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Photo TR: Japanesness

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This is a part of Japan I have to show you because it is a major part of my Japan experience. If I go somewhere I always try to visit a zoo. In Japan I got the change to visit two proper zoos. And especially Ueno zoo was excellent. It is in my top 10 of zoos I visited. So here are some pics of that. Good news of all waiting for more screwed up-ness, next after this will be the parks we visited from Nagoya.

(I tend to keep my animals a bit more seriously, so these pics are not that wild)


Best of Ueno, carved wooden signs


All these people just wanted to see this animal ->


boring little panda's ;)


The exhibits are really nice here


and some of them are not, although this is the strangest barbary sheep I have ever seen. Maybe it is aggressive?


The sparrows are dangerous! Fact!


I did not know there was a tree climbing species of turtle


Keep your shoe shut


This would never be in NL. A store with all its merchandise outside unattended.


and in the background of the shop pic. This mono-sloth brought you from one end to the other end of the park


This will be their new polar bear/ seal/ sea lion exhibit


NOT PHOTOSHOPPED! Can you see the frogs?


these are called moss frogs, incredible camoflage


meerkat watchers


In the zoo there was this line setup. Between 13.30 and 14.30 you could pet rabbits, rats and sea pigs. Amazing


(I know guinnee pig is better english as sea pig, but it is both wrong anyway so I call them the funnier name)


The gibbons had their own personal roller coaster


Giant rodent!


New in the serie, meat elephant


Where is the Coaster Enthiousiast Buffet? Somebody tell me quick.

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Love the Meat Elephant and giant Capybara...is there any country that allows Capybara's as pets? I think I'd move there.


Capybara's are not listed as an endangered species. I do not know about the US other laws. But in the Netherlands you can keep them if you can purchase them. Keep the purchase papers and show you can care for them. Large enough enclosure etc.

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I love that suspended monorail. I heard they have quite a few of those in Japan. Anyone ride any?


Yup, this one in the zoo and the Chiba transport line to the zoo there. That one starts a bit high up so first time is scary but after that its just a transport system

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Time for some more themeparks. Espana, nagashima spaland and universal japan. What to say about these parks. I enjoyed all of them very much and were above expectations. Parque espana was very cool because of the bus service to the coaster. It was weird to sit in a big bus going through a themepark to drop you off at the entrance of the coaster. Awesome. The coaster pyranees lives up to its name. It is a very good b&m and the weird bend after the mid course brakes wakes you up again to enjoy the second part of the coaster. Best surprises of this day were the crab colony at the back of the park and the awesome and surprising water ride.

Nagashima Spaland is a nice park, which could do with a bit more shading for very hot days. But the air conditioned giant wheel makes up for that. And of course you will find record coasters like white cyclone and steel dragon 2000 in this park.

Universal was the biggest surprize for me and I enjoyed it very much. It was my first visit to a universal park and it was the most surprising park for me this trip. You expect Disney to be good and even though Disneysea was above expectation, universal was way beyond my expectation of that park. Awesome combination of rides, shows and theming. It did not bother me that Jurassic Park was closed and who can complain with a less then 5 minute wait for spiderman.


Yep, its something


I had to get a pokemon in this report


Biggest bicycle I ever saw


You know your not in Japan anymore


Lovely park


Dont thouch ma boot!


Just a reminder of where we are (Japan)


That's why we are here


Does this feel like home for the Americans?


Dinosaurs were on vacation


no comment


Steve thinks its OK




Just a themed street in universal


Is THAT supposed to be ME?!

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And now for something completely different. Besides parks Japan has some interesting Landscapes. A few pictures I will show you. Beauty, serenity and dreamy comes to mind.


Next instalment will be Fuji-Q.


It is the real mountain








River Blossom


Mount Beautifull

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Beautiful weather for Fuji-Q. We could see the mountain from Tokyo so clear skies. At Fuji-Q it looked as if it was going to be a slow day in the park. Apart from a group of obnoxious Americans (not with TPR) there were no crowds. And while Robb and Elissa tried to get Fast passes, Robb directed us to different rides. Go ride the mouse, go ride Fujiyama, go ride RnR Duncan, go do the Hospital (which was excellent by the way) so we got a lot of rides in fast. And did every operation coaster that day. After all the horror stories I heard about Fuji-Q I had a blast that day.

Having to say that Dodonpa was probably the most memorable coaster I did on the trip. Amazing acceleration and crazy brakes, ejector air hill.

The haunted hospital was great. Japanese horror, so lots of empty hallways and creepy things happening without shock scaring you.


Almost no q's today :)


This cat is making me wealthy (I hope)


The new and shiny coaster taunting us


the mighty mouse coaster


If you get a heart attack there is always a doctor at hand and they don't mind if you stay


We got to go to the bathroom together, that was weird


Camo could not help Larry being discovered


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No visit to Japan is complete without looking at some fish. It could be on a plate or you can go to one of Japan's many aquariums. One of the hotels we stayed in was so awesome that they had not an aquarium, but a aqua stadium. Complete with fish, shows and a roller coaster. The roller coaster was dark so no pictures. But here are the fish and other different things.


Yep, its a real japanese aquarium


a guitar ray


This was awesome, a giant manta or devils ray


Is this evolution. Does not look comfortable


I think I want my exhibit pink today


Oh nows, Robb-sters, watch out.


(pun credit goes to Nick)


Patricks family


Most dangerous job in the world, cleaning the fish tank


I have no comments on this


and last a look at the stadium to see some Monster Wrestle Mania

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