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This quote


It would be kind of cool if there was a pre-ride video, and immersive theming in the station and up the lifthill, but the twist that the park was hiding is that its actually themed to the Cold War and the fear of the Arms Race and Mutually Assured Destruction. Then the post-credit scenes shows Putin interfering with our elections and controlling Trump like a puppet, showing that the Iron ("Steel") Curtain never really went away.



or this quote?



I'm only going to say this once...


We will be posting the announcement tomorrow as soon as the materials are available to us.




Anyone who does this will be banned forever from Theme Park Review.


Let me explain...


Posting the new ride information before we can do it actually creates MORE WORK for us as most of the time people who come on our forum and post info about a new ride will do a crappy job of it and then we have to not only do the work we are going to do to make a proper post about the new ride, but also clean up the garbage posts that people make.


No one here will get any extra points or look any "cooler" for being "first" to post the information. We aren't about being first we are about having good quality content. Please respect that. Thank you.


Everyone please read this again.


So linking to an official press release and quoting it verbatim, EXACTLY as TPR would do themselves, is a "crappy job," a "garbage post," and a bannable offense? Okay, LOL. Gotta love how disposable people who have been part of making this website what it is for over a decade are to ol' Alvey, I would know first hand. There's a reason nobody who actually means anything in this industry likes the guy.


I literally re-registered just to address this (Hey Robb, your cute little "permanent" IP ban went away after 30 days or so and I've been happily browsing the forums again ever since - kind of pointless when VPN's are a thing anyway, don't you think?).


No, you've all been brainwashed into THINKING this "isn't about being first." It's about YOU not being first, so Robb can be, because he's a fragile little unhinged egomaniac. Guy is one of the worst human beings on the planet. Gotta love someone who demands respect but is incapable of giving it to anyone else.


I'm going to keep coming back, Robb, I'm going to keep reminding you what a piece of shit you are, and I WILL ruin your life.

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