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Photo TR: Bill's Japan-Tastic TPR Tour! (2011)

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Decided the timing was right to get my film in for processing and printing - and yes, there are some places that still do that sort of thing, woo hoo! (o: So "Here we go..." (often said during the tour, espcially at TokyoDisney)...


Bonus Park Day - Chiba Zoo + rainfall = No coaster Open


The Best Thing about the day, the group of us going for the Bonus Credit on a pretty wet day, was that we all put our trust two "Group Leaders" other than The Alveys...which was great! So THANKYOU EB and Dave-TheBat for getting us to the park and back, even though the credit wasn't to be had that day (others went back later on and got the credit on a sunnier day).


We got a nice walk-around the zoo area, and the park staff couldn't be nicer to us, even though they couldn't open the coaster for us, heh heh.


So, after that, the next day we travelled to the "Official" First Parks of the TPR Japan Tours (I did the Combo + Disney). And we got there, taking our first ride on Japan's wonderful cross-country rapid Bullet Train, called Shinkansen. Once you've tried it, you'll never go back to pokey old busses, heh heh.


---> Kashiikaen and SpaceWorld - the first, a new park & credits, the second a repeat park with great rides.


But at the beginning, with another wet morning behind us, it looked like the two coasters at Kashiikaen weren't going to be available for us to ride, like at Tobu Zoo. But things did dry up, the park staff went (IMhO) overboard to get the coasters ready for our group - and we rode! Bunbun and Pegasus ridden and counted! And THANKYOU Kashiikaen!


Basically, that's all we were there for at Kashiikaen, those two credits. Credit whores that we were, we then continued on to our next park...SpaceWorld.


Now this park I had been to before, in the TPR 2007 tour, so nothing new to experience for myswelf. But we got there early, the management and staff got us ERT on Venus GP and then escorted us over to Zaturn for ERT there - and then got us over to Titan V, as the park opened, to be "first riders" of the day! How cool was that? THANKYOU Spaceworld!


I got to re-ride rides I enjoyed the first time, like the gi-normous SkyWheel they had (my first back in 07) giving great veiws of the park and the surrounding area. The "Panic Attack" walkthru which had a great (SPOILER ALERT)... room showing a false reflection of itself - and THEN the alien comes into the reflection at you!!! Great stuff. And the forward-backward sitting coaster...Boogie-Woogie Space Coaster. Fun and silly.


So - here's some pictures to start off my tour of Japan back in June. Enjoy...


The Tour Starts - and we start with SHINKANSEN - Japan's Bullet Train!


Random Waiting-To-Board-the-Train shot.


Kashiikaen Park - Ride Staffer, Elissa and Robb in talks with front-of-park tickets.


We're in! And here I am in front of the (one of many thru tour) posted Kashiikaen parkmap. We did get folding maps for most of our parks, and some even in english!


First Offical Coaster of Tour! Bunbun Coaster! Aren't we shameless?


This is the other coaster at Kashiikaen - Pegasus - its a bit bigger than Bunbun, lol.


For you Animal Totem freeks - this is mine, really! And I have the (shhh) tattoo of Pegasus on my left arm, too!


Back to waiting for Japan transit, always/usually on time, and ever so air-conditioned, lol!


Space World Lunchtime! Emma, JC, myself and my roomie Bob enjoying great local cuisine - and at a theme park too!


SkyWheel overview. Was warm, but overcast that day I remember. Still a good view of everything below.


Not the best 'view' of Venus GP. But I like the tangle of the green track. And the Space Shuttle must have taken off, hee hee.

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^ Oops.



My bad. Changing now, lol!


Man, that jet lag lasts and lasts and....


Thanks for the correction, Elissa.


And ^^ Yes, I do! Quite proud of it too. I also noted a number of the others on tour who had digital cams with them, took even less pix than I did, with my nine sad little rolls of film, lol! Will probably keep doing it (to Jeff Johnson's sad sigh) till they stop with the film AND the processing, heh.

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Great start to your report, Bill! I really wish that credit at Chiba Zoo would have been open. It was a LONG way to go to stare at a coaster. But, the suspended monorail was pretty cool.


And... I want credit!!! It was NOT TPDave leading the group with EB - it was ME!!!!!


-- Dave

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And... I want credit!!! It was NOT TPDave leading the group with EB - it was ME!!!!!

Ah! That makes MUCH more sense!


Glad to see you're still keeping the old camera and film trade in business, Bill! Keep the photos coming!

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Oops again. Sorry, Dave. Wellll - there were soooooo many "Daves" on the tours.... right?

Have corrected my faux pas, and again THANKYOU for doing that for/with us. Much appreciated.


^ Like I said Divv - as long as they keep making the film and doing the processing, heh heh....




Now - onto the next two parks in the tour - Kijima and Wonder Rakentuchi.


Kijima was the home of my 200th credit back in 2007, the Gold Rusher mine train coaster. And on our early arrival, the park management saw to it we got first rides on it. And - we did - ouch - ride it. Sadly, the ZORB gigantic hamster ball attraction was no more , and the looping coaster was down for maintenance. But we got our rides on the roller skater, ther Dragon powered, and on Jupiter, one of the biggest and longest wooden coasters in Japan. And - a teesy bit - how to put it - rough? Once (again) was enough for me.


And it was here at Kijima, I started to notice the "special capsules" they had for couples on a few of the SkyWheels at parks we visited. Some with curtains, others total clear (!), others with stuffed toys on small shelves... strange but true.


Wonder Rakutenchi has the distinction of being built onto a hill, literally. So much so, you have to take a funicular railway up to the park. It also had cleaned itself up a lot, since the TPR 2007 visit, with a lot of fresh paint, a good number of the old flat rides I remember, taken out, and landscaping in their place. The zoo still looked tiny and somewhat sad, but it was definitely looking a lot better than a few years ago. And a petting stable was added and a walk-thru aviary.


And of course, the all-important Duck Races! And I won my race, too! (Go Red!) The prize choices were candy or a neat hankerchief with the ducks on it and 'Beppu' (where the park was located) in Japanese. Natch, I took the hankie LOL!


The view unfortunately was not great from the park, as a lot of cloud cover (smog?) was over the city and waterfront, that we were near. So being on either their Skywheel or on the suspension bridge didn't help much. But I got a neat hazy shot of the Skywheel, from our train platform as we headed to our hotel for the night.


Jupiter at Kijima. It's big, it's long, it's.... well, it's wooden! 'Nough said.


Stefan, Tom, Mike, Rosie, Bob and Matt (close your mouth Matt) on Kijima's observation 'flying island'.


Jupiter - Skywheel - Shoot The Chutes. That's Kijima!


Funicular Dog up to Wonder Rakutenchi park. Of course!


But our group chose the Funicular Cat to head up to the park... meow!


Minirail and Jetcoaster at Wonder Rakutenchi. Talk about "Going Green", lol. (And a wallet will be dropped along the minirail footpath, in the near future.)


On the suspension bridge with no view of Beppu - Mike, Rosie, Colin, Emma and JC!


And it's a Photo Finish! Literally! This is not my winning race, though. That was earlier (Go Red!).


Sharing a Skywheel cabin with me - Mike and Rosie.


Minirail Traffic Jam in distance - and this is when "a wallet was dropped". Fortunately a ride op happily got out there on the track's sidepath, and retrieved it!


Emma's Big Splashdown! It was all good.


From the train platform, you could barely make out the double Skywheel up there, but Wonder Rakutenchi was there. On the hill. Bye bye WR!

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I think Space World's "Panic Attack" is my favorite walk through ever because of that one room. The effect is just so startling! I'm enjoying the pics, Bill. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Mark. But unfortunately, the 'alien' was apparently on it's "coffee break" so what was supposed to happen in that room...didn't. And I was so very careful in NOT giving away what was to happen, with the group I was with, when we went thru Alien Panic Attack. But I got to re-live it again, sort of, at the Haunted Walk-Thru at Sea Paradise park (remember <3 Blue Fall <3, Mark?) where (SPOILER ALERT)..... the sleeping attendant's reflection suddenly gets up, then proceeds to step out of the mirror towards you and..... hee hee hee, it was great!


And Andy ^, yeah it's still happening to me too, that Jet Lag Thang. Getting my captions wrong, putting wrong names to faces in pix, and I just LOST all of what I had previously written for this posting just now (grrrrr), so yeah it's a biotch, even after several weeks, LOL.


And THANKYOU to you and William for sending me the great pix of two of the parks we visited together that touring week. I will be using a few of them in this posting (Mitsui Greenland) and will post some more of them in my next posting (Nagashima Spaland).



Now onto our next two parks, Mitsui Greenland, and Universal Japan (Osaka).


Mitsui Greenland is a big, big, VERY BIG PARK, spread over a big landscape...without much in landscaping, like trees, etc. But the humidity wasn't that high that day, the overcast skies helped keep the bright sunlight (and eventual sunburn) from exhausting our bodies too much.


The Ultratwister (Megatron) was still offering "bragging rights" to those who wanted to get their name and date on a stick after riding the thing ten times in a row! But wait, there's more! After 15 runs on it, you could get a PHOTO taken of you and your riding partner. So there were those that did just that, ten or fiften times for the stick or the photo. And then there was somebody(s) who wanted to REALLY ride and ride it - and took nearly Two Hours to ride it...29 times. Uh huh. That nerdy, lol. All good.


The Milky Way "racing coasters" (one sit-down, the other standing) only had the stand-up operating, but it still gave you a good couple of pops of airtime on it, which was cool. Gao, ran up and over a gigantic dinosaur sculpture, whcih was basically pointless, but still neat to see ( still not great to ride in some spots, though).


Ther one seat "Skyride-of-Questionable-Safety" was still there and running. And thankfully, nobody fell off of it, unlike a particular twosome who 'fell off' the ALPINE SLIDE ride up on the hill at the park (Hi TPDave and Scottish Steve! How are your arms now?), lol. And a good number of screwed up dark rides and walk thrus to enjoy. (VERY C-C-C-Cold ice house walk-thru there).


And there were still flying killer whales on the Grampus Jet suspended coaster. All great for the day's visit.


For the next park, I had a CREDIT to pick up! Universal Japan in Osaka has opened a new coaster, Space Fantasy: The Ride in the old ET Adventure building. The ride is a zippy spinny coaster, with some great special effects around it, and even a little tribute nod to ET himself, if you can see him quick enough, which might require another ride. This is where the Single Riders Line was great to do, again and again. You got to skip most of the pre-show part of the attraction (which honestly in Japanese wasn't that easy to follow. Pretty to watch. But still.... didn't miss it after the first time.) and generally got up really close to the front of the line, every time. Excellent! And that had me riding it at least ten times! Enjoyed this coaster a lot.


Spiderman was still great, even with the language understanding difficulties; Back To the Future... was (I thought and felt) rougher than before, so for me, that was enough for then, and for "the future" if I ever get "back to it", lol; Jaws was still fun, though it was all talk by the ride op but very 'active' which made the whole ride enjoyable with the shark, broken cable, fire and all; Hollywood Dream: The Ride was still a good coaster to ride again too, with your choice of soundtrack blasting into your ears, heh heh. I especially enjoyed the two Japanese tracks on it (in separate rides), and the locals seated around me seemed to agree, too. So we all sort of bonded, thru our choice of coaster riding music, LOL.


We didn't stay too late into the night at Universal, as we had a long trip back to our hotel that evening. But the management of the park had welcomed us early before park opening times, we got a nice welcome presentation from them, AND a goody bag with english park maps and pins (2) in it. AND they got us into the park, just before the gp was allowed in! That was very cool of them to do that for us. So THANKYOU Universal Japan! Some of us will return, myself included, I am sure of it.


So - onto the park photos. And where I have {*A&W*}, that's a shout-out thankyou to Andy and William for sending me some great park pix of our touring time together. And since I just lost the entire posting before, with at least 10 pix, of this post all-of-a-sudden and without warning.... (GRRR) the writeup gets posted now, and the pix will follow as edits. "Just in case"... Enjoy.


Here's William (red shirt) and Andy (head shot) on a slow-moving bizarre kid's ride, we all loved to ride! usually based on (eep) Hello Kitty. Or in William's case, Flying Boxing Toast, lol.


One of many shooting dark rides we went on, in our tour. And we are about to get clobbered in points by Emma (green shirt) who apparently has been stalking these things, to get in the extra practise, lol. {*A&W*}


Artsy Skywheel shot. Tall one, hmm? But it only took 15-18 minutes for a full revolution, which was great and made riding these things a bit easier to do, especially with some of them having on-capsule air conditioners! Yummy.


View from the Wheel of Megatron, the Ultratwister with the "bragging rights" sticks and photos you can get after *&^# times riding it. Note the rainbow paintjob on it, as well as that single Wind-catcher behind it? Very gay-friendly, I felt. Also, behind there, a new hotel being built for the park.


Not a (fingers) crushable castle, but The Haunted Walk-Thru On The Hill you took a two-seat skyride (middle of hill there) to get to. Also note, the ALPINE SLIDE to the right of the skyride. Subject to accidents, so I heard...


Milky Way racing coaster in back (only standup running, but still fun), and Gao in front. A meandering wtf coaster that runs over thru and around a Giant Dinosaur Sculpture. Smelled burning tires on it too, in a couple of spots.


Grampus Jet suspended coaster, proving that Killer Whales (the vehicles) do indeed, fly! Unless of course, you've seen the film, "Fantasia 2000". (o:


Ahhh. What I call "Walkway Love." Was so cool to see it from up on the Skywheel. Just a Huge Honkin' Oversized Blue Heart, right there! And a bit of the track and "Dinosaur" of the Gao coaster.


And speaking of "love"... Guess my heart belongs to ... Mummy LOL! Note the Skyride to the Haunted Walkthru (and the accident-prone Alpine Slide) behind us there.


Me and Bob on the one-way-only suspended mini-rail Pirate Ship Ride! {*A&W*}


And finally, a "head shot" from the Swinging Pirateship ride. Horny, hmmm? And bye bye Mitsui Greenland!


Universal Japan Entrance Arch! And us. (Rosie, me, Mike and JC)


Located by the Jaws ride... Me and The Statue (original located somewhere in the NE USA?) called The Mariner, I believe? ( title correction always appreciated) I always liked that statue.


Snoopy's Great Race coaster. With Mike, Rosie, Bob and JC riding it, there. (o:


Mid-afternoon drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe Bar in the Universal City Walk. Cheers, Bob and JC! And again, THANKYOU Universal Japan for a great welcome! Much appreciated by all.

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Next up, two parks I had visited before on the 2007 tour, and looked forward to visiting again:

Parque Espana and Nagashima Spaland, home of my trusty, faithful, (and red) Shoot The Chutes rain poncho!


Once again, management allowed us to enter Parque Espana before the general public came in. THANKYOU! And we got some great rides on Pyrenees immediately. But after a few hours in the park, we got the feeling that it wasn't going to be that much of a "crowded day at the parque," lol.


The Magical Musical Lit-Up Escalator Ride was still there, pulsating and having it's own little orgiastic world of colour! The Pirates outdoor-indoor boat ride was as cheesy as ever, but still a nice long ride in itself. The Don Quioxte "Flying Ship" (oh Peter!) ride was nice, if a bit too much on the black light paints. And the (what I called) Lights Ride was not as random as it used to be, having had it's (non) themeing changed to that of ...The Nutcracker! Yes, Christmas in June! Who knew?


The whole themeing of "Spain" to this park is really great, from the neat 'shopping village' drifting down one slope/side fot he park, to the main buildings clustered around a large entrance plaza. And in the Japanese heat, this was actually a good park to visit on the tour. Definitely worth a re-visit.


After after, we headed to Nagashima Spaland for an early ride (THANKYOU NS management!) on one of the most well-known coasters in the coaster world, Steel Dragon 2000. I liked it just as much this time, as the first times back in 07. And with the temp. not being as warm as it was before, a bit more enjoyable hitting the bunny hop tunnels, without feeling like you were thrown thru an instant sauna, heh heh. Still a great ride, IMhO.


And the rest of the park as well, which included the wonderful air-conditioned Skywheel of theirs; the wooden coaster White Cyclone, which goes on and on and on and... yeah, well it's a long ride; Another Ultratwister, although I found this one a bit more jerky than the one at Mitsui Greenland; A good old-fashioned Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop that still runs great and is called what else? Shuttle Loop!; The children's coaster that apparently had been oiled since our last visit, and not sounding like some animal being run over (again and again) in the brake run before the station; An Arrow corkscrew. In white and blue. ; And only one of the two wild mousies open - same side, the left one, right one still 'down for maintenance...since 2007' ; Sadly, two of the other coasters were down as well during our visit, the jet coaster and the looping star.


But there were lots of flat rides to enjoy. A newly-located walk-thru Haunted House to explore (fun, but not too scary). A great paratrooper flat that not only tilted but lifted and spun horizontal to the ground. 2 giant swinging Viking (not Pirate!) ships, but (again) only one in operation for the day. A smaller pirate ship swing. And a swing-over-the-top Space Shuttle Loop swing!

And frisbees and bob carts and minirails, oh my!


And once again, I got add to my Nagashima Spaland Shoot-the-Chutes poncho collection (of one, LOL) and got the blue one this time, to go with my red one. Now, all I need is the yellow one, and my set is complete, woo hoo! Next visit.


On to the photos! (after this is posted and I don't lose it, like my first posting.)


And to add - {*A&W*} = Thankyou to William and Andy for the photo(s) and

letting me use them in my report. Hugs, guys!


Parque Espana with Don Quioxte, myself and the Matador Bull Fighter Coaster (it's trippy) in back.


JC, Bob, Mike and Rosie on the little train that travels around the upper part of the parque.


And this is the way they do train crossing gates at Parque Espana. It all unfolded like a Japanese fan... or a rainbow! Very cool to watch open and then close after the train went by.


Just fishin'. Or somethin'. A random little bit of themeing at Parque Espana, lol.


Our lunch break at Parque Espana. With beer! Which is always good with touring friends and food, yes?


Me and Bob. And Bob's first ride on Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spaland! Way-ta-go Bob!


A look at Steel Dragon, from the load/unload station. Nice looking curves there, hmm?


Our group, before entering the Haunted Walk-thru. And then I had to escort some school kids through it, just to get them through it, so we could get through! All very complicated, I know, LOL. {*A&W*}


Some of us on the paratrooper ride. And one of William's many, many tries at getting "that right shot" of us. {*A&W*}


And he gets it! A great shot! That's me and Andy in front; Sauli and JC behind us. Great shot, William! {*A&W*}


And THIS was Sauli's First Ride Ever on one of those Looping Space Shuttle Swing..things! Congrats Sauli! Hope you enjoyed the ride!


I always like to ride this flat. No reason why. It's fun. {*A&W*}


Now, this a Giant Frisbee, right guys? ... Guys? .... GUYS? {*A&W*}


My Skywheel riding buddies, Sauli and Bob.


One the left side - White Cyclone.


And on the right - White Cyclone. Still.


Let's see here. I see Ultratwister, Corkscrew, Dbl. Giant Viking Swings, NOT Pirate, thats the little swing behind them, lol.


Closer view of the Ultratwister, Corkscrew and the Children's Coaster, in the trees there. Somewhere.


William apparently does not like water, so this is his shot of me ( in red poncho) Andy, and Sauli (in the blue) after our Shoot-the-Chutes....shoot! (o: And the blue poncho's safe and sound. {*A&W*}


Hey there! High there! A mini-rail break.


Awwww. Mike and Rosie enjoying Nagashima Spaland's little train ride.


Last shot in this park: The Shuttle Loop "loop" with Steel Dragon 2000's first drop.

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^ Thanks EB!


^^ And yeah, Double Giant Viking Ships (not "Pirate" I was politely informed by ride ops, lol) side by side were quite the sight to see. Unfortunately, they never ran both of them at the same time. Only one was operating, every time I looked over that way.


And yes, the Ultratwister was ridden. But honestly, the one (Megaton) at Mitsui Greenland I rode (IMhO) was a lot smoother, without so much sudden jerkiness at braking, etc.


And yes, Shuttle Loop does rule, LOL! I have always enjoyed these, since my I rode my first one at (then called) Marriott's Great America in Santa Clara Calif, called The Tidal Wave. A simple designed (then) coaster, with one tall loop, forwards and then backwards thru it, and that great adrenalin rush from right out of the station, to back into it.

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Tokyo Disney Resort BUMP!


We had an interesting way of enjoying the Disney Resort's two parks in this tour. Elissa had gotten us four-day park passes, of which the first two days had to be used, one per park per day. The other two were then park-hopper passes. Fair enough. So - on our arrival at the hotel (after 8 pm, from touring Nagashima Spaland, then travelling to TDLR) the passes were handed out, and we all hightailed it over to Tokyo Disney Sea, just as Fantasmic! had ended. Crowds coming at us the oppostie direction, LOL!


I think a good amount of the people just used the pass to go in, then came right back out, and didn't revisit TDS until the park-hopper days (Sunday and Monday). But the few of us (myself included) who just couldn't wait, got up to the "top" of the park, and got in Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull (still awesome to ride again and again); Raging Spirits coaster (very cool at night with all the fire and mist effects - and it was a New Credit! Ka-ching! And honestly, it rode muuuch better than the similar coaster at Disney Paris); Sinbad's Storybook Voyage (still great and I still love it, even though I still cannot understand the song, lol); and Journey to The Center of The Earth (gotta love that lava monster!).


And then, out of the park (it was 1/2 hour till closing) and back to our hotel for a nightcap cocktail and bed.


The next day was spent all at Tokyo Disneyland with a 'sidetrip' that afternoon to see a performance of the Cirque du Soleil production of ZED. I have just found out they are shutting the show down for various reasons , so I am very glad I decided to get a ticket and see it for myself. Breathtaking show, theatre, set and sound/lighting. It was another wonderful Cirque production, and am sorry I won't get to see it again when I return on another TPR tour. But I got myself a Cirque watch, a facecloth and of course the lovely pictorial programme of ZED. Already got the CD, lol.


After seeing the show, then getting back to Tokyo Disneyland, wait times for a lot of fave attractions were really long. And the only Singe Riders Line attraction in the park was Splash Mountain. Which was great as it did bypass a lot of queueing time for it. The major attractions were visited in the morning prior to seeing ZED, so I knew I could/would re-visit stuff on the other two park-hopper days.


Monsters, Inc. Ride-And-Go-Seek was a neat new ride to go on. The 'flashlights' were always 'on,' but there were some interesting effects to make happen on it. Pooh's Hunny Hunt was still OMG awesome to ride, as was the Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain, Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, and Pirates of the Caribbean too. It was all good.


And it was still "Easter Wonderland" at Tokyo Disneyland too (!), which was sort of strange, being there in the end of June, but it was pretty to see all the themeing, etc. So after a couple of hours, a few of us decided to call it a day at that park, and headed back to the hotel for more early evening cocktails and snacks.


Our hotel room view at the Hilton Hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort - bridge or coaster? We were hoping...


Interesting part of the Disneyland Hotel, seen from the monorail platform, this was the ONLY part of it, I could see that was painted shades or purple. So - I guess this was the gay part of the hotel, LOL!


The Main Street covered Bazaar, the (saturday) crowds, and the castle at TDL.


Part of the Easter themeing at TDL - living statues! Very neat to watch them.


And this one was my fave of the three. She was very good in her 'mechanical movements' lol.


After seeing ZED, back in the park, with new Ears - and a pose with Emma with the Main Street Bazaar entrance in back. Tomorrow - I visit Tokyo Disney Sea!

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BUMP for Tokyo Disney Sea visit!


This was actually the third day of our four-day passport, and it was the first of the 2 park-hopper days available. But I decided to make this park-hopper day a full-out Tokyo Disney Sea visit. And a few of us left the park before Fantasmic! started up, knowing I/we'd probably "see it next time", when we get back here in another TPR Japan tour (yes!).


The new Toy Story Midway Mania wouldn't be ready until next year, and Jasmine's Flying Carpets was juuust about to open - but not till we had already been there. Still, there was a lot to see in TDS, a lot to ride and enjoy and a HUGE GI-normous amount of wonderful themeing and atmosphere.


On the Sunday there, the crowds were heavy, but there were a number of Single Rider Lines we took advantage of, incl. Indiana Jones, Raging Spirits, Journey to Lava Monster (hee), and The Hightower Hotel Tours (read: Tower of Terror). It was great and we got re-rides on a lot of the fave attractions. And of course, a few turns on my fave boat ride of all time - Sinbad's Storybook Voyage. It may 'look' like something resembling "It's A Small World." But totally different, and with a story line, beautifully built and run, and the song was very enchanting, if somehwat hard to understand, heh heh. Still, "Compass of Your Heart" was a lovely thru-song for the ride, and I enjoyed it every time.


My camera battery decided to die on me just as I got a great thumbs-up shot (you'll see) taken. Eep. But, this was the awesomeness and beauty of staying on Disney property, with the DIsney Transit System (Mono - Mono - Monorail!) to use between parks and hotels. From literally the back of Tokyo Disney Sea, it took me just under 40 minutes or so, to get out of the park, on the monorail to the hotel to the room, get a new battery installed, and then back on the monorail to the park, and re-meet up with those I'd had to leave, for the battery run, lol. Very impressed the the Disney transport.


Unfortunately, I had a big complaint with TDS (yes I had one!) and it was about their themed souvenirs I remember from the 2007 tour - now totally gone from most TDS shops (Discovery Bay, Tower of Terror and Nautilus Gifts, particularly), not to be found anymore - and entire roomfuls of Disney character merchandise, there instead. I mean, this stuff wasn't even themed to the "land" or attraction's gift shop it was being sold in. I could find this all in Tokyo Disneyland as well as Disney Sea. I was looking forward to buying more 20K or Nautilus-themed things (actually I remember a nice jacket there, but no more). Sad to see that happen, but I guess the local population who visited the parks more than we did, just weren't buying the stuff.


Ah well. Tokyo Disney Sea is still a gorgeous ultra-high-tech marvel for Disney and it's still at the top of My Fave Parks list, heh heh. Now onto a few of the pix taken there, that day...


What's becoming my "Regular TDS Shot" in Mysterious Island, Nautilus at the ready. And it's just themeing! Nautilus Gifts is up in the right corner there, too


Future Toy Story Midway Mania! So excitied! But not till next year, darnit.


A thumbs-up for Raging Spirits ~ actually very good and SO much better than the Paris version - and then my camera battery 'died' lol.


After the "camera battery run," back into TDS and quick snack at the New York Deli in 1940s Waterfront. Loved it!


The Big Band Beat show sign. Excellent show - actually, all of TDS' shows were first rate, IMhO. And this one - I even bought the show's soundtrack CD! (o:


Me, JC and "The Elevator In Question", at Hightower Hotel. Great backstory and total atMOUSEphere (had to say that, lol)!

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So, for my last full day at the Disney Resort, I started in Disneyland, continued over to Disney Sea, then just an hour or so before Fantasmic! was scheduled to run (was going to see it on next TPR Tour, lol), back to Disneyland for a few final hours there - and then meeting up with Robb, to head to our next hotel for the Tokyo Parks Tour - and seven nights in the same hotel, too. Nice! More on that later. But for now...


We got our luggage out of the rooms and downstairs to the lobby for transport to our next (and final) hotel, then headed over to Disneyland for some more Pooh's Hunny Hunt, the new "Mickey's Philharmagic" (was great - and Donald was hilarious in it too!), a re-seeing of "Captain EO" (I remember when it first came out and saw it at the Imagination Pavillion at EPCOT!) and a spin on "Buzz Lightyear", although we nearly got cut off by the daily Easter parade that was still running at that time. But later we found out, our fastpasses would still be good (we had them for Buzz and thought the parade would do us in, timing wise) even if we went into the attraction several hours later. Good to know for future use, LOL! So, we did our Buzz thing, and then I headed over to Disney Sea for the major part of my last day there.


Got all my faves in - which is pretty much everything in that park, lol - and even took one of the nice and relaxing boat cruises, one way from Mediterranean Harbour to Lost River Delta, and got some fine looks of the park (and that lovelty volcanoe) from the water's viewpoint. Did Indy, and Raging and Sinbad (oh my!) another wacky turn on Aquatopia, strolled thru Mermaid Lagoon for a last look, kept Journey and 20k for last rides, then up to the Tower of Terror for one final....tour.


And then, back to Disneyland for dinner (which I managed to have, a few times at Grandma's Kitchen in Critter Country - great food and a neat setting right beside Splash Mountain), a final ride on Hunny Hunt, and Big Thunder, and then I did what did for my last ride in the parks, back in 2007: a nice relaxing cruise on the Mark Twain Steamboat. Took a few night pix, and those of us on the ship could easily see all the light effects and lasers in the night sky, that Fantasmic! was showing in TDS.


A great final day at Disney. And then, continuing on to the second part of the TPR Tour - Tokyo Parks including (dread) that "always popular" Fuji-Q Highland Park.


Stay tuned.....


The band plays for us in the opening hours of TDL, under the Main Street Bazaar's huge steel and glass canopy.


There's always room for another castle shot. They have a new "tour" going thru it, but I didn't do it. Maybe next visit.


Captain EO! Wow, never thought I'd be seeing this little film again. Still pretty good after all this time. This was the pre-show area.


JC and me at the entance to PhilharMagic. It was really good and very cool with some of the film effects and 3-D. Definitely worth a re-visit. Then we got to Buzz Lightyear, and then I was off to Disney Sea!


The Mountain at TDS, and a crowd watching....


Another band. Disney does great entertainment, whether on the street or in a theatre. It's all fantastic!


Because I don't have anything in my camera to make a Good Panorama - here's Aquatopia, Left Side...


...and here's Aquatopia, Right Side. Fun and silly, and it's the start of trackless vehicles at Disney (Pooh in TDL, Ratatouille at WDS, Mystic Manor at HKDL, hopefully).


Inside Mermaid Lagoon. So pretty. And air conditioned! Even with children running all over the place, it felt very relaxing (to me) to stroll thru. And get some Sea Salt ice cream, yum!


Not-so-great shot of a terrain vehicle in the "Journey to..." loading station. Love it, love it, love that lava monster, LOL!


Start of the boat cruise, to Lost River Delta. And a nice distant view of Hightower Hotel (read: Tower of Terror).


The Fortress with Magellan's (a restaurant) and things to do and explore, and Mt.Prometheus.


Now where in (the original) Cape Cod do you get a volcanoe as backdrop?


Discovery Bay, a bit of Aquatopia, Storm Rider (neat large simulator adventure) over on the left there, and the cruise is nearly over. A few more fave rides, then back over to Disneyland.


Last shots from Tokyo Disneyland. This is a model of the MarkTwain, in the loading dock, and the boat is just coming in for us to take a short cruise around Tom Sawyer Island at night.


Big Thunder Mountain. Red and a bit blurry, heh. But wait! It gets better!....


My last shot of Cinderella's Castle, wierd exposure and all, from the Mark Twain. I like it. A special shot, it is.


Me and the Mark Twain, after returning to the dock. Bye bye Tokyo Disney Reosrt. Miss you already. See you again, real soon I hope.

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LOL, Bob. As soon as they announce any future TPR Japan Tours - I'll be there with $$$ to deposit, fast! The Extra Good News about that is, I have convinced (I still hope) my partner David to accompany me on the next TPR Japan tour... as our 40th Anniversay Tour! Even though that number will be hit next year, I know he will love Japan and the parks, especially of course that little Disney Resort part, heh heh.



And now - The Big Surprise (for me) of the Japan Tours - Fuji-Q Highland Park!


First of all, as a backstory, Robb, Elissa and myself were the only three on this tour who had been to Fuji-Q in past visits, and weren't exactly looking forward to this visit, based on everything (mostly negative) you have read about it, in (most) past trip reports... Coaster shut-downs even when it drizzles, long lines, slow and wierd ride operations... all the bad stuff we remembered about our past visits, especially in 2007.


But imagine our surprise when:


1) The bus trip to the park was congestion-free and construction-free!

2) We arrived a good hour before the park opened - and were head of the entry line!

3) It was sunny and hot - all - day! With fantastic views of Mt.Fuji all day we were there!

4) There were (their verison of) FastPasses to be gotten!


Now the last part was actually, true to Fuji-Q's history, a bit of a new headache for R&E as the passes couldn't be gotten and given out all at once. The passes had to gotten hour-to-hour, and given out...in batches, best I can describe it. So THANKYOU ROBB & ELISSA for putting yourselves thru that nuisance of an operation - for our day's riding enjoyment! But once again we now know - it's "Always Something", when it comes to Fuji-Q Highland park, heh heh. And there's still that new coaster we have to come back to, and ride.


Now on to the photos...


Robb wanted everybody to get Bryan to "do something" then photograph it, for a 'contest.' I couldn't show my pic till now - and this is what I wanted Bryan to do - LICK THE SIGN. And he "almost" did, lol. Thanks Bryan!


Eejanaika was closed on our visit. But I had ridden it in 2007 - after a 3+ hour wait in the queue. Good times.


Waiting to ride another coaster.


And they were waiting to ride Fujiyama! Bit of Dodonpa in front. And note the great view of the sky in back? Very rare for TPR Fuji visits, lol.


Terry having a Mad Mouse Moment.


Right in the middle of the park - with no rides or coasters to see - Me and Mt. Fuji!


Skywheel with Dodonpa behind it.


Skywheel buddys - Nathan and JC.


Bad Dodonpa shot from Skywheel.


The new coaster being built - and our eventual lunch spot in front of it... Take 1


Good Dodonpa shot from Skywheel. (o:


New coaster - lunch spot in front...Take 2.


Lunch at lunch spot! With beer! I was happy. Thanks Fuji-Q! (omg Did I just say that?)

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So, after a really great day at Fuji-Q Highland park (still can't believe I was saying that about it), the group was then scheduled to take in Yomuiriland park and the Tokyo Decks the next day, where the indoor coaster Spin Bullet was located.


However, I took it upon myself to figure out if there was any park in this part of the tour that I ...A) had all the credits, B) felt that one visit (in this case, back in 2007) was enough, and C) was 'okay' in giving up, in order to give myself a Hotel Day at our current Hotel, the Tokyo Prince Shinagawa.


Which had (I remember from the last visit and stay there) a great indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and as well, an outdoor pool which was also open during our stay there! I loved having (if only) a few hours just to kick back (or in this case, paddle, lol) and enjoy a partial Me Day, incuding a nice leisurely lunch, and browsing through all the varied shops in the hotel's mini-mall and surrounding area. It was really nice to just slow down, if only for a few hours. And swim!


And then - I was off to re-join everybody at Tokyo Decks for that Spin Bullet credit! Elissa, (as usual Thankyou!) had excellent directions to get there and I had no probs in finding the place and then meeting up with the group from their Yomuiriland day.


Not a lot of pix to show. But that's okay, isn't it? (o: Enjoy


Once again no panarama shot to do, so here's Hotel Room View, Left...


...and Hotel Room View, Right. Lots of city out there, Tokyo has.


After my day at the hotel, I was off to Tokyo Decks! Here's another skywheel near the train station I got out at. Man, they sure like their skywheels, don't they? Didn't ride it, but still pretty to look at.


Destination: Joypolis! This is where a lot of simulator "rides" are, as well as a truly f-ed up indoor (bit of) outdoor spinning coaster called...


...Spin Bullet! And once on it was enough, thankyou every much. It was okay. Nothing great, but hey - got the credit!


And - a very blurry harbour shot from one of the 'decks' of the Tokyo Decks, lol! And that's not a building on fire. Just a blurry, runny sunset.

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Our next day's travels (Thurs/June 30th) took us to two parks, one of which I have now been to, three times! But the first, Tobu Zoo was a new park with new credits for me, and a crazy new experience involving feeding some carp...


The park has three coasters, the newest of which, Kawasemi, was an Intamin Mega-Lite clone of the one I had ridden on the 2009 TPR Scandi Tour... Piraten, in Djurs Sommerland. Only this was painted in lime green! Kool! So knowing how much I enjoyed Piraten in Denmark, i was very much looking forward to riding Kawasemi. And it did not disappoint. The air time (where it was) was great, good speed, and a nice adrenalin rush from beginning to end.


There was also a huge wooden coaster (Regina) to ride, as well as all all-familiar "family coaster", for us to credit whore on, lol. And another skywheel, a nice suspended mini-rail, an interesting walk-through horror house (in the kiddy rides section!), a simple version of a (what's become very elaborately themed in other parks) Haunted Swing, and besides gifts shops, places to eat and such - a little docked part of the park's lake when you could buy feed and "feed the carp", which was a really freaky thing to do, since these fish were literaly climbing over each other at the water's surface to get a bit (if that) of what we were feeding them! Evem the wafer container the feed came in was torn apart and devoured greedily by the carp! Definitely a memorable part of that park's visit.


The second park we visited was also the oldest amusement park in Japan, AND it "happened" to open the year that I was born! 1953. Yeah, I'm that old. Phfffft. But Hanayashiki is trippy tiny park that packs as much into and around and above it, like Blackpool in England and Grona Lund in Stockholm does with their space. It's only roller coaster winds completely around it's perimeter - and near the end of the visit, the coaster turned into a marathon riding project for a number of the crazies we had on the tour. I lost cound of how many times it was, in total. But it was alot, that they continually rode and rode and rode... Silly guys.


There was also a short rainstorm midway thru our visit there, so we managed along until the rain (and some thunder and lightening some saw over in downtown Tokyo!) let up. Then a few more rides, more capsule machines to look at (and buy! buy!), and we were on our way back to the hotel.


Waiting to get a bit of Kawasemi coaster love at Tobu Zoo. And see? There's another skywheel!


Kawasemi's lifthill and a bit fo a fly-thru, woo hoo!


Kawasemi Happy Hops!


Why did they name this wooden coaster Regina? I have absolutely no idea, LOL!


Near Regina - there's a dragon fly in there, see it? (o:


Everybody getting their family coaster credit. All of them, whores.


Teddy Donuts! But plain, they were kind of ...meh. Would have preferred a touch of cinammon sugar on them. But still - Teddy Donuts!


A mini-rail vehicle with a Pegasus on top! Neat.


I see you hiding in there, you Haunted Swing Face! And you entered it's mouth too! Simlar to The Simpsons' Krusty at Universal hmm? Seen from the mini-rail.


And something serene to see, from the mini-rail. Rice fields. Fields of rice. Green. Lots of it, heh heh.


And - a bit of the Carp Feeding Frenzy we witnessed, and then helped along with what feed we bought, too. Freeky.


A last shot of Kawasemi. Great coaster. Hope they build more like this one, and Piraten in Denmark.


Hanayashiki Observation tower ride (car to the left looks like the one we were in) view of Tokyo. And another tall Tokyo city tower there, too.


In the tower car with me - Rosie, Cameron and Stacey.


A corner building of Hanayashiki. With a rooftop garden complete with a temple, there!


During the rainstorm - enjoying an ice cream crepe! They make them ultra-delicious at these parks. And so many varieties to choose from. Awesome eating delight!


Everybody on top of one of the park's buildings, looking for lightning strikes in downtown Tokyo.


Interesting sign, me and Rosie found in one of the eating spots of Hanayashiki. But - what do bumper cars have to do with ...turning Japanese??? (stay tuned for that one...)


Um, one of the 'turns' of the marathon coaster run at Hanayashiki. Wierdos. All of them.


Last shot at the park - Rosie on the park's Disk-O - she's there at the top of it. Bye bye Hanayashiki, and Tobu Zoo!

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Another day, July 1 (Happy Canada Day!), another two parks to visit, and once again, for myself - one was new, the other was a re-visit....


And that re-visit was a lovely park called Toshimaen, which had the interesting distinction of having a GI-normous Toys 'R' Us near the back of it. And you could use the "special back exit" for getting into the store and then re-entering the park, later. Which several of us did, lol! It was kool, the store WAS huge with stuff, and I found a neat 'souvenir' I will show at the end of the report, in my "Souvenirs Report" lol.


The park was great, with a variety of flat rides, a few of which were located above the ground on buildings with shops and eateries underneath. Shades of Blackpool! The coasters we rode were all good for what they were, including the new family coaster, the Mini Cyclone. The dark ride was (to me) 'okay' but not much, considering they had a huge bldg. to run the thing in. The loading/launch building for the old shuttle loop coaster was still standing, looking sad and in need of something, anythign there to replace it, since the rest of it all was now removed.


The park had created some lovely landscaped areas for the 2011 Flower Festival they were running during the summer. These sections were beautiful to look at, and I just wished they had done more of this in other parts of the park. But that was okay. Toshimaen is still a fun park to visit, with plenty to do (and eat!) and ride.


The second park, Seibu Yuenchi, was the "new park credit" for me, heh heh. Unfortunately, the cloudcover and possible rain (it never did, if at all) kept a lot of locals away from it. It looked so un-used and too spacious for it's own good. A photo below from the skywheel shows what I mean by that. But we enjopyed ourselves there.


And the "Strangest Queue-ing Award" has to go to this park and it's ScrewLoop Coaster. The queue is all undercover, but comprised of several rows of seats! And you line up in them and sit there, waiting for your turn to ride the coaster. It was all wierdly done, and the ride op was in a sort-of "tower" above us all. I got the feeling there was a "story performance" in all of this set-up, but not much happened except the usual " Do & Don't..." instructions. And the coaster was ...okay.


Had a nice little snack-sized meal in a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) serving tray, got on the skywheel to see how big this park was ~ played Spot Big Mike ~ saw another "lovers capsule" on this wheel, and Rosie got herself an order of machine-fried noodles! Unfortunately we couldn't see the noodles being cooked in the machine - but still, cool to do and get, lol.


Enjoy the photos.


Entrance gate to Toshimaen park.


So, once again, I find the dark ride to be...meh. But the Toys 'R' Us is very very close by, woo hoo!


Really pretty floral displays for Toshimaen's Flower Festival this summer.


A gerden display for Toshimaen's Flower Festival. With a revolving granite ball fountain!


Between Toshimaen and Seibu Yuenchi. Note Elissa is the only one looking down (Kristen and stroller in front of her), figuring out our next move, while the rest of us look up.....


Something I spotted just outside our train station. A Louvre Wanna-Be I thought, heh heh.


Seibu Yuenchi skywheel, with rides below it.


Me and a (yes I admit it) Kids Meal, which doubles as a nice snack while touring parks, lol. Behind me, what's been TPR-called "The Wall Ride"... themed to Hello Kitty.


A Kids Meal in a neat serving tray, A La the Shinkansen bullet Train! And the rice 'triangle' has a Hello Kitty imprint on it!


Here's me on the park's Skywheel. That's an Inflation Roofed stadium in back, and you can barely make out the ScrewLoop Coaster in the trees, there.


Here's a better look at ScrewLoop from the Skywheel. And that building in the middle of it, was where our loading station and "Seating Queue" was. Strange but true.


Now it's time to play "Where's Mike?" And this is what I meant about not very many peeps in the park the day we were there. Found him, yet? Great! If not...ah well, you tried.


...And back to our hotel, where I add to my already-enlarging souvenir 'stash' in the hotel room's closet LOL!

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Second to last day of the tour - still some good parks to visit, but starting to feel a bit sad that it's soon ending and it'll be a long flight home to .....(dread) reality! Ah well....


Two parks again today, both visited before. But the first was in the daytime this time.


Cosmoworld was visited by me and TPR in 2007, mid-day, so that by the time we were leaving the place, all the lights were on the buildings were lit up. It was spectacular. But because of the current conditions, and needed speed to save up on electricity and such throughout the country, Cosmoworld was doing it's part and not "lighting up" that much in the evening. So Robb & Elissa decided it would be best if we go to this park in the daytime. And it was just as great a visit as the last time, at night!


And it is HERE we found the long-lost MEAT ANIMAL CAPSULE MACHINE! And I say "animal", becuase it just wasn't sheeps or cows in there, showing their insides a la pastique. I got myself a Meat ROOSTER! And it was good, heh heh. So that was a highlight of the park.


And the spinning coaster was open this time (down for maintenance back in 07) so ka-ching! Credit obtained, lol. (o: And we got to see the park and surrounding area in a great sunny day, before continuing on to...


Sea Paradise Park, home of the (OMG) 300' tall Blue Fall Drop Tower! And where the legendary Boat Jumpers used to be. But - between my last trip and this one, the management decide to re-open the shoot-the-chute type boat spalshdown ride...just without the boat jumpers themself. And although it looked very unique and (probably) neat to ride, the time in loading, bringing the boat back up, unloading, re-loading.... I decided to skip it this visit.


But I got in a very nice walking tour of their massive Aquarium, thanks to Rosie and Matt suggesting so (thanks guys!), and (SPOILER ALERT!!!) THIS is where I also got to experience another version of the scary non-reflection room that Alien Panic Attack in SpaceWorld did, in their haunted walk-thru. With Matt and myself holding onto a short piece of string cord (!) we entered this "wating room" with a sleeping attendant - and the whole thing reflected in a large side-mirror (to us). Suddenly the reflection of the attendant Got Up and then stepped over the separation line between the 'mirror'...towards us..... EEEEK!!!


Great fun, LOL! Their one coaster (Surf Coaster?) was as helix-ed up as ever, and Blue Fall was of course....amaaazingly tall, heh. It was a good park to end our touring day, this Saturday (July 2).


My roomie Bob, getting a few quick winks in before we get to Cosmoworld.


Showing us the way to Cosmoworld from the train station. This is Mika, I believe? She said her name was "like Mike - Mika!". Lovely person.


Along the way to Cosmoworld - and I now have a fridge magnet with that building and that Skywheel on it, woo hoo!


An odd pairing of "media". I'll get closer to The Sculpture, later on here.


They're expecting us! And they love Yakatori, too! Meat-on-sticks Rule, lol!


This was their big coaster at Cosmoworld, Diving Coaster - Vanish.


Only shot taken on the Skywheel - and I loves the number '3' so this was golden, LOL!


And after the Skywheel ride - the Meat Animal Capsule Machine was found - and here is my Meat Rooster. Score!


In Cosmoworld's Ice House - and Rosie with some florescent little jellyfishes


And myself, in the Ice House Bar. And if I'd seen that sign there (how did I miss that?)......oops. Sorry Ice House bar.


The Sculpture seen up closer. So, where is the Loading Station, hmmm?


On our way back to the train station, and on to Sea Pardise park. A group of divers doing....uh....something. Wasn't sure what. But they still drew a crowd of onlookers.


And then I looked down....and saw this in the sidewalk. And there was Vancouver! Must be getting closer to leaving for home, I guess.


And here's Surf Coaster at Sea Paradise park! It's nice how part of the coaster juts out over the water. And goes round and round and round and... it likes helixes, lol.


Japanese school band practise. I remember seeing the same thing here on this park field four years ago. Different band of course, lol.


And - the Boat Jumpers Ride! Without Boat Jumpers! And long, Fuji-Q Park-like (omg) ride operations! So, I passed on it, until the next visit. One more day of touring to go, now....

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Last day. Last full day at a park. Last coaster in the evening. It had to end sometime, lol.


Nasu Highland was a great park to make our last day in Japan. Filled with coasters and all sorts of flat rides and entertainment, it made for a really enjoyable final day of the tour. Including a great afternoon buffet luncheon with everybody, before we packed up and headed back to our hotel and The Last Coaster.


I didn't take any pix of Galaxy Express 999, so Robb and others have/had covered it in their TRs, thankyou! This is all of Nasu Highland.


And then, to home - and allll of those souvenirssssss.


Enjoy the photos.


One more day. One more park. One more skywheel... Nasu Highland!


We got ERT, and were led to the back of the park where all the coasters were! In all different colours, too! Very cool to see that.


Great themeing to see along the way, to the coasters.


On the left, Bat Flyer, in back there - Fright Flight, and all around, The Flume of the park.


Me, Rosie and the park's LEGO Building in behind us! And Panic Drive, a wild mouse car coaster thingie, to the left in back there.


Holger, and Rosie join me as we're about to see POKEMON 4D! And it was great! Even if we didn't totally understand it, lol!


"It's A Fruity Skywheel, After All.."


Of course we rode it! I think we were Pineapple Car. And in back there, Fright Flight in it's wild colour combo-ing.


Neat colouring paint job, for the Kiddy Whip down below us.


The parks Rapids Ride. The loading station looked like a giant Aztec Birthday Cake with candles on it, to me, LOL! I heard it was a slow-loader. Will have to find out if it is or not, next visit.


Most of the coasters in the park, in back there. Was fascinating to see them all painted in those bright colours, lol.


Holger in his Balloon Ride cab (me and Rosie were in another) and Fright Flight in back , and the new indoor coaster Shinpi, behind Holger.


A nice "busy shot" of the park. I liked it.


I liked this double-decker even though it sooo reminded me of Great America's, lol. But I liked the way it was done, and especially my fave mythical beastie, the Pegasus, up there with the others. (o:


Before our last meal together - I found Mike! - in a thick "miso soup" like...stuff - to make the feet feel better. Thanks Nasu Highland!


Some of the group there - and some of the buffet in front, heh heh. Good food it was. See ya, guys!


Another group shot - but quick! - Fran needs his smoke break! Bye everybody!


Robb, me and Elissa. What IS Robb smiling "that way," about...? And I look pretty dazed, myself lol. Elissa of course, looks per - fect! Thankyou guys so much, for another awesome fantastic TPR Tour! BearHugs!!!


After our meal, and some more park time - getting close to Back-to-Hotel Time. So this is back up near the park's entrance. Bye bye everybody. Great time, touring with you all.


Here's Bob, my great room mate. And me. And my carry bag of critters attached, LOL! And then, back to one more coaster (Galaxy Express 999) and packing and... leaving for home the next day.

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And now it's time to get home, do the laundry and sort out allllll of those souvenirs I bought and brought back with me, LOL!


First the leaving Japan, then just the photos of the TONS of souvenirs all out on the floor, before I sort them all out into 'groups'.


Enjoy the mess...


The night before leaving - outside and up above the bar I had my last beers. Ominous, hmm?


And one last shot of The Gang on My bag, lol! Before I dismantle it and pack it all away, to travel home.


From the bus, from hotel to airport - that's Big Thunder in TDL on the left, Mt.Prometheus in TDS on the right. Bye bye Tokyo Disney Resort! Till next visit!


And I am back home! With laundry to do! (o:


Laundry done. And this is all the t-shirts I bought and/or collected on the tour. And I also bought a nice new pair of rubber boots/wellies for our rainy days here in Vancouver.


The Pile of Bags that all the souvenirs were brought back, in.


Pile of Souvenirs - left side.


Pile of Souvenirs - right side.


The whole mess of stuff.

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