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Photo TR: Japanesness

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WARNING: Images and texts in this report are based on my opinion only and may not represent the truth.


Hello there, I will give you all a small view into my mind. If you think you can not handle that I would suggest you close this report right now. The following story will not be in the right order, or just be right at all. So you all have been warned.





Kyushu Parks


Nagoya Parks



Epson Aqua Stadium

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo DisneySea

Bonus section

Ending credits and Making of


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I started Japan with a couple of day's on my own. I will start my report with Tokyo. Tokyo is a big city. Gi-normus actually. Concrete everywhere. But if you look really closely you can find some places that are a bit more green. I like to go to these. And I visited a lot of parks and graveyards in Tokyo. It's just my thing.

These are the places that Tokyo is not that busy and a bit more quietly. There are a lot of ravens though. The impression this city and its people made to me is of a giant ant hill or bee hive. Everybody is doing there thing and because they do it it works. It is a bit difficult to get real contact with the japanese because of the Language barrier. But they are quite friendly. The nice part of Tokyo is that you can actually go everywhere in the city, even as an tourist, and nothing will happen to you. I walked in the city for about 7 hours, just going places tourist will not go that fast and everything was really relaxed and I felt comfortable everywhere. And that was not just because I am two times taller than most of the Japanese. Onto some Tokyo pictures.


Yay, arriving in Japan


This is Tokyo


And this is how Tokyo looks when it is dark


Random Tokyo house


Actually it was quite difficult to find wooden houses in Tokyo


Walking around Tokyo I found this little river


Random graveyard


Actually, the last Shogun is burried at this Graveyard


I think I found him


Just Random temples I found in Tokyo


And this nice aluminium cathedral devoted to Mary


I also went to look at the Imperial palace


Look at the size of these walls, unbelievable!


Just a random skyline picture


and to close with the bussiest crossroad in the world.

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Thanks for the comments you guys, now I need to find a way not do disappoint you


Next up, the parks from Kyushu Island. The weather here was the worst we had on the trip. But it was OK. There were enough credits open and the parks were really nice. It was also fun to ride all the different bullet trains on the different lines. This was the only time on the trip I was bothered by some mosquitos (the only animal I really do not like and wonder why god even thought of making them, probably because he is a little bit into . I don't know)

There was enough to see here and I will show you the landscape in an later installment.


heading fast from Tokyo to Kyushu


Big Mike and his Japanese Posse


Paul and Dave cannot believe how small these Japanese wrestlers are


But then again, how else will they fit in a Japanese McDonalds


TPR cruising on a junior coaster


It was really difficult to get Dave in this picture


The view of Jupiter and the surrounding mountains


This kitty will eat you alive!!


This is a: Arachna Coasterfaniticus; Only found in Japan. Unlike its name it weaves a coasterlike web not because it likes to, but to attract its prey. Coasterlovers. This is the juiciest and most often well fed prey you can catch


Is that a real Fran-Duck!


This bridge was so high up, and the main attraction of this park in the sky


Really difficult to photoshop the dinosaur right under that coaster :p


and then there is spaceworld...


.. not what you expected!


everything has a space theme here


some TPR members felt right at home


really at home


Vekoma SLC, if you are a warrior you do not complain about roughness

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Great, EB!



I love it all!


Very original - and a number of times I've noticed, you didn't even need/use

photoshop to make the photo wild, wierd and wtf - Hello Kitty!


Great TR!

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This might be the most disturbing image ever posted to TPR....



Just doing my part


Very original - and a number of times I've noticed, you didn't even need/use

photoshop to make the photo wild, wierd and wtf - Hello Kitty!


Just like keeping you all on your toes to look if I did something or not

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