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Busch Gardens Bash! Oct. 15th, 2011 - Busch Gardens Tampa

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Hello people of Busch Gardens Bash Awesomeness (and others viewing this thread). So on Friday night, I have to work (Boo!). However, it would be awesome to maybe see some people from TPR whom I have not met (which is almost all of you, cause I've met maybe 5). I work at Jason's Deli on the corner of Fowler Ave. and 56th Street/Bruce B. Downs Blvd. It is right up the road from Busch Gardens and we close at 9. So, if you'd like to eat there, then I'll be more than happy to make you some food. If not, then I'll see all of you on Saturday!

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Anyone hitting up any parks before or after the event? We are heading up Thursday after work and will be at Universal and IOA on Friday and then Sea World Sunday. Cant wait, Zero to Cheetah . . .


Yup! We'll be out and about Friday somewhere in Otown as well as Sunday! I think SeaWorld is in the plans, but who knows.

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Fright Feast is sold out for Saturday and I didn't buy my tickets in time. Oh well, I will have a Falafel at Pita Pit beforehand.


I'll be doing HHN tomorrow. On Sunday, I'm doing Sea World and MNSSHP.


I hope during the Bash and I can leave the park for a mid-afternoon break. it's going to be a long day!

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I had a really great time at the event today! The weather was perfect. We had many rides on Cheetah Hunt today. Norman was our awesome tour guide for our Montu backstage tour. The food was really good for both our lunch and dinner. Mark Rose showed up and talked about past and present BGT projects. HOS creative director Scott Swenson gave us a fun backstage tour of one of the mazes. I thought Howl-O-Scream was really strong this year. Overall, I thought the park's atmosphere and scariness factor was better than HHN this year. The multiple groups of roaming monsters/zombies was a big WIN! Thank you Robb and Elissa, and everyone else involved, for putting together the very first Florida Bash in TPR history! I hope that there will be more in the future.

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I had SO much fun yesterday. My feet/legs are KILLING me today, but it was totally worth it. I wasn't even planning on doing any of the houses during Howl-O-Scream (because I'm a big weenie), but the group I was with managed to talk me into doing 3 of them! I really liked Nevermore and Vampire Casino was pretty cool too.


This was my first TPR event and certainly won't be my last. BIG THANKS to Robb, Elissa and everyone else at TPR and to Busch Gardens Tampa for an awesome event!

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Busch Gardens Bash was excellent! Howl-o-Scream exceeded my expectations and really gave Universal a run for its money. Thank you Robb, Elissa, and BG Tampa. I highly reccomend the Montu tour, as well--great job, Norman!

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Thanks to everyone who put this event on, I had a great time!


Cheetah Hunt really started to grow on me after a few more rides. Really fun little coaster, it might not crack any top 10's but it is a great addition to the park. Kumba still kicks all kinds of @ss, still my favorite coaster in the park.


Howloscreams was amazing this year, I had more fun at HOS than HHN this year without question!Can't say enough great things about the entire event. The Midnight Hour show was a huge surprise, not as good as some of the better years of Bill and Ted but I enjoyed it a lot more than the past couple of years. The cast was talented and did a great job. All of the houses were good, Vampire Casino was a surprise favorite. I went through it after the fright feast before the event was open to the GP and was seriously the only guest in the house and it terrifying, like a free version of Alone!The Poe house and Zombie Mortuary looked really good and were almost HHN quality. The roaming Zombie Hoards were a lot of fun, some of those groups really worked well together to scare people. All of the actors in the mazes were great too, they seemed to put a lot of effort into their character and scare tactics which is something I don't feel the cast at HHN does very well anymore. My only complaint was that attending the event every year for the past 4 years I'm kinda tired of Deconstruction, Death Row Vengeance and Nightshade even though it is in a new location but I'm sure those houses might be in their last years. Other than overall visual quality in some of the houses, everything at HOS was better than HHN this year in my opinion, better scares, better shows, better atmosphere, better price for admission and express passes, better cast, better coasters open at night. If you haven't been to HOS this year CHECK IT OUT!!!!

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^Your point about taking part in ScreamFest (Taco Bar and desserts were great this year) and being able to visit houses for 30 minutes before the GP is a great advantage. My group did Nightshade Toy and Vampire Casino between 7:00 - 7:30 without any others in the house and had great scares.


I also enjoyed HOS better than HHN this year.

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^Your point about taking part in ScreamFest (Taco Bar and desserts were great this year) and being able to visit houses for 30 minutes before the GP is a great advantage. My group did Nightshade Toy and Vampire Casino between 7:00 - 7:30 without any others in the house and had great scares.


I also enjoyed HOS better than HHN this year.

Fright Feast was really good. I was pleasantly surprised how good the tacos were. Pumpkin cheesecake AND bread pudding for dessert? YES PLEASE!


And the Fright Feast wristbands give front of the line access to the houses until 8:30pm. My group hit everything but Nightshade and Deconstruction by then. We got to Vampire Casino at like 8:28 (we really cut it close), then backtracked to see the 9:15 show of Fiends.


My legs are STILL a little sore.

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Just got home a bit ago from my two day drive, and had to post to say that BGB WAS AWESOME! Cheetah Hunt was a lot of fun, the coaster tour was great, and I really liked HOS. And...I COULD ACTUALLY DO MAZES THIS YEAR! My eyes have finally healed enough from all the surgery that I can go into haunt mazes and actually see stuff. I thought Vampire Casino was the best house of the night (the talent inside were very aggressive!), but all the houses were fun. And the roaming zombies ruled!


One of the best days I've ever had at BGT. Thanks, Robb, Elissa, and everyone else involved for the awesome fun. And I even got a few Ice Bat photos...



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My first TPR Bash and I had a blast, along with everyone in my group. Thanks Robb, Elissa, Busch Gardens Tampa and anyone else involved with getting these bashes together.


ERT on Cheetah and Montu was the greatest, well worth getting to the park at the crack of dawn for lol. Both tours were outstanding and both Scott and Norm were great tour guides and you could tell they are very passionate about what they do. A great day all around and look forward to many more TPR events in the future


Rise and shine, lets get started


Waiting for the sleeping beast to wake


Little ones first coaster


Loved the ERT on the 2 coasters


The real deal and best buddy




Be one with the Cheetah


Under the bridge, over the sky ride to grandmas house we go


They grow up fast!


Cheetah pumpkin dodgeball


Top of the world. Very eye pleasing element thats for sure


Zero to lazy Cheetah

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