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PTR: Raising money for Special Olympics


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Sorry for my lack of recent updates in my Japan thread, but I think this is worthy of a break.


Today I volunteered to cook hot dogs at a lemonade stand for my best friend's daughters. The 14 and 17 year olds came up with this idea 6 years ago and have raised $400 - $4,000 per year during that time. This year they raised $21,000 for Special Olympics.


Here are links to some articles.





My friend's wife contacted the New York Yankees inquiring about their Hope Week event and filled out an application. The Yankees chose to support the daughter's lemonade stand and brought a lot of friends along. The whole event was meant to be top secret with only a handful of people knowing ahead of time that the "Corporate Sponsor" was the New York Yankees, but word leaked out yesterday.


In the end the Yankees brought their General Manager (Brain Cashman) and 6 players (Robinson Cano, AJ Burnett, Andruw Jones, David Robertson Boone Logan and Eduardo Nunez). The New Jersey Net Dancers, Melissa Joan Hart and Julie Henderson (along with other SI swimsuit models) showed up. The Cake Boss (Buddy) knew they were all coming so he baked a cake. Lemon flavored, of course.


So here are the pictures brought about by 700 hot dogs and 575 lemons. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time on the grill and took a lot less pictures then I could have.


We are raising money for Special Olympics.


The rumors were confirmed when this pick-up truck with a humble looking address showed up.


It's an hour before the lemonade stand is supposed to open and people are filing in, this is going to get crowded.


A local radio station setting up shop.


Scooter the Holy Cow gets ready to unviel.


A custom made lemonade stand.


I took a break from cooking hot dogs to talk to this hot chick. I'm sure she loved that I smelled like hot dogs.


Yankee GM Brain Cashman giving an interview. Hey what are those ethnic looking people in the background doing in my WHITE neighborhood.


Oh those are the Yankees. Robinson Cano, Andruw Jones, Eduardo Nunez, David Robertson, Boone Logan and AJ Burnett all showed up.


AJ Burnett brought his two sons and took a seat in the dunk tank.


and spent a long time signing autographs.


Melissa Joan Hart makes an appearance, it really is her even though I would never recognize her.


More hot chicks! What's up with that?


Oh sh!t! It's Julie f'n Henderson and other SI Swimsuit Models.


Then some NJ Net Dancers arrived in short skirts. Hurray for family events!


Even our cops are easy on the eyes. Cuff me, I'm loitering.


And the Cake Boss made a cake. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I had tissues stuck to my hands after meeting Julie Henderson.

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I took a break from cooking hot dogs to talk to this hot chick. I'm sure she loved that I smelled like hot dogs.


Great report! Glad to see NY approves of lemonade stands - you have to report to the government down here if you want to operate one

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Joey - this was the second time trying a Cake Boss cake. They look and taste great, but not worth the price or two hour wait to get in the store.


Joe - I only recently heard about the Georgia lemonade stand issue, what a crock. I know we are both against more government but maybe we need a constitutional amendment protecting this most basic entrepreneuring endeavor.

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We are not really sure where Melissa Joan Hart came from. I think she still lives in the NY area and is married to a musician.


Rumor is she just heard about the NY Yankees Hope Week event and wanted to attend an event and help.


The Yankee representatives interviewed the family ahead of time to learn of Megan's interests and that's how the Cake Boss got involved. Megan loves the Cake Boss and the family has visited Buddy on multiple occasions, so Buddy knew Megan. Megan wanted Buddy to create a cake for her Sweet Sixteen last year, but it was out of the family's price range. At her Sweet Sixteen last November she accepted no gifts and instead held a Toys for Tots drive asking friends and family to bring unwrapped toys for less fortunate children.

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On Saturday, Megan got to throw out the first pitch, present the line-up card and announce play ball over the PA system at Yankee Stadium. I'm jealous that the family and guests were treated to lunch at NYY Steakhouse (within Yankee Stadium). I was invited to attend but couldn't make it.




The Staten Island Yankees (Rookie League team) want to one up the big boys in the Bronx by having Megan set-up her new lemonade stand at one of their games next summer. At least, I won't have to cook next year.

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