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Spirit Mountian MN Timber Flyer Zip Line attraction

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Noticed a new billboard on my way home tonight for the "Timber Flyer Zip Line" in Duluth MN


Investigating the name it lead to Spirit Mountain recreation area http://www.spiritmt.com/adventure-park/index.html


The term Zip Line is abit misleading as you ride on a car attached to the cable.


The manufacturer is Soaring Eagle Zip Lines founded by Stan Checketts, there is a link to a newspaper article on the rides page.


This is the home of the Timber Terror Alpine coaster so they are aiming to become more of a year round facility with a planned mini golf course in the near future.

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8 dollars is not expensive. 12 isn't either.


Roller Coaster at New York, New York, Las Vegas: $20

Zip 'falling thing' at Stratosphere: $99

Lame WestCoaster at Santa Monica Pier: $8

Parking at any SF theme park: < $8


I can go on, but yeah. $8 is cheap

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