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Monsters Inc Disneyland

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We are planning our first ever trip to DL this September. We are so excited to see the original park.


Anyway, after studying the maps, I became concerned regarding Monsters Inc.


While it is mentioned in Attractions on the main page, when you click on the DCA map it doesn't have a thumbtack. It also isn't listed on the left side "attractions" which appears to list them all.


Is this just a typo or has something happened?


Here is the map....




Thanks in advance,


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I hope you're not confusing the one in Tokyo for the one in California as they quite different ride systems while following the same basic plot (the movie). I'm also a huge fan of dark rides as well, and Monster's Inc is cute, but nothing to special.

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I've been on it in the past but I skipped it on my last DCA visit last September. It is a very low key ride there, nothing special, and everyone walking by it is on their way to Tower of Terror (myself included). I would compare it to a Fantasyland dark ride at Disneyland like Snow White's Scary Adventures or Mr Toad's Wild Ride. It is kinda like Roger Rabbit without the spinning, so not nearly as fun. I wouldn't wait more than 10-15 minutes to ride it.

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Whats funny (and cheap) is that -Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue- is a re-themed version of a previous ride that went by the name of Superstar Limo. (The ride was very unpopular...as with the rest of early DCA) Disney actually didn't make very many changes to the ride to transfer it over to Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue. All of the so called Audio-Animatronics (Though figures were animated (moving arms or heads), none of Disney's famed human-like Audio-Animatronics technologies were used in the attraction.) were basically just given a new exterior, the ride cars rethemed, and some new sets added.


(I typed this yesterday...but forgot to post it)

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