is great too, with Giant Drop and the log flumes being must rides.


I don't know how much you'll get to ride tomorrow though. By the time you get there, the park could be packed, have no Flash Passes, and be a miserable place. When Great America is good, it is really good, but things don't always seem to run so well when the park gets the crowds it is sometimes prone to sometimes get.

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Thanks. Question about FP: I called and they said if I reserved at night they would hold until I get there. Is this not true? I figured I would reserve within the next hour (based on responses) and pick up at 2. I have never used flashpasses before so I'm not sure how the pickup works. Ty.

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I've never reserved one, but I have no reason to doubt it not being true. Just get a Gold one though, it is expensive, but definitely worth it when the park is crowded. Especially if you're only going to be at the park for six hours, you won't be able to do much without one.

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So I did buy the flashpass- Platinum actually, and using the flashpass, I was able to ride every coaster they offered on it, plus the log flume, Giant Drop. I did not ride the Rapid ride, King Chaos, bumper cars and Revolution with the flashpass (it was a walk on- I rode without FP), the only other rides offered.


The park was packed, especially the water park. Every coaster had a significant wait (Superman looked especially bad), and the only reason I was able to ride Ragin' Cajun was because of the single rider line. With the Platinum pass, basically everything was a 5 minute wait to reserve exce.pt Superman (10 max), so by the time you rode your rode, the next ride was already ready. Short synopsis of coasters in order of riding.


Whizzer: really fun 8/10

Raging Bull: very fun, I definitely liked Nitro (at night) better though. 8/10

Viper: unexpected extreme airtime, especially since bars don't close tightly. The turns were a bit jerky, but if you brace yourself using the back of the seat in front of you, this is a great ride. Surprise of day. 8/10

Demon: lame, but at least their was some attempt at theme. I opted not to ride twice. 5/10

Iron Wolf: cool layout w/trees, another ride that was better than I expected, but there was some headbanging. 6/10

V2 short, but fun 8/10

Batman: The ride : the terrain is much better than SFSTL Batman, and it felt different, but I was not up for the intensity at the time and only rode once 8/10

Ragin Cajun: Incredibly painful, but I enjoyed the single rider line. 4/10

The Dark Knight: Nice change after Cajun, I think a lot more could have been done. I didn't see any preshow video or anything, I don't know if they changed it. 6/10

Superman: First flying coaster, getting seated and rotating to the position, pretzel loop were highlights. 8/10


The park, specifically Southwest Territory had theming that I had not seen at any SF park I had been to previously (SFSTL, SFKK, SFGADV). Fun day. Thanks for the advice ^ Airtime&Gravity

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