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Adventure World Warsaw: scheduled for 2015 opening

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After a long wait Poland will finally have a theme park offering a standard comparable to Alton Towers, Efteling or Europa Park. Adventure World Warsaw will be opened in spring 2014. This magic spot is going to be developed within mere 30-minute travelling distance from Warsaw, in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The investment will cover the area of approximately 240 h. It will consist of the theme park, two hotels, an aquapark and the entertainment area with cinemas and restaurants.


Related: Jora Vision company profile / Vekoma Rides Manufacturing company profile


Poland will be able to boast the largest year-round fun park in this part of Europe. Adventure World Warsaw is the first investment of its kind, combining the theme park with over 25 surprising attractions, 2 hotels offering jointly 800 rooms, Poland’s largest aquapark, as well as an entertainment area with cinemas, restaurants, shops and clubs. The fun park itself will comprise five theme islands, with the following working names at the design stage: the Adventure Harbour, the Creature Lagoon, the Castle Island, the Land of Legends and the “Polski” Plaza.


All kinds of attractions will be available on each island, including super coasters, water slides, wave pools, interactive fountains, boat cruises or carousels. The year-round part of the park will include indoor playgrounds for children, interactive shows and animations and a huge aquapark. All in an amazing scenery of fairy tales and legends.


The funding required to develop the Adventure World Warsaw will be provided by an international consortium of private and institutional investors having a registered seat in Luxembourg. Las Palm sp. z o.o. (an LLC) was established to coordinate the process of the Adventure World Warsaw theme park construction and management. The value of investments in the first phase of the project will amount to approximately EUR 400 mio.


The construction of the park will commence in spring 2012 - says Peter Jan Mulder, the President of the Board in Las Palm sp. z o.o. – We expect approximately 2 million visitors annually in the first phase of the Adventure World Warsaw project.


Owing to Adventure World Warsaw, approximately 1000 new jobs will be created in the Grodzisk Mazowiecki area. The Park is the first stage of the planned investment. Among other things, the second phase will provide for the construction of another theme park, an extensive entertainment village, conference and business centre and a luxurious wellness centre.


Over 100 experts from all over the world are involved in the development of the Adventure World Warsaw. The Adventure World Warsaw team comprises such companies as e.g.: AGS Architects, Jora Vision, Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, Hafema and International Destination Strategies having many years of experience in the field of theme fun parks.






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Looks like a good park in the making.


It will be a gamble to operate it year-round as a) weather can get quite bad in northern europe in winter (rain - lots of rain, snowstorms, freezing degrees for weeks) and b) as most parks do their rides rehab and construction during that times the visitors are not used to have those during opening hours. I would be quite apalled if major rides would be down for rehab during opening-hours as this is unseen in european parks. Signs like "The following rides are not operating today:" are unknown in our parks.


I still remember when Six Flags tried their luck in the netherlands they were quite dissatisfied as they didn't look into those problems beforehand - its simply a little different to operate a park in europe than in the US....


What I quite hope for - as they mention Vekoma - that they built an accelerator coaster like Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain....

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The LA Times is reporting that groundbreaking will occur on July 21st, and have provided details of themed areas and rides.


6 themed lands, two lands will be open year round

7 coasters, 3 will be open year round and the details of one are being kept secret

Other highlights include: Vekoma Mad House, shooting dark ride, another interactive dark ride, and a "Soarin" type ride




Adventure World theme park set to break ground in Poland


By Brady MacDonald

Los Angeles Times staff writer

July 10, 2012


The $800-million Adventure World Warsaw theme park set to break ground July 21 will feature lands dedicated to mythical creatures, ancient legends, fantasy worlds and Polish history.


Located about a half-hour southwest of Warsaw, the 240-acre resort is expected to debut in 2015 with a theme park, indoor water park, retail center and two hotels. About a third of Adventure World will operate year-round with the remainder of the theme park open from March until October.


Netherlands-based Joravision Themeworld Wizards, which is designing Adventure World, has worked on projects at Tivoli Gardens (Denmark), Efteling (Netherlands), Walibi World (Netherlands) and Futuroscope (France).


Laid out around a central lake, Adventure World will be divided into six themed lands with a total of 25 rides. While most of the planned attractions have been finalized, several of the ride names remain working titles.


Visitors will pass under a hotel to access the park's bazaar-like main street entryway before reaching a central hub with spokes leading to the various lands.


The Middle Ages-themed Castle Island will teem with knights, witches, dragons and magicians telling the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and Robin Hood. Among the attractions:

> Merlin's Rainbow Hunt - A Vekoma mine train roller coaster identical to Calamity Mine at Walibi Belgium.

> Magic Bikes - A Zamperla MotoCoaster with broomstick-styled trains.

> Storm's River - A Hafema river rapids ride traveling through a castle and past a fierce dragon.

> Magic Brooms - A spinning flat ride with a cauldron at the center and ride vehicles themed as witches hats and broomsticks.


The Creature Lagoon kiddie land would feature cyclops, satyrs, phoenixes, unicorns and other mythical creatures that play pranks on visitors. Adventure World officials are still in negotiations with an intellectual property group that would provide characters for the land. Among the attractions:

> Pegasus Taxis - A Vekoma junior coaster.

> Monster Splash - A dragon-themed Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash tea cups-style attraction armed with water cannons.

> Cyclops Fall - A Zierer junior freefall tower.

> Satyr Swinger - A Zierer wave swinger.

> Jumbo Ride - A Zierer octopus ride with bird-themed ride vehicles.

> An elevated pedal-powered ride similar to Sky Cruiser at Legoland California.


The Land of Legend blends together ancient Mayan and Egyptian folk tales and myths. Among the attractions:

> Challenge of Lord Ra - An Egyptian-themed Vekoma junior boomerang coaster.

> Love Boat - A romantic cruise around the lake with Aphrodite.

> A Zamperla sea creature-themed carousel sitting in the middle of the lake.


The year-round Old Poland land is themed as a 17th and 18th century Polish town with a number of indoor attractions suitable for the winter months. Adventure World officials envision hosting Christmas events in the historically evocative land. Among the attractions:

> Magic Palace of Pan Twardowski - A Vekoma Mad House haunted swing that tells the story of a sorcerer who makes a deal with the devil.

> Book Mission - An interactive dark ride through a library where riders travel through traditional Polish stories.

> The Golden Duck - An interactive show similar to "Stitch Live" at Disneyland Paris where visitors talk to fairy-tale characters.

> A Soarin'-like flying theater with riders hang-gliding over Polish landmarks.

> A Mack Rides spinning coaster.

> A Mack tea cup ride.


Visitors to the year-round Lost Kingdom land will assume the roles of heroes on a quest to find a lost city inside a number of indoor attractions with volcano and mountain themes. The area will feature the largest expanse of sculpted rockwork in a European theme park. Among the attractions:

> Atlantis - An interactive shooting dark ride with water and projection effects set in the legendary underwater city.

> Ice Riders - An indoor launched roller coaster winding its way through the tunnels and caverns of a mountain during the Ice Age.

> Marco Polo and the Curse of Poseidon - A 24-minute indoor stunt show pitting the famed world traveler against Hades, the god of the underworld.

> Bumper Cars - Bumper car teams armed with laser guns compete to trigger targets inside an erupting volcano.

> X-Ride - Officials remain tight-lipped about plans for a "super" coaster from Vekoma featuring a new ride system

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Looks like a decent ride selection but so far only with one major coaster...but maybe more follow if the park's a success.


If they've so many Vekoma coasters I wonder why they wanna take A Zamperla MotoCoaster - the Vekoma variant of this coaster is far better. On the other hand I hope they'll a Zamperla teacups-ride - those cups can be spinned way faster than those made by Mack.

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These plans are quite ambitious, I am hoping we won't have another Hard Rock park situation here or construction not even starting.


Same. The concept art looks good, and I like some of the ride concepts (particularly the launched indoor coaster and Atlantis-themed shooting dark ride).

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I'll believe it when I see it. Here is another park all set to begin construction as well...ten years ago. The only progress they that they've made in those ten + years is an updated banner on their webpage showing a Eurofighter and Intamin prefab wood coaster- none of which are among the planned attractions for the place if it ever opens.



If they've so many Vekoma coasters I wonder why they wanna take A Zamperla MotoCoaster - the Vekoma variant of this coaster is far better.


This has me thinking that Adventure World is really just a renamed Park-Fantasia. The place was pretty much going to be Vekoma's showroom.


We expect approximately 2 million visitors annually in the first phase of the Adventure World Warsaw project.


And I expect Kate Upton to have my babies.

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  • 3 months later...

^Thanks for the info. Their initial plans were certainly ambitious, and I hope the project proceeds smoothly.


Then again, we won't really know until the first guest enters through the front gate.

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The most recent and likely final park design:



(click for a 11811 x 6360 version; 30 MB)





Adventure Harbour

(open year-round)

  • • shops, bars, restaurants
    • entertainment


Old Poland

(open year-round)

  • • "unknown" - Mack Spinning Coaster (custom; indoor)
    • "Magic Palace of Pan Twardowski" - Vekoma Mad House (themed to the tales of
Pan Twardowski, a Polish legend)
• "Book Mission" - interactive/shooting dark ride (themed to Polish tales)
• "The Golden Duck" - interactive show (similar to Stitch Live; themed to another Polish story about a golden duck)


Lost Kingdom

(open year-round)

  • • "Ice Riders" - Vekoma Motorbike Coaster (custom; indoor)
    • "Marco Polo and the Curse of Poseidon" - indoor stunt show
    • "unknown" - dark ride
    • "unknown" - dark ride


Land of Legends

  • • "Challenge of Lord Ra" - Vekoma Junior Boomerang (
standard model)
• "Mayan Slide" - Hafema Log Flume (custom)
• "unknown" - Huss Top Spin


Castle Island

  • • "Merlin's Rainbow Hunt" - Vekoma Mine Train (
standard model)
• "King Arthur's River Ride" - Hafema River Rapids (custom; with vertical lift, drop and whirlpool)
• "Magic Broomsticks" - Zamperla Magic Bikes


Creature Lagoon

  • • "Pegasus Taxis" - Vekoma Family Coaster (custom)
    • "Satyr Swinger" - Zierer Wave Swinger
    • "Cyclops Fall" - Zierer Family Freefall
    • "Jumbo Ride" - Zierer Flying Fish
    • "Monster Splash" - Mack Twist'n'Splash (aka Splash Battle)



Lots of park artwork: http://www.parkspot.eu/nl/2012/02/attracties-van-adventure-world-warsaw-onthuld/






The hotels...



Grand Hotel

  • • 4 stars
    • 321 rooms, including 28 suites
    • will serve as the park entrance (similar to the entrances to Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Sea)



Aqua Hotel

  • • 3 stars
    • 410 4-person rooms



Some hotel artwork: http://infogrodzisk.pl/biznes/inwestycje/239-tematyczne-hotele-w-adventure-world-warsaw



Aqua Dome

  • • indoor water park






Companies contracted: AGS, De Groot Vroomshoop, Drees&Sommer, ETF, Eurolandscape, Hafema Water Rides, Hellebrekers, Huss Park Attractions, Imtech, Jora Entertainment , Jora Vision, Mack Rides, ProSlide Technology, RCK, Tebodin, Vekoma , Zamperla and Zierer.






Park Plan


Aqua Dome Plan

Edited by BDG
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  • 8 months later...

Sorry to bump the thread! A little update on the status of the park.


Currest Status of AWW Project


In order to obtain long term financing for the construction of the Adventure World Warsaw Resort and amusement park, the AWW Board was obliged to have the project split into a number of constituent parts to facilitate the phasing of the construction. This task of dividing the project into separate phases has been placed with an independent design company WATG. Prior to commencing this task, WATG has conducted a preliminary audit of the design. This audit has concluded that the design needs to be improved. Making improvements to the design is predicted to last for about 8 weeks. As a consequence the Board have put the project on hold until the middle of August whilst this re-design is completed.

From the 18th of June the AWW headquarters is closed. The office of Adventure World Warsaw will be moved to a temporary location until a new office is built at the construction site of Adventure World Warsaw in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

In urgent matters please contact us at info@adventureworldwarsaw.com.



Link: http://www.adventureworldwarsaw.com/corporate-en/pressroom/articles/aww-changes-its-headquarters/


And my sister who lives in Poland at the moment, as well as my cousins that live in Warsaw never even knew this project existed until I showed them. For a park opening in 2 years and the citizens of Warsaw not knowing a park is being built isn't a good start.

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