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Photo TR: I'm now a gallery-exhibited photographer!


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Sadly, I haven't been around much (the night shift is a fickle b*tch), but I thought I'd pop in and share a really cool (if short) PTR about some of my work being exhibited in Baltimore.


The Veteran Artist Program exists to allow military veterans who also happen to be artists (in all media) to network with each other, art professionals, and buyers, collectors, and dealers, and to give them an inroad to getting their art seen and exhibited. From July 11 to August 28, 2011, they're hosting "Remembering: An Art Exhibit" at SkyLofts Gallery in Baltimore. The wife of my friend and coworker Tommy is the curator, so knowing I was a photographer, he mentioned it to me. I submitted 3 photos, and all three were accepted.


Today my family and I had to go to Baltimore to bring the bench seat of my van to the insurance inspection station where the van is for the time being, and we knew we'd be going to the gallery at some point during the show's run, so we decided to make an afternoon of it. The last 3 photos in this TR are the photos that are on display. There are many other amazing pieces of art (in all kinds of media - including poetry), so enjoy! Oh, and if you're in the Baltimore area, please feel free to stop by the gallery and check it out...it's free!


By the way, all 3 pieces are for sale (wink wink).


The truck I rented to move the bench seat. Nice truck! a 2011 Dodge Ram...it had integrated satellite radio. I want satellite radio. Where else can you hear Metal Church, Badlands, and Grim effin' Reaper on the radio??? Parking this beast at the gallery was a little challenging.


Here we are!


In case you didn't catch it in the previous photo.


The very comfortable lounge in the gallery. My 3 are top row, just right of the windows.


Connor investigates the gallery. He liked the echo. We're not sure we did.


A view of the display that included my pieces. Mine are top left. The 2 airbrush canvases (bottom center) and the 3 photos (bottom right) are my friend Tommy's.


Another view of my 3.


...and in case you didn't know whose they were or how many were in the set!


Another wall in the gallery.


This was taken at a cemetery a few blocks from my house. Officially it's "untitled" for the purposes of the exhibit.


This was taken at Gettysburg National Battlefield. The cannon sits atop Little Round Top, and points roughly toward Devil's Den. Look carefully and you'll see that it's actually an unedited full color photo, NOT black & white.


This 2/3 scale version of the Marine Corps War Memorial (AKA Iwo Jima Memorial) was one of the prototypes for the actual memorial that's at Arlington. This one is not far from my former home in Fall River, MA.

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