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Wickline Lake [RCT2]

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Finally past year 200!!! right noww I'm on year 214 so the year on the screens might be off.





Completed the rapids








And Built 2 More Coasters









Comments are apreciated!!!

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Recent News:

Since school has started (and XC season) , nearly all of my time has been dedicated to academics and athletics, and I'm suffering from creator's block.... don't worry I'll never put this park non the back burner though. So far I have reached year 250, and the park has expanded pretty far now and shows no signs of slowing down (so to speak)


The old area where the Gci was has been scrapped... actually I took it out of the park months ago but forgot to say anything, the area is going to be replaced with this...



The name is Stealth, but I'm sure there is a better name for the ride, as I want the theme to be "secret mountain facility machine" theme where you're riding with the terrain... perhaps camouflage or banshee or even project cypher.

Sorry for all of those who didn't want me to use the wingrider trains on this ncso park, but to me, when it comes to what you need in a park (such as a ride train) I consider it acceptable.


That's all for now!

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Nice stuff, Insanity. I feel I'm in the same boat as you. School + soccer at once = no park updates


As for the wingrider, great layout. If you're gonna continue with the name Stealth (I had the exact same name in mind for a coaster in the future), change the colors. Orange is not exactly stealthy. Also, try to get that barrel roll exactly over the lift hill, right now it kind of is off to the side if you know what I mean.

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^ I understand what you're saying. Also about the wingrider that's why I want a different name, orange goes so perfectly with what I have in mind for the future. oh and I changed the supports to dark brown.


Will the GCI come back though?


Unfortunately not. There isn't enough space in the park for a 3rd woodie, and Matador was huge for a GCI, but it'll be in one of my future projects for sure


Oh, and that brings up another problem in the park... I'm beginning to run out of space.

the map is huge (around 220x220), but the park itself will fill up nearly the entire map. and since I made most of the coasters to shape out the park layout, I don't have the space for my arrow looper, unless I make it over the massive lake (which won't happen)


Ride Lineup: #2




Twisted N'sanity




an intamin freefall coaster called "fear fall"


Working On

Freedom Fighter



What's to Come

Gerstlauer spinner

Zierer kiddy coaster

zamperla kiddy coaster


I'm trying to get my inspiration back by working what I think is my favorite area. This includes peregrin, The rapids ride (which if in real life would be the longest rapids ride on earth) and plenty more...


when I show this area, you'll find my favorite color is red!

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^ It's Atomic's last turn.


Well, I thought it was only 10 hours lost of work, but I went to my last saved game only to find the same black hole... so what was 10 hours of work is actually going to be about 10 days.


Don't expect an update anytime soon.

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