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TPR's North East USA Tour Official Report!

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Did you guys break the Crossbow? At the end of the video, the train just stopped before the station and just... sat there. It was already apparent that the station was clear to proceed...


We had to sit in the brake run until the air compressor turned on, filled and we then slowly inched into the station. We thought we had broke it when we took the first ride as well... It was actually a great credit!


And the pizza tour and cannolis were awesome! I was so stuffed for the bus ride back to the hotel...

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Today was our "Un-Official" bonus day of the North East Trip, and continuing our journey into New York City, we visited the historic "Coney Island!"


For those of you who may not be aware, there has been a massive effort into "cleaning up Coney Island" the past few years. The old Astroland park was closed, the rides removed, and new owners (Zamperla USA), was awarded the contracts to open up the new Luna Park, Scream Zone, and take over operations of the Coney Island Cyclone.


The result is FANTASTIC! While the area still has a way to go, the improvements are obvious, welcomed, and Coney Island is full of life! It was great to see crowds at the park, and the entire area didn't seem quite as "run down" or "seedy" as it has in recent years.


Even the boardwalk areas, Deno's Wonder Wheel Park, and other amusements have seen improvement and overall Coney Island seems like it really is moving forward to become a day-trip destination for New Yorkers again.


Follow us LIVE during the trip, subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter pages:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview



Onto some photos and videos...


The "un-official" first day of the North East trip was at Coney Island for one of the world's most historic roller coasters, Cyclone!


TPR Members doing it old school at Coney Island!


ERT on the Coney Island Cyclone!Coney Island Cyclone POV!



It's not the oldest woodie in the world, but the Coney Island Cyclone is without question the most famous!


Brace yourself kiddies, this isn't for the weak at heart!


Are you guys ready for a ride you'll never forget?


Here it is! Awesome first drop of the Coney Island Cyclone!


"How's it going back there?"




It's been "cloned" at other parks, but there is just still something about the original that you cannot copy.


The classic Coney Island Cyclone will beat you up, but that's the way it's supposed to be!


Noted Mr. Creepy Cyclone guy!


High Thrill and Spine Adjusting!


Note - This is how much Cyclone costs!


What is amazing is how much the Coney Island amusements have been cleaned up over the years.


The boardwalks used to more dumpy and seedy...


And the city has really done a great job of cleaning them up and bringing life back to Coney Island.


The Tickler! Is it french?


Get ready to be "tickled", ladies!



Still impressed with how "cleaned up" Coney Island has become in the past 3 years.


"This is my manly smoking pose."


Coney Island still has plenty of boardwalk food everywhere.


Scream Zone is the latest addition to the Coney Island amusements section.


While it's not exactly the old Steeplechase, it's a nice throwback to a classic Coney Island ride.


And it's honestly just plain FUN!


"I love ridin' me some cowboys!"Steeplechase VIDEO!



Scream Zone has also added one of these Zamperla Volare coasters...now, everyone knows these don't have a reputation for being the most comfortable ride in the world...


But this one actually was ok! Whatever they did to it bringing it from Elitch Gardens actually made it more enjoyable!


Gotta love the "egg beater" lift hill.


"I really fancy this position."Soarin' Eagle POV Video!



For whatever reason, this didn't kill us! In fact, the majority of the group LIKED Soarin' Eagle!


Next up was the Wonder Wheel.


The Wonder Wheel is another Coney Island tradition, and might be the most frightening Ferris Wheel in the world with it's swinging cars.


"Given the choice, I always prefer swinging!"


A view of the new "Luna Park."


Cyclone from the Wonder Wheel!


The Wonder Wheel just looks crazy awesome. Wonder Wheel POV Video!!!





"Paws up, little monsters!"


Hooray! The beach!


The new Scream Zone.


If there are kiddie coasters...you'll find TPR members!


KidTums is tall enough and now has more than 120 coaster credits!


Have fun kiddies!


Yup....credit whores.


Caesar is in gangsta mode...or maybe that's "nerd mode..."


Spook-a-Rama is sooooo terrifying! No spoilers, you just have to ride it.


The first Jäger Bomb of the trip!


The 8th Jäger Bomb of the trip!


"This is the best attraction in Coney Island!"


Can't go to Coney Island without having a Nathan's Hot Dog!


This is the home of the world famous hot dog eating contest!


Fried Oreos? Yes, please!


Back at Luna Park, TPR is sampling more of the new rides.


The frisbee was awesome!


The awesome new Air Race and the Starflyer.


KidTums was even tall enough to ride the stand-up Disk-O! Awesome!!!


Happy swing makes us happy.


"This is my favorite Chair Swings ride ever!"


"We are going to TGI Fridays!"


NOTED!!! Thank you Coney Island! So great to see the boardwalk and parks in such great shape, and the people of New York visiting Coney Island again!


The rest of the evening Piers drank... A HELL OF A LOT! And why you ask? It was Piers' "coming out" party! I know, I know...this might come as a shock... But Piers is GAY!


"OMG! I've just lost my anal virginity! Where did it go?"


"Who put this penis down my shirt?"


"I might have just come out, but no amount of beer in the world will get me to do you!"


Piers Drinks. Chris... MAD!


"I'm making a pitcher of Jäger Bomb...for me."


"Two small things of Jäger??? Are you f**king joking? You brought me TWO TINY things of Jäger??!!? Go back and get more!"


First Piers drinks...




I need one more Jäger bomb to wash that down.


Thank you to everyone for attending Piers' coming out party. This was an EPIC night of drunk Piers, but sorry, no video. Gotta come on a TPR trip and experience it live!

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By far the best flat ride of Luna park was the air race. Lots of out of your seat spinning fun! The 12th Street bumper cars were also pretty amazing with the music thumping and fast cars to bump into each other with, it's for sure something that needs to be checked out by those taking a stroll in Coney Island.

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Love seeing Coney Island rejuvenated like this although we enjoyed it in 2008 even with its seediness.


I haven't followed the transition from Astroworld closing to now; are any of the rides in the area (like in Deno's Wonder Wheel Park) still around from 2008? I thought I remember one of the dark rides being called Spook-a-rama for example.

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...I thought I remember one of the dark rides being called Spook-a-rama for example.


Yeah, Spook-A-Rama has been around for a long, long time. Used to be billed as the "Longest Spook House" in the world, as I recall. Last time I was at Coney (last summer), it was much shorter. But it's still Coney-Awesome.


Damn, that Big Mike guy sure gets around!!


Who is that sexy arm candy he has???


That guy sure has the life!


Quoted for truth and awesomeness (and deep, deep envy! )


FANTASTIC UPDATES AND VIDEOS! I can't believe a Volare is relatively okay! That rocks!

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Love seeing Coney Island rejuvenated like this although we enjoyed it in 2008 even with its seediness.


I haven't followed the transition from Astroworld closing to now; are any of the rides in the area (like in Deno's Wonder Wheel Park) still around from 2008? I thought I remember one of the dark rides being called Spook-a-rama for example.


When you were at Coney Island it consisted of two main parks: Astroland and Deno's Wonder Wheel Park. There were also independent operators that operated some kiddie rides in a separate area, along with some independent operators who run about 5 other rides including the Saturn 6.


Last year, Zamperla opened Luna Park in the footprint of the old Astroland. This year they also operate the Cyclone and opened a smaller park called Scream Zone, that is not directly adjacent to Luna Park, but a short walk away. Scream Zone sits where they used to be Batting Cages and possibly a go kart track.


Deno's Wonder Wheel Park and the independent operators are still there as they were when you visited the area.

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I'm glad to see Spook-A-Rama is still there, as I thought it was a casualty of the revitalization. Hopefully I'll get up there eventually to ride it, the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel. Coney Island has always intrigued me. In fact, I just finished reading a novel set, in part, at the old Dreamland amusement park. Maybe next summer....


I had Nathan's for lunch today in honor of this TR.

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WOW. Coney Island has really changed even since my wedding there in summer of 2009. I could actually bring my kid there now!


I thought I wouldn't like the modernization, to be honest, but it looks so bright and lively and fun. Nice to see the Cyclone getting some love from TPR!

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Great pics!


The Wonder Wheel looks beyond crazy. I don't like ferris wheels to begin with, but that thing looks terrifying. My parents made me go on the DCA version with the swinging cars and I flipped out, haha... I can't even imagine what the actual Wonder Wheel is like.


The whole Coney Island area looks really nice, I've never been there... looks like another thing to add to the list!

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Awesome report! I didn't realize Coney Island had all that stuff! I was thinking it was a lot more smaller. Definitely looks like a fun park, glad the new company is cleaning it up!

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New York is part of our USA trip next year and Coney Island was on the to-do list and after reading your report and looking at the pictures it is now on the must=do list.

8 months and counting but will be well worth the wait.

Woop Woop.

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Here's the article from CBS Hartford.


It's called the Wooden Warrior, a 1,250 foot long ride with a 12-seat, six-car train at Quassy Amusement Park, and it's gathering enthusiasts from around the world.


The park said some 100 travelers from Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and all around the nation visited the park to experience the park's new marquee roller coaster.


Quassy said Theme Park Review organized the gathering at Quassy to ride the wooden scream machine.


"It's fun. It's a good ride. It's much more exciting than I thought it would be. I heard it was a kid's ride, but it's not. It's a fun ride," said Piers Kient of England.


Quassy 's owner, George Frantzis III, said in press release that the Wooden Warrior "has been drawing rave reviews from coaster enthusiasts and the park's general guests."


The ride opened to the public on April 23.




Copyright 2011 WFSB. All rights reserved.!

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