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Most Painful Rollercoasters and Flat Rides

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What is the most painful rollercoaster and flat ride you have ever been on?


For me, it would be a Tie between Cyclone at SFNE and Magnum at Cedar Point. Mean Streak is up there but in this recent season, Magnum is extremely bumpy, and like always, has violent airtime.


For most painful flat ride, I would have to tie it between any Chance Double Inverter, and Catapult at SFNE. Right up there would be the now long defunct Typhoon at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and the Space Shuttle ride at Six Flags Great Adventure.


Personally, The more hurt, the better the ride. But what is the most painful to you?

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Coasterwise would be Hurler - either version sucked so bad.


Flat - cross between looping starships(Berserker) and top spins. I am not too fond of those slam you in all body parts restraints.

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