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Wickline Lake [RCT2]

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It's nice, but a tad messy. Add railroad crossing poles (those red/white things) to the crossing. Also, the use of the checkerboard under the tables is odd, maybe lower the land and put grey blocks under the tables. Other than that, this is nice, the fastpass seems cool along with some of the other touches.

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Hey dude, I'm assuming that was the aforementioned invert needing supports? (From a page back) Im not sure if your still needing help, but I'll gladly contribute if you delete the WW/TT pieces from the park!


This is looking really great dude, very inspiring.

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Please do yourself a favor and get rid of the stupid (manufacturer - year) tags on the ends of your ride names. Put them in a readme file or something when you zip it up. They look extremely tacky in-game and I honestly have no idea why people put them in.

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^..... LOL. I read your post, then went in-game and found out the the entrance/exits are off.

Geez I thought I had a good thing going


@ AJ: like said before, they inform people about the history of the park, and adds realism. plus It's just another factor in realistic parkmaking that us builders have to pay heed to when making a park. For example, If your trying to make a park that looks real, adding the manufacturer and year to each ride would help you on your ride count such as having too much of the same company.


Oh... and speaking of rides, here's the ride count so far.



Atomic: Intamin Hyper

Twisted Insanity: Intamin Impulse


Working On

Freedom Fighter: John Allen Woodie

Peregrine: B&M Invert

Nightmare: B&M Floorless


What's In Store

Arrow Looper

Schwartzkoph Looper (Like Mindbender)

Giant Dinn Woodie

Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster (THBS)

Zamperla Kiddy coaster

Giavanola Kiddy coaster (slightly bigger)

And.... Project Cypher: B&M Wing Rider


Tell me what you think about the ride count.


If I finish this after summer next year, Ill take a couple days to remodel the Giant Dinn.

No promises though

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Maybe it would be a good idea to put something neat and original in your park instead of restricting yourself to the design styles of those companies.


Just a thought.

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^Those of us who prefer realism like to keep with the realistic genre. Its harder to create something thats neat and original without straying from realism a bit. And I think he's doing a pretty solid job so far, everything has his own flavor without total generic realism.


[MOD EDIT: I think I can speak for the other mods on this one- AJ does more with realism than most people do. He was making a very constructive comment about it- and reasonably speaking, an honest one. I know AJ prefers Realism- as does Derek, who's a master at it, and Matt in RCT III. Please don't say that AJ doesn't prefer realism- as that's mistake. R.D. GFMT]

Edited by QueerRudie
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^ thanks for bringing that up.


I badly want to import the wing rider trains, but that would be breaking Ncso... I've decided that it'll have multi-dimension trains, but using that type is going to be much harder because I have to make the entire ride backwards and calibrate the rotations of the seats.


What do you think of this drop-tower?


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double post.



After my team retreat, I've gone back to rct2 only to find that deleting my wwtt objects is a very hard thing to do... Many problems have rose such as multiple ETs and finding things by mistake, and the biggest problem is that I've incorperated the 'stool' object from the dark ages scenery pack in almost every patch of foliage i've made so far and it feels like killing a bunch of scattered ants with a toothpick. Wish me luck as I try deleting these again.


P.S. What happens if I just remove the objects with parkdat before doing it in the game?





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P.S. What happens if I just remove the objects with parkdat before doing it in the game?


I've never tried it. You should save your game under a different name and remove the objects from the new save file. That way, if something happens, you still have the old file to continue forward with.

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