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Monkey Kingdom Theme Park for China

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I looked this up in the TPR search and saw nothing. Please delete this topic if there is already a topic about new Chinese parks or this theme park in particular.


Screamscape posted a link to new concept artwork (courtesy of the Los Angeles Times) for the new Monkey Kingdom Park for China. Very well themed park. What intrigued me most is picture 15. It is a picture of what appears to be an Intamin Wingrider. The description reveals the coaster to be very similar to an Intamin Wingrider as well.


Launch coaster


Concept art of a launch coaster with seats that straddle the track envisioned for the Monkey Kingdom theme park.

(LA Times)


Interesting, right?

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I'm interested to see what else Intamin will do to compete with B&M. B&M is focuses on building their wingrider's with inversions rather then speed. Intamin built their wingrider with speed in mind. I'm wondering if Intamin will remain focused on speed or if they will add a few more inversions.

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