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If you could combine two Amusement Parks into one...

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Knoebels + Six Flags Great Adventure


You'd get fantastic atmosphere, cheap food, 15 second dispatches, and an excellent mix of fantastic new thrills (Mostly El Toro and Nitro) with old historic rides and classics (Phoenix). Best of both worlds!


\/ Would be quite interesting to see! They seem extremely compatible, almost one and the same. Rewind K-wood ten-fifteen years and they basically are the same!

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Tokyo Disney Sea + Europa Park = Uncontrollable OMGness!


Easy answer.


(EDIT to answer Why? Because thay are two incrediblly put-together theme parks.

And TDS would definitely adminsiter the themeing and technology,

while Europa would get enhanced its already great lineup of coasters and attractions...

...and it's themeing and technology! )

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Knoebels and Kennywood. I actually think Kennywood has a more impressive classic ride selection than Knoebels, with more extremely rare or last-of-their-kind attractions such as Noah's Ark, Kangaroo, Turtle, Auto Race, and Bayern Kurve. They also have the resources and interest to build major rides such as Phantom's Revenge and Sky Rocket. Knoebels, on the other hand, holds its own with a ring carousel, Lusse Auto Skooters, Flyers, Haunted Mansion, and a Fascination parlor, among other well-run classics.


Knoebels would also bring in the most perfect atmosphere I have ever encountered in an amusement park. Kennywood, while not bad, is a little further down on my list in that regard.

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Tokyo Disney Sea + Disneyland Paris




Regardless of park operations and crowd personality,

Disney Paris is still one of the best laid out and landscaped

and yes, unique parks in the Disney Parks World, IMhO.


And Disney Sea is just >blushing< too good everywhere

to enjoy - besides the great attractions in it.


So it's a fairy tale castle at the base of a huge ever-erupting

volcanoe, yes? And Big Thunder up in that unused (so far) corner of TDS?

The mind boggles at what could be combined....

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Of the parks I've been to:

Busch Gardens Tampa & Seaworld Orlando


I know they have the same operator and are close enough to almost be one already, but it would just be nice to have it all in one spot. Plus I'd have 5 of my current top 10 in the same park.



If I were to include parks I hadn't been to:

Cedar Point and Busch Gardens Tampa

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Cedar Point + Epcot would be pretty incredible. Epcot's theming, food, dark rides, and shows + CP's coasters, flats, and lakeside peninsula setting. Then swap out Breakers/Sandcastle Suites for the Yacht & Beach Club/Boardwalk and you have the perfect resort.

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In the interest of fairness, I'm not touching CP or SFMM:


- Busch Gardens VA (steel & landscaping) plus Holiday World (wood & water park)

- SF Great Adventure plus Bizarro and Goliath (SFNE)

- Canada's Wonderland drops all its old steel coasters (except Vortex), and replaces with Dorney Park's mid-roster.

- King's Island plus I-305, Volcano, and Dominator (KD)

- Kennywood plus Ride of Steel and Viper (Darien)

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List A:


Busch Gardens Williamsburg



Holiday World


List B:


Cedar Point

Kings Dominion

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags New England


Combine any two of the list A parks and you'll get one of the country's top theme parks, as all four of these are already highly regarded. Combine any list A park with any list B park and you'll get a good mix of themed attractions and thrill rides, as well as a diverse attraction set that will appeal to all members of the family. Combine any two list B parks and you get the ultimate thrill park, but you'll still have the flaws that generally come with coaster parks.

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Thinking about this is gonna make my head explode


Too much to pick from! My first park would be places like Knoebels or Kennywood, I'm a sucker for classic stuff. For the add-on park, I keep coming back to Cedar Point - which is strange because I'm not a CP fanboy... but they really do have so much room and a wide variety of stuff. Of course, some features would have to come down a few notches - I mean, I want a classic Blue Streak again!


First park would be more of an old school classic, the 2nd park would be one of the big parks with lots of room and *stuff* like Magic Mountain, Great America, Cedar Point, Busch Gardens (either)...


Oh yeah, and whatever the combo is, add Mind Bender.

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