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FunPark Asus [RCT3]

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( if anyone uses shyguysworld, you might find this park over there aswell, but submitted by an account named alexanderl. Its me, i just have 2 different usernames)



This is a small little park that im gonna build on when ever i feel like it. Its nothing special, just for practicing my building and lanscaping abilities.



Welcome to Funpark Asus, located in the outer edges of the Country Windows.

The year is 1994 and our park is getting ready for opening. Construction started not long ago, as we were given permission to build in the forest of Asus.

The park is build at a little lake, in a beautiful area.

Enough talking, heres some photos of our progress so far.


Overview shot


Entrance (Now you probably think: Whats a temple doing there? Dont do that. Think of the classicistic(roughly translated from danish) building time)


View down the mainstreet. First building built to the right


To the right of that building, theres a path, leading up to the train station. The train will take you around the park.


Walking further down the mainstreet, you will meet the bridge, going over the lake


A view from the other side of the bridge, over the mainstreet.


After a long search of a good coaster for the park, we met the company GCI. They gave us an offer on a wooden rollercoaster we just couldnt refuse. So they lately started work on the parks wooden coaster. So far unnamed


A couple of shots on the work so far

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Thanks alot both

Im not really from shyguysworld yet, only just signed up there, still waiting to be accepted by admins


Just a small progress update on the woody



When i saw the layout after i was like.................. wow thats really awesome. So i hope you like it aswell

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^which one's, the one's running Millennium Flyers, do not run 12-cars per train?


GCI has shown configurations for trains as short as six cars for their 'smaller' coaster designs (Mike Boodley's own junior coaster designs feature six and eight car trains).


There's no length requirement for a GCI train- save the 'minimums' for what the track/train will bear speed and force wise. We have, to date, only seen 12 car MilF trains- but I'd reckon a 100% chance of seeing the shorter MilFs on their future junior projects.

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Well, no matter what i fixed it to 12 trains, it looks good with the long trains



Welcome back to Funpark Asus, construction update.

The Construction slowly continues in the park, and a couple of new rides is being set up.


First of all a couple of shots from the park, after the first lights where installed and tested.


As you may have seen on the second photo, the parks first flad ride has just been installed. The ride, Skytower, is taking the riders high in the air where they can enjoy the view over the park and the surrounding natures, while having a huge thrill.


Next to the skytower, the parks first coffeeshop has been built. It has a small yard in the back, where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a cookie. (forgot to picture it but you can spot it in the other pics)



Construction on the parks last coaster has just started. Its gonna be a Maurer Söhne spinning coaster, driving smoothly trough the terrain.


A bridge has been made over the railtracks, leading to the coaster, and an upcoming area of the park.


Path on top of the moved ground, with a wood cover, leading to the new area.


The parks infocenter has been built, along with a small gateway over the bridge. Gonna have a sign that says info, and Enjoy your visit.

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Where did you find that CTR? I've been keeping an eye out, but that is the first one I've seen. Looks great so far, and to echo the comments of other posters - the GCI layout is pretty sweet. Nice and compact.

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A few things happened to the park since the last update.


lets start out at the entrance.

The Entrance has been built, and the parkoffice + lockers. The only thing left to install at the entrance is the ticket machines.



On the left of the mainstreet, a small park has been built, where people can enjoy their brought food, or buy something from the small sandwich restaurant, at the end of the park.



Construction has been finished on both rollercoasters at Funpark Asus (just realised i forgot track connectors on the spinners supports)



Path and decoration around Eagle is partly done

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