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Where in the world ARE Robb & Elissa?

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It could indeed be AirTran if they acquired TWA's 717s after they went bankrupt, because the picture shows seats of TWA's newest seats, which were installed in the 717s. I don't see any pictures of the seats in MD-80s, but they could be!


Edit: I am pretty sure they are on AirTran now, as some old TWA 717s went to AirTran. AirTran serves Chicago-Midway and LAX, so they still could be in Chicago!

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Hello everyone! It has been very entertaining reading everyone's guesses! There are some of you who are warm, some of you getting colder, and some of you in the artic circle!


We like fun games here at Theme Park Review. Can you guess where we're at? Here's some more photos to keep you wondering....


And, oh, yes, today's clue word is "Tea." Yesterday's clue word was "Boston." And what does that have to do with "Tea?"


While this doens't give away much of a clue, we just thought it was really funny!


Chinese food is yummy! If you look carefully, there's a BIG clue in this photo!


Ahh, now this should give you a REALLY big clue!


Sweetend with Sugar! Just like you, Dan! ;)


Watch your step? Where would we need to be that we have to watch our step?


At Theme Park Review we like playing games. Guessing games, Ms. Pac-Man, etc, etc...


Water, water everywhere! Where could this be? A water park, a lake, a bathtub? Could something in the reflection give it away? Hmm...

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There is an Idlewild, TN, and the 16 in your fortune is seperated by a comma... TN was the 16th state in the US. Sweetened with sugar could refer to the "Tea" in the south being sweet. The lake could be the lake in the middle of Dollywood near the Gristmill. The bunnies in the first pictures could be the bunny golf in Pigeon Forge, and if you really did fly Airtran, then you probably would have flown into MEM, or ATL. SOO My guess would be Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. Could the "Watch your step" sign be one on the Train ride at Dollywood?

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I think at least part of your trip has taken place at the Idlewild Bar in Manhattan. It has a replica airplane inside, and the phone number is 212-477-5005, which utilizes the 212 in the fortune as the area code. So my guess is that you are in New York City.

If I'm not right, damn you are giving the wrong clues!



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Hersheypark is sweetened with sugar.. maybe? Have no idea where crackers and all the other stuff comes into that though. Except ducks.. haha..


You guys have been spending so much time in other parts of the world lately that you havent been to many NE parks this year... so who knows! I dont think you've been on Hydra or KK yet.


It looks like all those updates were taken at the same place.. the floor of the arcade is the same as the toilets.. Im trying to figure out what is in this region that Robb and Elissa would care about enough to go there!?! Thats not a park..



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I think your'e definately in the North East. Maybe in PA, NJ, NY or, MA. The rabbit made me think of SFNE, and the dueling toilets mad eme think of my elemtery school in Brooklyn, where you could see Coney Island from, but it's too clean, definately too clean to be GA (No matter how great the golden kingdom looks) I'm going to say Dorney. I know, very random. Just a warning. Hydra sucks!

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